Travel Blogger Thursday – Trisha of P.S. I’m On My Way

Travel Blogger Thursday

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For our Travel Blogger Thursday series this week, we introduce you to Trisha of the travel blog, P.S. I’m On My Way. She a road scholar who loves languages, burgers, cats, football, hot sauce and coffee. In her blog, she writes about her long-term travel adventures, volunteering, learning languages, teaching English abroad and encouraging women to travel solo. Let’s learn more about Trisha’s inspirations and travel aspirations!

What inspires you to travel and what do you enjoy most about traveling?

I have this thirst for knowing and experiencing food and culture. More than the landmark circuits, I am more interested in how a particular country lives, eats and speaks. Each time I move to a new place, the idea of this diversified world amazes me. For example, there are some things which are not culturally accepted in Asia but in Europe, it is totally fine. Stuff like that. These things I’ve learned have given me the chance to see things differently, to not lock myself to what I believe in growing up and to accept the differences we have. This also helped me not to be judgmental on how one is “different.” I’ve seen the beauty of every human being by learning about their culture.

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Where is your favourite destination and why?

South America. I am marking my second year travelling here and this is the deepest rooted culture I’ve ever seen in my life. The way they speak one language and how it is different in each country, at the same time amuses me. You can learn Spanish in Argentina but there is no assurance that the Colombians will understand how you speak. I think that is really amazing! The natural wonders of the continent are also something to look out for. Travelling here is so distinct, I cannot compare it to any other place in the world. I am slowly crawling to Central America and I am looking forward to see how ‘that side of America’ is different from here.

Travel Blogger Thursday

When did you start to travel, and where did you first visit?

The first time was a gift from my parents, on my 18th birthday. What would any Asian teenager with zero travel experience ask for? Hong Kong Disneyland! HAHAHA! After that, when I was already allowed to travel on my own, I got the chance to explore the neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. When I was 20 years old, I received a fashion scholarship and internship grant in Milan, Italy. That’s where my way of travelling changed and my interest for the subject grew stronger and stronger each day. I felt free visiting Barcelona every weekend; I fearlessly went to Paris by myself; I took a road trip from Vienna to Budapest. I lived with my aunt and luckily, she allowed me to do all these alone. For a traditional Filipino family, a 20-year old travelling alone is kind of strange so this is the part where I have to be thankful to my very beautiful and supportive family.
Meeting backpackers and nomads in Europe gave me the idea to travel long-term. That is why, today, I am in South America living the life I imagined. I owe these to all their stories on the road and how they made their trip happen. Fellow travellers are my source of inspiration.

Why did you start your blog, and what do you enjoy most about blogging?

Originally, I was blogging in fashion because of my job. My internship in Italy transformed the travel blogger that I am today because of the places I visited. I am actually not a traditional blogger because I write about my thoughts. I write about things that inspire me and will inspire other people as well. I share my life openly without pretentions, hesitations and word decorations. Though my blog is not a popular destination blog, rest assured that you will learn something about living a life of travel. I’ve shared everything I know here! You know, things that happen in real life, brutally honest prose. It’s about self discovery, what’s really happening out here and how travel can change one’s life.

There are two things I love about blogging: (1) Writing my thoughts without editing. I let it flow freely. I may have some grammatical errors but my sister can take care of that. I write better if I don’t control it. Every piece get positive results if I am myself. If I believe in what I write and most of all, if I write from the heart. I think this is what makes me different from others. People can steal your idea or your writing style but your personality is yours alone. It will reflect on the pattern of your writing.
(2) I really love it when I get feedback from readers, positive or negative. Their thoughts make me write more. Believe it or not, most of my blog posts are from reader questions so I encourage them to e-mail me as often as they can. I have a very good relationship with readers. I haven’t met them personally but when they confide, about their hopes, dreams and fears, I feel so much connected to them. This is a two-way street: they learn from me and I learn from them 10 times. They just don’t realize how much they are helping in making this blog substantial and useful to people who wish to leave their daily hell and live a life of travel.

Travel Blogger Thursday

You are a full-time traveler. What advice can you give to someone who wants to live a life of travel?

Don’t be afraid. Go ahead and live the life you imagined. There is no other time but now. Don’t worry about the money because the Universe is limitless, abundant and strangely accommodating. Make it work. You will figure it out along the way and you’ll be surprised of the things you can do when you are out here.

You like to volunteer while you’re on the road. Tell us about your most memorable volunteering experience.

The most memorable was when I volunteered in a bar in Paracas, Peru because I met my long-time friends here and I find this experience really magical. I have never worked/volunteered in a place where everyone is in the same vibration. We do a lot of things together — cooking, eating, getting drunk, bar dancing, and surprisingly, we are a great team. The managers might hate how we party but they can never complain on how functional we are when we are behind the bar. We developed this system, a division of labor where everyone gets to showcase what they are good at. For example, I am not very good in mixing drinks but I can speak Spanish fluently so the boys assigned me as the order taker. My English mates are the other way around so they prefer to mix drinks instead of talking to bar customers. After that, we all travelled together to Bolivia and did the same volunteering gig. I trust these people with my life and they never fail me — not even once. I think you will find genuine friendships while travelling. You’re all doing the same thing which leads you to understanding each other. There are also no judgments — you can be yourself. I always say this and I will say it again: It really is true. You will find your long time friends on the road.

Travel Blogger Thursday

What do you like to collect from the places you’ve visited?

Memories, I guess? Oh, languages! I am addicted to learning languages and I can pick up very fast! Like a sponge! Once I put myself in a situation where no one speaks English, I am good to go. I can be fluent in that language for three months! I’ve been told that I take a piece of something wherever I go. Here are some examples:

  • I now have the habit of drinking mate. I picked that up in Argentina.
  • The way I speak Spanish is a mix of Argentinian, Uruguayan, Peruvian, a little Mexican and Colombian.
  • I have a lot of expressions that I picked up from staying in Brasil for 6 months!
  • I love latin music and every time I sing, everyone gets surprised because I know all the words of the songs!

Travel Blogger Thursday

Where do you plan on visiting next?

I want to take a boat to Colombia through the Amazon river, briefly visit friends there and look for a place to live. I am moving to Colombia next year with some friends from the Philippines and I am really excited about this! But before that, I want to travel to Central America first: do house-sitting, try my luck in teaching English there and some volunteering gigs as well. Mexico is my dream place and I cannot wait to be there soon! In order for me to get there, I have to pave the way from Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador etc. That makes the journey to Mexico more exciting!!! From there, maybe it’s time to visit the United States? I’ve never been but who knows! The more I plan, the more things don’t happen. So I live one day at a time and do whatever makes me happy. My moving logic is: if I feel good, I will stay. If I don’t, I’ll go. Life is as easy as that. I want everyone to understand that it’s not so complicated. I will keep you posted, of course!


Thank you so much, Trisha for the incredibly inspiring interview. I wish I could pick languages up that quickly! To follow P.S. I’m On My Way on social media, please visit:

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    Great to read this interview with Trisha she is certainly an inspiration for many. I also love her connections and interactions with her readers.

    I wonder what her parents’ thoughts are now after that 18th birthday. They certainly gave her the wings to fly and a wanderlust which has been amazing for Trisha.

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