Travel Blogger Thursday – Stephen and Jess of Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest

For Travel Blogger Thursday this week, we interview Stephen and Jess of Flying The Nest. They are a young Australian couple with a passion for travelling, photography and filmmaking. They started Flying The Nest began as a way of recording their past adventures and the ones to come. They believe that some of the most important moments in history were recorded by travellers and Flying The Nest is their way to leave a stamp on this world. Let’s learn more about Stephen and Jess!

What inspires you to travel and what do you enjoy most about traveling?

Curiosity and passion. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful world of ours and not enough time to see and do it all! We strongly believe in travelling while you’re young. Once you see the world, you will have a deeper appreciation and obligation to see what our amazing planet has to offer.

How did you meet and is travel involved?

We actually met during high school in Perth, Australia and I guess you can say travel was involved. Stephen is originally from South Africa and Jess was born in Sydney. Both families decided to move to Perth when they were 10. If our families never moved to Perth we never would have met.

Flying the Nest

Where is your favourite destination and why?

One of our favourite trips was when we travelled through Ubud in Bali. We felt so immersed in the Balinese culture. We cycled through the back streets of balinese homes and greeted locals while we passed people working in the rice paddies. We climbed an active volcano to watch the sunrise and tried local cuisine for the first time. It was a very memorable and cultural experience.

When did you start to travel, and where did you first visit?

Our first trip together, and Jess’s first time on a plane, was when we were both 18 to the Gold Coast in Australia. After that holiday we both caught the travel bug and travelled as much as possible during our university studies. We ended up travelling to 13 countries and now that we can put our studies behind us we hope to increase this number throughout 2015.

Flying the Nest

Why did you start your blog, and what do you enjoy most about blogging?

Since our first trip together in 2007, we have been capturing our experiences, yet had nowhere to share all that we has seen, learnt and accomplished. Many years later we decided to was time to take our passion to the next level. We decided it was time to pack our bags, finally leave home and “fly the nest” to the other side of the world. Flying The Nest began as a way of recording our past adventures and the ones to come. We strongly believe that the most important moments in history were recorded by travellers and Flying The Nest is our way to leave a stamp on this world.

What do you like to bring back from the places you’ve visited?

We both aren’t big shoppers and don’t like to spend too much on materialistic things. We prefer to bring back memories through images captured on photo and film. We share all our images we capture on our blog and are planning to begin a YouTube channel early next year to share our experiences through film.

Flying the Nest

Where do you plan on visiting next?

Over the Christmas and New Year we are going on a cruise with our friends and family to Fiji and Vanuatu. In February we will be starting a year of full time travel. We will be beginning in Hawaii and making our way through the US until we reach Vancouver in Canada. We plan to call Vancouver home whilst planning what is next to come.

Thanks so much for the great interview you two, and it’s great to learn more about you. Here’s where you can find them on social media:

Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * Stephen’s Instagram * Jess’s Instagram

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    Thanks so much for the feature J + L :)

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  2. such a great interview with inspiring travelers! :) came over from their fb actually!

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