Travel Blogger Thursday – Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog

Travel Blogger Thursday: Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog

Welcome to Travel Blogger Thursday, a series where we interview fellow travel bloggers.

This week, we introduce you to Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog. You may have already heard about Paul and his blog – it was named as one of the best travel blogs in the world by The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK! He’s truly one of the leading travel writers when it comes to luxury travel. Paul’s blog is “for those who enjoy the finer things in life.” Everyone should definitely treat themselves to a few indulgences now and again. Read on to learn more about Paul!

What inspires you to travel and what do you enjoy most about traveling?

A love of travel and a desire to explore the world with my family. We have two young children and I’m a great believer in the old adage that travel is one of the best forms of education.

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Where is your favourite destination and why?

I get asked this all the time and I find it very difficult to answer as we’ve visited so many wonderful places over the years.  My stock answer, though, is “home”. Although I love to travel and see the world, I do also returning home. For me, that is a very beautiful corner of England known as the Lake District.  If you’ve visited before, you’ll know why it’s such a special place.

Travel Blogger Thursday: Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog

When did you start to travel, and where did you first visit?

As a child, I used to go on camping holidays to France with my family every year.  I have fond memories of those trips – they were usually in the Summer which meant I enjoyed many a birthday overseas which was always exciting!

Why did you start your blog, and what do you enjoy most about blogging?

I was working in internet marketing for the tourist industry and set it up purely out of personal interest at first.  In a short space of time, it became apparent that there was quite a lot of interest in what I was doing (there weren’t really any other blogs like it at the time) and this continued until I made the decision to make it my full time job.

Travel Blogger Thursday: Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog

You’re an expert in luxury travel. What was your most luxurious travel experience?

I guess that depends on your definition of ‘luxurious’, but I’ve been lucky to enjoy many varied and amazing experiences whilst running A Luxury Travel Blog, be it a helicopter ride in Lithuania, a stay in a futuristic apartment in Germany, an ‘Everest flight’ in Nepal, drinks on a helipad in Shanghai, cycling between vineyards in South Africa or attending lavish luxury travel conference parties in Marrakech. Last week I was watching dolphins in the Maldives and next week I’ll be heading out to Frankfurt on a private jet. It is never a dull moment!

What do you like to bring back from the places you’ve visited?

Memories!  I’m generally not one for bringing back souvenirs or materials things, but I will on occasion. For me it’s enough to have photographs and memories of a trip, rather than any physical items.

Travel Blogger Thursday: Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog

Thanks so much for the inspiring interview, Paul! Please visit his blog, A Luxury Travel Blog, and you can find Paul on social media:

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On Thursdays, we feature a fellow travel blogger and highlight their journeys around the world. If you’re a travel blogger and would like to be interviewed for this weekly series, please contact us.

3 Responses

  1. Elaine J Masters
    | Reply

    One fortunate fellow. As much as he travels I can imagine that his favorite place is home. That works for me too and this has been my biggest travel year yet.

  2. Tina
    | Reply

    Awesome that you got the mysterious figure behind A Luxury Travel Blog for an interview. He never appears in any of the posts on his blog hardly, so it’s fascinating to learn more about him.

  3. I think most travel bloggers know A Luxury Travel Blog:) So many enviable luxury travel experiences. It is amazing how big Paul has been able to grow and maintain this blog with so many posts and constant social media shares! It is helps of course to have hundreds of writers that contribute to the blog:)

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