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Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day: Frankfurt 1 Day Itinerary

Things to do in Frankfurt for a day

Have you visited Frankfurt, Germany? Although I adore Germany, I have to admit that Frankfurt wasn’t very high on my travel bucket list. Justin and I planned to travel to Germany, France, and Switzerland on a European adventure by train. We were able to find cheap flights to Frankfurt from Toronto. Rather than leave right away for another city, we decided to spend one day in Frankfurt. I’m so glad we did. There are lots of interesting things to do in Frankfurt for a day. I hope that you take the time to discover the city, too.

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Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day

Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day - 1 Day in Frankfurt

Is it possible to see Frankfurt in a day? I always recommend that you spend as long as possible in each country, city, or town. A day is never enough. But, it isn’t always possible to stay longer. One day is better than nothing! Sometimes you can cover a lot of ground, even just in a few hours. In our case, we only had two weeks in Europe and a whole bunch of places we wanted to visit.

Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day - 1 Day in Frankfurt

To start, I really didn’t know much about Frankfurt in comparison to popular destinations like Berlin or Munich. With that said, I’m really glad that our flight brought us to Frankfurt. Not only did we check out a brand new city, but we totally loved our time there and feel that we need to come back to see more. Here are some of the best things to do in Frankfurt for a day, whether you’re spending the night or you have a lengthy layover at the Frankfurt am Main airport.

Getting to Frankfurt

From the Frankfurt airport (FRA), it was easy to get into town. Purchase a train ticket at the airport to Frankfurt (Main) station. The ride takes about 15 minutes. From there, you can easily walk to wherever you need to go. In our case, the hotel was a little too far to walk with a bunch of luggage in tow, so we took a cab to our accommodation. Please note that Uber or Lyft does not operate in Frankfurt.

Where to Stay in Frankfurt

25hours Hotel The Goldman in Frankfurt Germany - Where to stay in Frankfurt

Looking for where to stay in Frankfurt? Justin and I spent the night at the artsy 25Hours Hotel The Goldman in the Ostend neighbourhood. There are so many things to do in Frankfurt for a day or longer, and this place is amazing no matter how long you stay. This one-of-a-kind hotel reflects the creative nature of the Ostend. Splashes of color and intriguing art covers nearly every inch of the walls. Staying at this hotel was like staying at a modern art museum. I adored walking its hallways and public spaces to discover and read the messages on every framed print.

25hours Hotel The Goldman in Frankfurt Germany - Where to stay in Frankfurt

Our room was so comfortable and cozy, almost as good as our own place at home. Even the pillows read, “Almost home.” Each room has an individual design and its own unique artwork. There’s also a comfortable bed, a desk, and other extras that you don’t typically find at accommodations. For instance, the rooms have UE Boom Bluetooth Speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes as you would at home. There’s a desk that’s great to work from, as well as high speed complimentary Wi-Fi.

25hours Hotel The Goldman in Frankfurt Germany - Where to stay in Frankfurt

In addition, the hotel offers bicycle rentals to its guests and even the free rental of MINI cars, upon availability. We didn’t take advantage of the car or bicycle rental, but both offer brilliant ways to get around town.

You can even purchase a variety of swag and curated gifts from the hotel lobby. It’s right next to the hotel bar, which serves up drinks and small bites. We ordered some locally brewed beer in the evening to celebrate our arrival in Germany. We recommend that you come back to the hotel bar in the evening to enjoy a beverage before retreating back to your room.

To get to the centre of town, you can take the subway from the station Ostbahnhof/Honsellstraße, about a ten minute walk away. We also walked from the hotel to the historic city centre, which took about 30 minutes.

25hours Hotel The Goldman in Frankfurt Germany - Where to stay in Frankfurt
25hours Hotel The Goldman in Frankfurt Germany - Where to stay in Frankfurt

Interested in staying at the 25Hours Hotel The Goldman? Book your stay quickly and easily online. Be sure to check out some additional reviews by trusted travellers, too. When you’re seeking things to do in Frankfurt for a day, it’s great when your hotel becomes one of the main attractions, too!

If you’d like to stay somewhere close to the main train station, we recommend that you check out the 25Hours Hotel The Trip as it is around the corner from Frankfurt Main (read reviews of this property).

One Day in Frankfurt: Visit Romerberg

Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day - 1 Day in Frankfurt

The first spot to check out on our list of things to do in Frankfurt for a day was the public square, Römerberg. The square faces the medieval building, Römer, the home of Frankfurt’s city hall for over 600 years. Römerberg is the heart of Frankfurt’s old town and shouldn’t be missed.

Romerberg in Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurt's Old Town and half timbered houses
Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day - Explore Romerberg

I’m in love with half-timbered structures, and you’ll find a whole row of them here. They were reconstructed after WWII to appear as they did back in the medieval time period. If you’re here over Christmastime, Römerberg is where you’ll find Frankfurt’s Christmas market.

Top Things to Do in Frankfurt: Cross the Eiserner Steg

Top things to do in Frankfurt: The Iron Bridge

Seeking what to do in Frankfurt after exploring its old town? The Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) is a footbridge across the river Main. Admiring the views from the Eiserner Steg is one of the best things to do in Frankfurt for a day. Be sure to snap a few selfies, whether it’s with the river and the church in the background or the row of skyscrapers on the opposite side, affectionately known as “Mainhatten.”

Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day - One day in Frankfurt travel itinerary
Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day - 1 Day in Frankfurt
Love locks on the Iron Bridge in Frankfurt

There are also thousands of love locks attached all over the bridge. Whether you’re a fan of these declarations of love or not, it brings a splash of color to the stark, iron structure.

What to Do in Frankfurt: Stroll by the River Main

Walk along the river in Frankfurt - What to do in Frankfurt

Now that you’re across the bridge, go for a walk along the river. There’s a lovely path lined with trees that runs right beside it. We walked a big loop from one side of the river to the other, taking in the pretty waterfront views. Mainufer Frankfurt is a popular green space and park promenade on the waterfront with striking city skyline scenery.

Frankfurt city skyline from the Mainufer Frankfurt park

Stop for a Coffee in Frankfurt

If you’ve just flown a number of hours overseas or you’re taking in the sights on a layover, chances are you might need a pick me up. That’s what caffeine is for, right? There are a number of quaint cafes in Frankfurt serving up rich and flavorful brews.

Coffee shops and cafes in Frankfurt: Holy Cross Brewing Society
Coffee shops and cafes in Frankfurt: Holy Cross Brewing Society

We stopped at The Holy Cross Brewing Society because they had a little patio of picnic tables out front, perfect for people watching. They’re right in Old Town, too. And their coffee was just what I needed. When you’re looking for what to do in Frankfurt, be sure to incorporate coffee into your travel plans (if you drink coffee, naturally!).

Frankfurt Boat Cruise

Frankfurt boat cruise - Frankfurt attractions - What to do in Frankfurt Germany

Looking for another one of the top things to do in Frankfurt in a day? Take a boat cruise on the River Main. This scenic one or two hour tour will provide some stunning scenery of the city, and you might learn a thing or two, too! Choose between a shorter or a longer trip depending on how much time you have in the city.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Even though they might appear a little touristy on the surface, a Hop-On Hop-Off bus is an easy way to see major attractions all over the city at a low price. Board a comfortable double-decker bus to visit notable spots all over town with insightful commentary. Hop off the bus wherever you’d like to get a closer look. It’s one of the top additions to your Frankfurt one day itinerary, and one of the most convenient things to do in Frankfurt for a day.

Frankfurt Card

The Frankfurt Card is an excellent way to make the most of your time in the city and save some money. The card offers free public transportation, even from the airport. You also receive discounts at major attractions, museums, tours, restaurants, shopping, and more. You get up to 50% off at more than 20 museums.

Things to Do in Frankfurt for a Day - One day in Frankfurt travel itinerary

The Frankfurt Card is available as a one or two day ticket, depending on how long you’ll spend in the city. We highly recommend the Frankfurt Card, especially if you plan to use public transit, check out any museums, or take any sightseeing tours. Please note that the Frankfurt Card offers a 20% discount off the Hop-On Hop-Off tour, too. Get your hands on a Frankfurt Card if you’re spending one day in Frankfurt.

More Things to Do in Frankfurt

Looking for even more top things to do in Frankfurt for a day or more? Maybe you have two days in Frankfurt or even longer. Here are some more recommendations on how to spend 1 day in Frankfurt (or 2, or 3 days in Frankfurt!):

  • Take a 3 hour bike tour of Frankfurt where you’ll discover landmarks around the city and learn interesting facts and history from your guide.
  • For another unique mode of transportation, take a 2 hour segway tour of Frankfurt. You’ll discover the green spaces of Frankfurt that will get you outside of the city center.
  • Love walking tours? Take a guided walking tour in Frankfurt’s old town to acquaint yourself with the city while learning intriguing insights. This would be a great first activity to do upon your arrival.

Where to Eat in Frankfurt: Vevay Vegetarian Restaurant

Where to Eat in Frankfurt: Vevay Vegetarian Restaurant - Vegan Restaurants in Frankfurt

We highly recommend dining at Vevay, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant right in Old Town. There are a variety of healthy and tasty selections on the menu, and they’re clearly marked as vegan or vegetarian.

Justin ordered the Udon noodles (fresh vegetables, enoki mushrooms, ginger and lemongrass soy sauce) and I got the Lukewarm Rice Noodle Salad with Tofu. They both tasted so yummy. My dish caught the eye of the couple dining next to us. She immediately asked what we ordered and then proceeded to also order the rice noodle dish.

Where to Eat in Frankfurt: Vevay Vegetarian Restaurant - Vegan Restaurants in Frankfurt
Where to Eat in Frankfurt: Vevay Vegetarian Restaurant - Vegan Restaurants in Frankfurt

We both thought it was a good idea to order fruit smoothies to get an extra dose of vitamins after a lack of sleep. And it was my birthday so I had to order a slice of their vegan hazelnut cake! Everything here tasted so fresh and delicious, and I feel like you can’t go wrong ordering any of the meals at Vevay.

Where to Eat in Frankfurt: Vevay Vegetarian Restaurant - Vegan Restaurants in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Travel Map

Do you like planning your Frankfurt travel itinerary in a visual manner? Feel free to use our Frankfurt travel map. It has all of the attractions, restaurants, cafes and hotels that I’ve mentioned in this blog post. All of the things to do in Frankfurt for a day are mapped out.

Love Germany? Feel free to check out our travel itineraries and city guides to the following German cities and towns: Heidelberg, Bamberg, Tubingen, and our neighborhood guide to Berlin. Even when you’re at home and dreaming about traveling back to Germany, we’ve got a collection of vegan German recipes that you can make in your own kitchen.

Essential Germany Travel Guide
Getting There: Germany has numerous international airports and major train stations. We flew directly to Frankfurt because we were able to find cheap flights to the city. The national airline of Germany is Lufthansa, although we flew with budget carrier, Condor.

Getting Around: I highly recommend traveling by train throughout Europe. It’s an easy and stress-free way to travel. While you don’t need to book train tickets to some regional trains in advance, I recommend booking all high speed train tickets ahead of time. You can easily buy train tickets to Frankfurt online in advance. If you’d rather travel by car, you can compare car rental prices in Germany to get the best rate.

Fast Facts: Euro is the currency. Power voltage is 230 V 50 Hz using Power Sockets F.

SIM Cards & Mobile: You can rent a portable Wi-Fi device with unlimited data that works in 130+ countries worldwide. We’ve used our portable device all over the world and love how we’re always connected!

Where to Stay: In Frankfurt, we stayed at the quirky and cool hotel, 25hours Hotel The Goldman. Read our full reviewbook your stay at this amazing hotel, and read more reviews online here. If you prefer staying in apartments and houses, take a look at Airbnb properties.

Travel Safety: Don’t forget to get travel insurance before your trip. Whether you have an accident, have a flight delay, experience a theft, or need to return home sooner than anticipated, it’s always best to cover your bases. Get a travel insurance quote now for the best rates.
Browse all of our Germany photos and read more of our Germany travel blog posts.

What I loved most about Frankfurt was the history, the walkability, and the laid back environment. There are so many things to do in Frankfurt for a day. It’s easy to relax near the river to take in the views or sit at a quiet cafe with a book. There’s a good selection of vegan restaurants, including one right in town. Frankfurt is a city with history, art, and culture. Get out there and see as much of this great metropolis as you can, even if you only visit for a day.

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Thank you to Frankfurt Tourism and Germany Tourism for hosting our stay.

Have you ever visited Frankfurt, Germany?

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Thursday 28th of March 2019

Great recommendations. We will be in Frankfurt for a day with a long layover. I also love your vegan recommendation as we are vegans. Thank you


Saturday 30th of March 2019

Deborah, that's great! You'll find we're always seeking the best vegan food on the blog so I have tons of vegan recommendations everywhere I go! :)


Wednesday 11th of July 2018

Frankfurt was always a city where I had to changes buses or trains to get somewhere else, so I never visited it... But I would gladly do it one day because it looks very nice according to your pictures :)

Rhonda Albom

Monday 9th of July 2018

Those half timbered buildings at Römerberg are gorgeous. I would love to visit this town. I think the Hop on Hop off busses are a good way to see a new town.

Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net)

Sunday 8th of July 2018

Those buildings are just too charming, and that cafe looks perfect! It does seem like Frankfurt gets overlooked in terms of German cities to visit. Too bad, because it looks quite nice. Thanks for shining a light! :)

Nicole Hunter

Saturday 7th of July 2018

My only experience with Frankfurt is with the airport and I have to say, it is one of the airports I hate the most in the world. I never thought of actually staying a night or two and exploring the city. It does look lovely so maybe I'll have to spend a night one day soon and check it all out.


Saturday 7th of July 2018

Nicole, if you end up coming through again hopefully you'll be able to book a long layover or an overnight stay! Frankfurt is a great city to wander around for the day! I'm glad this blog post perhaps gave you a few ideas for a future trip.

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