Ten Restaurant Mississauga: A Perfect Ten for Vegan Food [CLOSED]

Ten Restaurant Mississauga

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UPDATE: Ten Restaurants no longer exists. They’ve re-branded and the restaurant is now called Port House Social Bar. There is an appalling lack of vegan options on the menu. Not even the house salad is vegan. You can maybe order….fries? Anyway, feel free to look back on how amazing the restaurant USED to be.

Every year if we’re not traveling during my birthday, we host a get together with my closest friends to celebrate the occasion. We decided to keep it close to home this year. We live in Port Credit (part of Mississauga, Ontario). If you’re familiar with the area, it’s fairly close to Toronto and not terribly far from Hamilton. It worked out great to host a dinner date here; friends from both Toronto and Hamilton could meet somewhat in the middle. Plus, we could have everyone over to our place after dinner for a round of Cards Against Humanity.

We’ve been to a bunch of restaurants in Port Credit, and Justin suggested that we try out a new spot in town. Without knowing too much about the establishment, I called up Ten Restaurant Mississauga to ask if they could accommodate a table of 14. Indeed, they were able to book our reservation without any issues on a Saturday night for my birthday bash. The menu looked as though it had a couple of vegetarian items on it, but what intrigued me the most was the option to “tweet the chef“. I’d never seen this before at any restaurant and decided to give it a shot.

Ten Restaurant Twitter

Success! Within less than a day, Head Chef Nic tweeted me back and verified that he could make us some vegan food.

Upon arriving at the restaurant that evening, there were two large tables alongside one another to seat 14 people. The restaurant had a very luxurious, yet comfortable atmosphere. It could be described best as casual fine-dining. The high ceilings with tall windows let in just enough light until day became night. The surrounding booths were spread far apart so there were no competing conversations between tables. The restaurant was decorated in shades of purple and maroon with modern lights hanging from above. Unfortunately, I only had my smartphone on me and didn’t think to bring the DSLR so I wasn’t able to take any great photos (blogger fail!).

Our waitress was very sweet, helpful, quick, and knowledgeable. She handled our party’s orders with ease, despite having only worked there for one week! I informed her that we were both vegan and she instantly smiled and said, “No problem. Are there any foods that you don’t like?”. Now, don’t kill me you guys, but I am not a fan of either olives or avocados. Justin is pretty much good with anything, so he didn’t make any requests. The server stated, “Okay, great! The chef will create a special meal just for you.” A special meal? Wow! We felt so honored. And it was rather mysterious having no idea what meals would arrive at the table. I was left to wait in suspense (and I liked it).

The drinks and food arrived in a very timely matter. Our meal was carried out by the Sous Chef who created the unique meal himself. He was incredibly proud and enthusiastic about the food that he had prepared for us. It was utterly refreshing to see chefs that are innovative and happy to attempt new meals on those occasions where people may have dietary preferences, food allergies, etc.

Ten Restaurant Mississauga
A GIANT plate of vegan food!

This plate of food was at least twice the size of a regular plate, as it was meant to be shared between the two of us. We were given a whole variety of meals all on one plate! The Sous Chef was beaming as he explained each meal to us. I was in such shock over how delectable this plate of food looked that I completely forgot everything that he said moments after he left the table. However, I’ll give it my best shot to explain all of the various portions. Starting at the very back of the plate, there were these gorgeous mushrooms drizzled with a teriyaki glaze. To the left of them in the white dish, there was a serving of rice topped with a sweet potato and tomato mixture with a sauce that tasted mildly cheesy (but still vegan). At the very front, you’ll find some blistered peppers (I think they might be shishito peppers) topped with sesame seeds and a light sauce. Next to those, there was a refreshing and bright salad consisting of greens, beets, peas, onions, and mint over grilled zucchini. And finally, you’ll see some tempura fried mushrooms topped with a fresh tomato salsa.

Ten Restaurant Mississauga

This dinner was epic. I felt so completely spoiled!

Ten Restaurant Mississauga

All of my friends thoroughly enjoyed their meals, too! It was definitely a place where you could visit no matter what your diet or food preference and you could eat a tasty meal prepared by talented chefs. The meals on the actual menu looked delicious, too. Next time, I might try the black bean burgers.

If that wasn’t enough, a surprise dessert showed up at the table in honour of my birthday celebration!

Ten Restaurant Mississauga

It was the most artful fruit bowl that I’d ever been served at a restaurant! There was kiwi, dragonfruit, and mango inside a hollowed out coconut shell. There were sesame crackers wedged along the sides. The fruit at the bottom of the coconut shell was marinating in coconut water. I let all of my friends try some fruit or crackers (yep, I’ll share!) and everyone declared that it was delicious.

At the end of the meal, Head Chef NIc came out to make sure that we enjoyed the meal. The chefs here truly take pride in the food that they create and make the extra effort to ensure that the guests are happy. The wait staff also shared this sentiment. My friends adored our waitress and she even gave hugs to several of us at the end of the meal.

It was such a fabulous night and a memorable birthday party that I had to share with the world. If you’re vegan or have a special diet, don’t hesitate to “tweet the Chef” and they’ll take care of you! For those of you who are curious about the price, our meal came to about $46 which is $23 a person. For a masterfully prepared unique meal that catered to all of our requests, I think that price is more than fair and even quite the bargain.

10 Responses

  1. Sally@Toddlers on Tour
    | Reply

    That desert looks delighful – what a way to serve fruit salad.

  2. Katie @worldwidevegetarian.com
    | Reply

    The picture of you two at the top is great! And wow guys this food looks amazing!! I love that you texted the chef – points on creativity there! And his answer is perfect. Next time I come by please take me here ;)

  3. GiselleandCody
    | Reply

    What a beautiful plate of food and a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    We will have to check this plate out for some custom Vegan food!!

  4. Connie Reed
    | Reply

    The meal looks divine, even to this non-vegan, especially the dessert. And what a bargain. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Fairlie
    | Reply

    It’s great when restaurants embrace special requests or dietary restrictions rather than see them as an inconvenience. It looks like a great meal at an even better price!

  6. Ruth - Tanama Tales
    | Reply

    What a great idea! I have never thought of tweeting the chef (and he was so nice to respond). Glad that you had a super birthday celebration! I would love to try the good.

  7. Will & Laura @ Bottled Air
    | Reply

    It’s so awesome how you can tweet the chef! Aaah that’s so cool. The photos and your description of the food made our mouths water. It looks so delicious – and the portion looked huge! Really not bad for that price at all, we thought it would be like $100 each, especially since the chef came out to greet you haha.

  8. Valerie
    | Reply

    I’m glad you had a good experience. I’m at Ten right now celebrating my birthday with my BFF. We decided to order the VEGAN a la carte. The kitchen had to redo the order because the rice was contaminated with mushrooms which we clearly indicated that we were allergic to. So they brought us out two other small dishes in the meantime but the dish they brought out was NOT vegan- it had ricotta cheese on top. Back to the kitchen it went. The dishes finally came out- sadly nothing as dramatic as what you had. The “birthday” dessert special consisted of 3 very small scoops of sorbet floating in a rather large ramkin and served with soup spoons (wtf????) because “they ran out of teaspoons”. The chefs never came out… pretty obvious the kitchen staff don’t really take my pride anymore in being creative… Begs me to wonder how much of the other menu dishes are pre-packaged and supplied by the big food service companies.

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Valerie, oh my goodness. I feel for ya. It’s so frustrating when a restaurant gets it so horribly wrong and it ends up being a really bad experience, especially when you were so looking forward to it for your birthday. I have no idea how they could have messed it up so badly. When we were there, we had a huge table of about 12-15 people and they managed to get everyone’s special orders right, and we had one gluten-free, two vegans (us) and everyone else. The birthday dessert sounds nothing like the one I got! Either this was an off night, or the chef has moved on, or they aren’t being careful..whatever it is, there isn’t an excuse for it. I would try writing them a letter telling them about your experience, feel free to cite this blog post as a reason why you wanted to go there (ie. you read online that it was vegan and amazing) and hopefully they will invite you back for a meal on the house (if you choose to go back, that is). All the best and I hope you were still able to have a nice birthday.

    | Reply

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