Want to Be More Active This Summer? Let’s Take the StepBet Challenge Together!

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StepBet is a fitness game you play that motivates you to achieve your fitness goals and win cash.

Join me on StepBet this summer!

Are you looking to get motivated (and stay motivated) to be more active this summer? You’re not alone. Studies show that you’re more likely to lose motivation if you exercise alone. Well, I have an announcement to make: I’m going to be your fitness buddy this summer! We are going to motivate each other to get out there to walk more, hike more, and get those steps in on our fitness trackers. This is all possible with StepBet.

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What is StepBet?

StepBet is a fitness game that inspires and motivates you to move more often. It’s essentially a bet on yourself. Daily steps that are personal to your level of fitness assigned to you. Someone who is more active may have to walk more than someone who isn’t as active. It’s only fair!

When you join my StepBet game, you’ll be a part of a fantastic community of people helping you to succeed. I’ll be there to cheer you on! There will also be the extra motivation of winning the cash prize. Yes, there’s money involved!

Join StepBet with me this summer! We'll motivate each other to stay active, get our daily steps, and win cash!

How do I win money?

This is such a motivating factor in the game! When money is on the line, you might be more interested in getting off the couch and going for a walk around the block, amiright? When you join my StepBet game, you’ll place a bet of $40. The more people that participate, the bigger the cash prize will grow. At the end of the challenge, everyone who succeeds in meeting their goals will split the cash prize. That means that you’ll get your money back AND most likely more if some people aren’t able to meet their step goals.

How do I play?

You’ll want to download the StepBet app (available for iPhone and Android devices). Next, get your personalized step goals. You’ll enter in your main activity tracker, which can be sourced from any of the following:

Basically, if you have a phone, you’re able to participate! Personally, I love how it syncs up with my Fitbit.

Next, you’ll want to join my game by entering in the game code: “Justinpluslauren“. You’ll see my game pop up called “Steps Around The World with Justin Plus Lauren”. Join my game, place your bet, and you’re in!

This is a 6 week game running throughout the summer, starting on July 7th until August 17th. There are 4 active days (regular amount of steps), 2 active days (a slightly higher amount of steps) and 1 rest day per week. So, don’t worry, we’ll give you a day off! If you meet your step goals by the end of each week, you’ll get your $40 back and split the rest of the pot.

StepBet - Join my StepBet game, get in shape, and win money!

My StepBet Game

When you join my StepBet game, you’ll receive regular insights and motivation from your host, me! I’ll be encouraging you every step of the way. And I’m sure you’ll be encouraging me, too! I’ll be playing the game right alongside you. Here’s the game description from the app:

Let’s get active together! Join me, Lauren, as I host my very first StepBet. No matter where you are in the world, let’s get those steps in! I’ll help motivate you to get steppin’ this summer, whether you’re chasing waterfalls, mountains or epic sunsets. All are welcome in this positive and supportive space!

I can’t wait for this exciting community event that’s happening all summer long! I am so excited to connect with you and chat all about where your steps take you. Going on an incredible hike, chasing some waterfalls, or even taking a stroll around the neighborhood? I want to hear all about it!

This is a partnership with StepBet. I will receive a small commission for everyone who joins my game. This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

So, are you ready to get steppin’ with me? Let’s do this! Join my game now! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below!

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