Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler

Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler

Snazzy Traveler offers savings of 75% at over 400,000 hotels and resorts all over the world.

For those who love travel, the costs of hotels and accommodations add up. Where you’re going to sleep at night is one of the most important factors to plan in your travel budget. Now, what if I told you that there’s a way to actually save money on hotels, resorts, rental cars, cruises, and activities? And prices that are way better than the typical advertised prices around the web? Let me introduce you to Snazzy Traveler.


Have you ever tried comparing hotel prices across the web? You’ll have dozens of tabs open across your Internet browser only to discover that the prices are nearly identical. You spend hours of time researching hotel prices to end up paying the same price as you discovered at the start of your searches. Snazzy Traveler changes the online travel booking game. Not only can you save up to 75% off over 400,000 hotels and resorts around the world, but they guarantee that you’ll find the best price at their site.

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Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler



Snazzy Traveler is a members-only travel discount site. Members have access to the best savings online. Anywhere. They guarantee that you’ll always find the best discounts on their site. In fact, if you book on Snazzy Traveler and find a better discount elsewhere, they’ll refund you 110% of the price back!

Snazzy Traveler cuts out the middle man and gets their prices straight from the source. There are no travel restrictions and no blackout dates. These promotions are not available to the general public – they’re for members only.

We have an exclusive membership discount for readers of our blog!


Let’s say that I want to book a hotel in Miami. I’m hoping to be headed back to Miami soon, and it’s a great spot to even think about booking a cruise. I put my potential date, my location, and clicked search.

Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler

The hotel names are blurred out as this information is available for members only. However, the results show an incredible savings for a city that is generally very expensive and popular with tourists. It’s possible to stay in Miami Beach for only $59 a night. I’ve never seen savings quite like it before.


Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler

It’s also possible to book activities for your vacation ahead of time on Snazzy Traveler. The prices for Miami excursions are far better than other prices that I’ve researched in the past. One of the best parts of the Snazzy Traveler website? Every price savings is displayed, so you know exactly the discount you’re receiving.


Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler

There’s also the possibility of receiving even more savings on a resort property by bidding on vacations in the marketplace. You browse the marketplace, choose a resort, and name your price. You’ll quickly see if your price is accepted, and you’re ready to go! No matter where you book your next vacation, you’re guaranteed to pay the best price.


Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler


Snazzy Traveler has insider deals with car rental companies – 8000 nationwide locations – and the prices are extremely competitive.

I love how Snazzy Traveler makes it easy to book your entire holiday in one place. Once you book, you can look up your reservations on their website all in one spot. It’s easy to keep everything organized without having to search through countless emails or numerous booking sites.

There’s also 24/7 member support should you run into any difficulties with your bookings. They’ve got you covered!


When you book a holiday, you’ll receive a certain amount of points. With these points, you can redeem them for free holidays through their website. Not only are you receiving a highly discounted trip, but you’ll be able to accumulate points for free travel!

So, what are you waiting for?

We’re offering you an exclusive membership discount! The regular price to join Snazzy Traveler is $99 for an annual membership. We’re happy to announce an insider discount for our readers – 50% off the regular price! Your annual membership is only $49 with our exclusive promo code: Justin+Lauren

By using the promo code Justin+Lauren at Snazzy Traveler’s membership signup page (click the green button for “Redeem Code Here”), you’ll be able to join for only $49. This gives you 100% access to the savings. You’ll easily earn that $49 back when you book your first trip, and save even more. It makes so much sense to give it a shot!

As I’m a frequent traveler who stays at plenty of hotels, I can’t wait to see the savings rack up – which I can use for even more travel!

Saving Money on Travel with Snazzy Traveler

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Please let me know if you have any questions – I’m happy to help! And I’m happy to share this spectacular website with our readers!

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  2. Elyssa
    | Reply

    Just used snazzy for the first time today for hotel and rental, can you tell me more about the process when you actually get to the hotel/rental desk? What paperwork do they ask for etc.? The email I received from snazzy wasn’t that specific on those details. Thanks!

  3. Tani peterson
    | Reply

    Booked 4 day hyatt regency waikki 2 bed ov ada tub and club access. Called hotel to confirm and they gave me a city view and no club perks. Have spent 4 days with snazzy saying they are working on but no guaranree. So, i booked sheraton princess with snazzy for: larger room corner view in the aloahili tower. Hotel fianally shows reservation after 2 days but totally different room-ov only in princess tower . I called and the said with start investigation on this one now . They take your $$ on offering rooms that you dont actually Get!!! Most ppl dont find out until they get to hotel probably.

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