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I’m feeling very thankful these days. I was nominated not once, but twice by two amazing female travel bloggers for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! It’s always awesome to be recognized by your peers. I was nominated by Lauren of Twirl the Globe, who is my “in real life” friend that I met through blogging, and Travel Massive partner in crime. I was also nominated by Hannah of Eat Sleep Breathe Travel, who is my “can’t believe we haven’t met in real life yet” travel blogging friend. Thank you so much, ladies!

What is this award all about?

To start, it’s a way to recognize your fellow female bloggers. It’s also a way to get to know them better through a few questions.  I’ll answer their questions and then nominate some bloggers and ask them whatever questions I’d like!

Questions by Lauren:

If you could go back to one place you’ve already been tomorrow, where would it be?

I would love to go back to Belize. I visited the Xunantunich Mayan temple and it was incredible. It was a Mayan temple that you could actually climb to the very top. It was near the Belize/Guatemala border and I was able to view the countryside of these countries all around from the top. I’d love to spend more time exploring Belize going to more Mayan ruins and perhaps doing some snorkeling here, too. I heard that the coral reef there is spectacular!

What was your more embarrassing travel moment?

Justin and I had a really funny travel moment when driving to the States early in our relationship. We drove across the border, except we didn’t drive to the right area. We mistakenly drove up to a border guard where we heard him say into his walkie-talkie, “Oh, it’s a self-referral.” He pointed over towards a line of cars. We drove our car over there and got out, realizing that we made a mistake. A big truck drove past all of the cars, which I think was some sort of bomb-detecting vehicle. I guess we accidentally volunteered ourselves for that! After standing to the side for an extra fifteen minutes or so, we were allowed to get in our car and continue on our journey!

What’s one piece of advice you have for someone who’s never travelled before?

Just get out there and do it! Even if you can’t afford it, go somewhere close to home. Be a tourist in your town. Discover new places and explore a new neighborhood. Take that leap and go, even if you don’t have someone to travel with. If you’ve always dreamed of traveling, make it happen any way that you can.

What kind of travel do you prefer to do?

I love exploring nature as much as possible. Whether it’s hiking in a forest, spending time on a beautiful beach, exploring caves, or whitewater rafting down a river, I love it all. I love the adventures that come along with discovering the world’s natural places. With that said, I’m always amazed by history and culture, so I like to visit cities, too. I’ve also had some very memorable cruise vacations as Iove sailing the ocean and waking up in a new place each day. I guess I’m all over the place when it comes to travel; I simply love it all!

What was the most memorable meal you’ve had on a trip?

We had a pretty memorable meal on our recent trip to Italy. The folks at Florencetown arranged for us to dine at a villa in Tuscany. Not only was it a gorgeous location, but we also had chefs prepare a huge table full of vegan meals for us. It was amazing! We were surrounded by dishes with all kinds of different vegan food on them. It was such a thoughtful gesture as the tour isn’t typically vegan, and it was also so delicious.

Where are you planning to go next?

It isn’t entirely set in stone yet, but I will be attending TBEX in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in October. Afterwards, I’m hoping to meet up with a friend at a resort in Negril, Jamaica. I’ve never done the whole resort vacation before, so I’m curious to see if I’ll allow myself to relax or not. I’m not the type who likes to sit still, though it will be nice to spend time with my friend and take it easy. I’m looking forward to the sunny weather, too! I also hope to do some excursions and see a little bit of Jamaica as I’ve never been there before.

What inspired your blog?

I started this blog simply to record mine and Justin’s time together. It began as a digital scrapbook of sorts as a way to remember our times together. Since the beginnings of the blog over two years ago, it has really evolved! It really has expanded to include all of my travels as I don’t go everywhere with Justin (even though most of our travels are together). What started more as a journal or diary has really changed into something that is more helpful to others who are traveling. I also like to share my personal stories, but I also aim to provide lots of information for those who’d like to visit these destinations in the future, too!

What has been your biggest struggle with blogging?

Definitely finding the time! I have lots of stories and articles to write, yet it’s tough to find the time some days. I work a full time job that can be pretty demanding at times. Right now, I’m actually writing this on my work break at a Starbucks! I love writing, photography, and creating videos so much for this site. I would love to be able to do this as my full time job. Maybe someday.

What are three things you could never travel without?

My camera, my smartphone, and vegan snacks. My camera…well, I love taking photos of everything! My smartphone is perfect for maps, sharing stuff to social media, and keeping in touch with loved ones back at home. And vegan snacks – well, I always tend to have a snack or two in my purse just in case I get hungry. The worst feeling is being hungry while you’re out some place and you start to lose interest in what you’re doing as the hunger pains take over. And there might not be any vegan food around, so it’s always good to be prepared with a Clif bar or a granola bar of some sort!

Do you prefer a vacation or a trip? Or do you think there’s a difference?

I suppose a vacation is more relaxing where you lay on a beach and do absolutely nothing. And a trip would be seeking out more adventure, exploring places, etc. I think that I like a combination of both, though I tend to not relax very much while I’m traveling. There’s so much to see and do! I guess there isn’t too much of a difference between calling it a “vacation” or a “trip” because I tend to interchange the terms.

Thanks so much, Lauren for asking those great questions! And now, onto the next set…

Questions by Hannah

What made you “catch” the travel bug?

I loved my family’s vacations to Florida when I was a kid, as well as the school band trips that I took in high school. I suppose I really didn’t catch the travel bug until band went on a tour from Ontario to Atlantic Canada. I really enjoyed life on the road for the ten days or so that we traveled and it was incredible to see distant place in my own country. From that point on, I was determined to include more travel in my life! As for going on tour with my own rock band, I’ll leave that story for another day!

What is your dream trip (feel free to be as far-fetched as you like)?

Ummm….a trip around the world?! Or is that like being granted one wish and wishing for more wishes. I have been dying to go to Japan so I think that would be my dream trip. Either that or New Zealand. One of them is definitely Iceland and I hope to fulfill that dream very soon.

What is the strangest thing you have done while travelling?

This is a tough one. Maybe I need to be more weird. I guess it might look weird to some… I’m quite short so while I’m flying, I tend to curl up in my seat in an odd fetal position of some kind. It isn’t that comfortable, really, but I always end up doing it.

What is the kindest thing someone has ever done for you while travelling?

When I was on a trip to the USA with my girlfriends, my car broke down in a very small town in Ohio. Eventually, a police officer came by and allowed us to sit in the back of his air conditioned police car while we waited for the tow truck to arrive. Not only did he arrange for a mechanic to look at my car (it was a Saturday and most places were closed), he also offered that we could stay at his house with his family if the car couldn’t be repaired in one day. He asked the mechanic to give us a break on the price so it ended up being cheaper than normal, too. Thankfully, the car was fixed within a couple of hours and we were on our way. It was such kindness from a complete stranger and I was so grateful! I suppose we could file this one under the “strangest thing” question, too – I sat in the back of a cop car!

What is the best meal you ever ate, and where?

Please see the above answer to a similar question that Lauren asked.

What is your worst travel experience?

I was one of the thousand or so people on a cruise ship that caught Norovirus…trust me, it isn’t fun. It was on the last day of the trip on a sea day, thankfully, so I didn’t miss much. I don’t recommend catching this virus…it’s really awful. I don’t think I could have avoided it in this case as it spread pretty quickly throughout the ship.

What is your best travel “secret” (booking tip / lesser known location / local hot spot)?

For anyone visiting Canada, I highly recommend that you check out Webster’s Falls/Tews Falls in Dundas, Ontario. It’s my hometown and the waterfalls are both beautiful. I wrote all about Webster’s Falls in a past blog post.

Top 3 must-have songs for a trip on your ipod?

“As the Sun Hits” by Slowdive (my favorite song in the world), “Teen Angst” by M83, and “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi for nostalgic purposes (listened to it a lot on road trips growing up!).

Best advice you have for a female traveller?

Get out there and travel! Don’t wait for anyone else. While I tend to travel as a couple or with friends, if I don’t have someone to travel with, I’ll go anyway. If you dream of going somewhere, make it happen.

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  1. Paula McInerney
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    Great getting to know more about you all, it is fun to find out about people

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Thanks! :) It’s fun filling these things out too!

  2. Ruth - Tanama Tales
    | Reply

    I really like this question / answer type of posts. Feel like a know a little bit more about you now.

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it!

  3. Connie Reed
    | Reply

    I agree with the others that it’s nice to know more about you. I enjoy getting acquainted with my fellow bloggers.

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Thank you, Connie! :) I also enjoy getting acquainted with fellow bloggers!

  4. Amanda
    | Reply

    Thanks Lauren! You rock! I just finished my answers! Such great questions. Thanks so much for thinking of me. :)

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Yay! It was great to read your answers :) Thanks for participating!

  5. I feel like I learned a lot more about you. You should just tell people, “That time I was in the back of a cop car…” and leave them wondering, ha ha. Thanks for linking up with #WkendTravelInspiration.

  6. Cristina Luisa
    | Reply

    Oh my! I just stumble upon this while looking through links on Moz. Thank you so much for the nomination, Lauren! I’ll add this to my list of blog posts to write! Glad to see that you fulfilled your dream of going to Iceland. It’s a wonderful place, isn’t it? Also, love the Bon Jovi song choice! Cheers, and happy travels!

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