Rise Above Vegan Restaurant and Bakery

IMG_3323Rise Above Vegan Restaurant and Bakery is located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I happened to be in the St. Catharine’s area after taking our cat, Chickpea to the vet. We adopted Chickpea from the Humane Society in Welland and it was time for him to have his neutering operation. I dropped our little kitty off at 8:00am and had to pick him up after his surgery was completed at 5:00pm. Welland is over an hour away from our home, so rather than driving home and back, I had to kill some time there. Justin was working that day so I spent a quiet day by myself exploring the region! A visit to Rise Above was definitely essential as we had both eaten at this restaurant a long while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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IMG_3312Rise Above is located in the heart of downtown St. Catharines. The restaurant itself is very charming with a vintage vibe. The two main walls that run the length of the restaurant feature the works of local artists and photographers. If you fall in love with one of these pieces, you can purchase it at the restaurant and bring it home! There is a cozy seating area at the front of the store with a bookshelf filled with books, if you’re looking to perhaps enjoy some dessert with a good read. There are a good number of tables – I was eating lunch there during some weekday midday hours, so the place was mostly deserted, except for a bunch of people picking up some take-out meals.

IMG_3314IMG_3313IMG_3315IMG_3311The menu at Rise Above is 100% plant-based, taking many classic home cooked, comfort meals and making them vegan! There are many healthy options also available on the menu, as well as the not-so-healthy-but-sinfully-delicious baked goods! You can take a look at their menus for an idea of the kinds of food that is served.

I ordered the “TLT” Sandwich, their take on the BLT: Maple smoked tofu with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, served on toasted house made bread. I added a side of their Mushroom Mac & Cheese.

The empty chair in front of me where I wish Justin was sitting!

IMG_3317IMG_3318IMG_3319The sandwich was delicious and satisfying – the tofu was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. I could taste the sweetness from the maple, plus the texture was crispy and chewy. The freshly baked bread was perfectly toasted and the crisp lettuce added a great crunch. You would never know that the mayo was free of eggs/dairy as it tasted just like the classic dairy version. The Mac ‘N Cheese was reminiscent of a home-cooked meal from childhood. It was very rich, the cheese was ooey-gooey, and the mushrooms were a nice surprise! I could barely finish my meal as it was so filling, but I wanted to keep eating more and more as such a good meal should not go to waste!

At the front of the store were all of the baked goods. Rise Above is not only a restaurant, but a vegan bakery, too!

Pizza Buns


Thinking rationally, I grabbed a couple of things that wouldn’t melt in the car if I had to leave them there for a few hours – some pizza buns and some cinnamon buns (not pictured). Of course, if Justin couldn’t join me, I had to bring him home some treats! There were also brownies, coconut bars, macaroons, cookies, blondies, and much more. Rise Above is a paradise not only for vegans, but for everyone no matter what type of diet you follow. There is something there for everyone! The restaurant is also fully licensed so you can enjoy wine or beer with your meal.


Rise Above
120 St. Paul St.
St. Catharines, ON
Telephone: (289)362-2636
Email: riseaboverestaurant@gmail.com
Open: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday Brunch: 11am-3pm

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  1. Madison
    | Reply

    This looks like such a cute place! I definitely want to check it out if I’m ever in the area!

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  3. vernah fleming
    | Reply

    This is a family go to! All three vegans in our family love it and the meat eater does too. If you two do any more Bruce Trail hikes or Beamsville Bench Wine Tours a great new restaurant just opened up. It’s called Root 8 (5041 King st. (in the plaza) and it is vegan, gluten free and organic. It’s cute inside and just yesterday we ordered take out: fabulous buffalo cauliflower, a breaded portobello burger with spicy mayo and blue cheese(she uses Nuts to Cheese) and a panini with roasted veggies. So very good!

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  6. Franca Calabretta
    | Reply

    This place looks very nice indeed and with an also nice interior design. Me and Dale are both vegetarians experimenting a lot of vegan food too, it’s not gonna be long before we turn fully vegan I think, that’s why I’m always looking for food inspiration. Love the name of your cat btw! :)

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      If you guys ever come out this way, it would be a great restaurant for you to stop at! Also, if you ever come to the Toronto area I would be happy to show you around to all of the best vegan restaurants!

  7. Zara Quiroga @ Backpack ME
    | Reply

    I just had to comment to say that I LOVE your cat’s name! :D

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      Oh thankyou! Chickpea is quite the little sweetheart, too :)

  8. The Guy
    | Reply

    The mac ‘n’ cheese looks fabulous, definitely making me want some.

    I love the idea of the books in store as well, a good way to make people stay :-)

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      I thought the books were a really cute idea, too!

  9. Sam
    | Reply

    This place looks super cute! I also love that Chickpea has a blog, and hope he came out of surgery OK!

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      Yeah, he is totally fine! The hour long car ride home was a bit crazy as he kept trying to break out of his crate. He kept sticking his paws through and his face was pushed right up to the front of it…when we got home, he snuggled me so much, I think he was very happy to be home! Ever since, he’s been even more affectionate than usual. He’s pretty much back to his crazy energetic self, jumping around and playing all the time! The neutering didn’t seem to affect him, thank goodness he didn’t seem depressed about it or anything!

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