Preview: Our Trip to Quebec City, Canada

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We’re super excited to announce that we will be traveling to Quebec City this week! Here’s a little preview of some of the places we’ll hopefully be visiting, and what you can expect to see here on the blog when we return:

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Old Quebec

Quebec City is one of the oldest cities in North America. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (“Historic District of Old Quebec”), Old Quebec is surrounded by fortified city walls – the only North American city north of Mexico to have them. We can’t wait to walk around the Lower Town of Quebec City, especially exploring the historic Petit Champlain district, Place Royale, Rue du Tresor, braving the “Breakneck Stairs”, riding the Funicular Car, and much more.

Lots of Walking!

There are plenty of outdoor spaces in Quebec City that we’d like to see. We’d like to visit Terrase Dufferin near the most photographed hotel in the world, Chateau Frontenac. There are supposedly fantastic views from Terrase Dufferin of the St. Lawrence River. We’d like to walk along the boardwalk (the Governor’s Walk) towards the Plains of Abraham, a fantastic park in the city. We’re also thinking of taking the Quebec-Levis Ferry around sunset on our first evening in town to catch a glimpse of this beautiful city from the water.

Natural Beauty

On the outskirts of Quebec City, there are some beautiful natural sights that we would love to witness. We’re hoping to visit Montmorency Falls, a spectacular waterfall where you can ride a cable car for great views. Another place we’re hoping to visit is Canyon Ste-Anne, which features a 243 foot high waterfall, scenic viewpoints, and three suspension bridges to walk across. There are some other waterfalls and hiking trails in the area, but we’ll have to see how many places we have the time to visit, and also, weather permitting.

The History

We have a few museums and places of interest in mind, but we’re still mostly undecided on this one. We’ve made a list of these indoor places in case we do get some bad weather. Right now, we might stop at the Morrin Centre (a 200-year old jail turned English-language library), the Observatoire de la Capitale (the highest view of Quebec City), Notre-Dame de Quebec, Musee de la Civilisation (with exhibits on the First Nations people), the Musee National des Beaux Arts, and the Parliament Building. We won’t have time for all of these places, so we’ll have to make some choices!

Ile d’Orleans

There is an island across the way from Quebec City called Ile d’Orleans where Quebec’s rural traditions are maintained and celebrated. There are many quaint shops and market stands selling fresh produce and locally produced goods. I’m really looking forward to trying some of the jams, wines, maple syrup, and whatever we discover on the way!

The Food

Naturally, we’ll be seeking out vegan meals on our trip. I’ve heard that it can be difficult to find vegan food in Quebec City, so we’ll be put to the test. I’ve found a few places in advance that appear to have vegetarian food on the menu, so we’ll see what we end up eating there! On the drive home, we will be stopping in Montreal to get some Montreal-style bagels, as well as lunch at a vegan restaurant that serves vegan poutine (unfortunately, our stop in Montreal will be short-lived as we’re spending the majority of our time in Quebec City, but it’s kind of on the way home!)

Where We’ll be Staying

We’ll be spending two nights at Le Saint-Pierre Auberge Distinctive and two nights at Hotel 71, both located right within the Lower Town of Old Quebec. We can’t wait to live in luxury at these two boutique hotels that are situated in an amazing location!

Follow Along!

While we’re in Quebec next week, we’ll be posting Instagram photos, tweets, and Facebook posts on our social media accounts. You can also follow along by searching the hashtag #quebecregion¬†on social media to see our posts!

3 Responses

  1. Jessica Meddows
    | Reply

    Looks like a lovely trip you’ve got planned, guys. Do either or both of you speak French? Neither Shawn nor I do and we didn’t struggle when we visited Montreal in 2012, because people were so good with English. But I’m curious to see how Quebec generally is with French and English. And I’m very interested to see what the vegan food options are out there!

    • Lauren | Justin Plus Lauren
      | Reply

      Now that we are back from our trip, I can answer a couple of your questions – we don’t speak any French, although I wish we did! It was not a problem communicating with anyone in Quebec City. We found that everyone knew how to speak English. Quebec City didn’t have as many vegan options as other cities we have visited as the restaurants tend to be more traditionally European, although we did find some great food and always managed to be able to eat something! We will be writing blog posts about the entire trip over the coming days and weeks!

  2. tracy
    | Reply

    Quebec City is fine if you don’t speak French. The further north you travel and in the really small communities, the less people you find speaking English.

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