Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi

Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi

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Having portable WiFi in Europe is easy with Hippocketwifi.

Staying connected is a must these days. Whether I’m keeping my Instagram up to date or making sure I can find my way on Google Maps, I’d find it difficult to travel without a WiFi connection.

Sometimes WiFi is hard to come by. Maybe your hotel doesn’t have free WiFi or the one at the local cafe isn’t working properly. Maybe you’re out and about…and you get lost.

Wouldn’t it be better to have WiFi everywhere?

Hippocketwifi is a portable MiFi device that allows you to stay connected all over Europe. It fits in your pocket and you can carry it around with you wherever you go.

When Justin and I traveled to Europe for two weeks recently, we got the chance to try out the Hippocketwifi. Here are our personal experiences with Hippocketwifi and having portable WiFi in Europe.

Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi


It’s very simple. Turn on the device and it will show up as a WiFi connection on your phone. Connect to it using the password on the device and you’re good to go! That’s it. You’ll have portable WiFi in Europe wherever you go, even if you travel to a another country.

It’s also very inexpensive. I don’t know about you, but roaming charges with my cellular provider in Canada are awfully expensive. You can get 1GB of data per day, starting at 4.90€.

You don’t need to have an unlocked phone. Your device doesn’t even have to have a SIM card in it! As long as your phone, tablet, or laptop can connect to WiFi, you can use the Hippocketwifi. In fact, you can connect up to 10 devices at a time.


Getting your Hippocketwifi is also an easy process. As it’s a French company, you can order your portable MiFi and pick it up at the Paris airport, any accommodation or address in France (hotel, B&B, friends or family’s houses), or one of over 16,000 stores or post offices in France. If you’re staying at an Airbnb or an apartment, picking it up at the local post office or shop is the best option.

What about if you’re like us, and you live in Canada? If you live anywhere in Europe, the USA, or Canada, you can have the Hippocketwifi mailed right to your home.

We were really happy to receive a little package in the mail with the Hippocketwifi device in a cute little case.

Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi

The envelope also came with a prepaid shipping envelope inside. We knew that we were departing from Amsterdam at the end of our trip. To return the Hippocketwifi, we simply put it inside the prepaid envelope and dropped it into a local mailbox.

You can return it from any of the following countries, just as long as you let the company know where you’ll be mailing it from: France, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK.

Of course, you can mail it back from anywhere else in the world, too, at your own expense.

Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi

We also received two emergency SIM cards in the package, should the Hippocketwifi device stop working. We never had to use these as we never ran into any difficulties using the portable WiFi in Europe.


We stayed connected throughout our two weeks in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands. Moving from city to city and country to country, we never experienced any outages on our daily adventures around the cities and towns we visited.

One of my favourite things about the Hippocketwifi was that it clearly showed how much data you used right on the device itself. Although we could monitor it, we never even had to worry about going over our data limit. Even as travel bloggers using our social media accounts constantly, which included going live on Facebook and Instagram, we never even came close to reaching our data limit.

Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi

For their Europe package, you receive 1GB per day of data at 4G speed for European countries, as well as unlimited data every day in France.

You can use Hippocketwifi in the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

And as I previously mentioned, you can connect up to 10 devices at once. If you’re traveling with a group of friends, you can all use one Hippocketwifi, saving lots of money on individual SIM cards and plans.

Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi


There was one occasion where I needed to get in touch with Hippocketwifi, and their customer service immediately answered my question. They have 24/7 customer service should you run into any difficulties or have any questions on your journey.

Did you know? From their website: “Hippocketwifi was founded in 2013 by a geeky hippo who was very disappointed about data roaming fees when he traveled.” True story.

We never experienced any disruption of service when we were staying in Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Salzburg, Bamberg, Berlin, Amsterdam, and even the small towns of Mondsee and St. Gilgen in Austria. Our Internet stopped working intermittently as we traveled by train in the most rural areas that were out of range of cell phone towers. As soon as we approached any small town, the WiFi connection was back.



You can choose plans ranging from 3 to 360 days. There are short term and long term plans available for any kind of trip.

Although the website says that the Hippocketwifi has a 6 hour battery life, we used ours throughout the entire day while we were out exploring and the battery never died. We’d charge it up every night while we slept and used it the next day.

It’s extremely light weight and portable. It can fit inside any purse or even your pocket.

The next time you’re thinking about traveling throughout Europe, check out Hippocketwifi so you can get connected and stay connected. We were extremely impressed with this product, and we wouldn’t hesitate to use it again in the future.

Portable WiFi in Europe with Hippocketwifi

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Thank you so much to Hippocketwifi for lending us your device and allowing us to test it out in exchange for this review. Our opinions, as always, are entirely our own. We highly recommend Hippocketwifi to our readers.

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Why is staying connected important to you? Do you have any disaster stories of when you tried to travel without an Internet connection?

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  1. MyBizRules
    | Reply

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  2. Andy
    | Reply


I ordered my wifi with Hippocketwifi about 1 month before going to Europe (France and Italy) as I needed and wanted wifi with me wherever I went.

    (I have had experiences going to Japan many times and ordering pocket wifi with other companies in japan. The Japanese companies were were very professional and my experiences were perfect.) So I thought Hippocketwifi would be just as good and profession. BOY, WAS I WRONG!! 
HIPPOCKETWIFI WAS COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL. They were supposed to deliver the wifi to my hotel in France but it was delayed by 2 days. Keep in mind that we needed wifi to get around (google map, yelp, food, restaurants, info, pricing etc….) We only had 5 days in France so it was very important that we were able to get the most of our day. So on the 2nd day my wife and I actually waited around our hotel in order for the package to arrive so we can go about our day. It came around 01:30pm. Thanks for wasting our time. I emailed them that day and the rep from Hippocket said they will compensate me 2 days for this issue. This is not really a compensation, its simply a refund as it is 1.5 days late. It does not compensate my lost of time and lost of experience at France! 

So I tried to make the best of the trip. We finish Paris and next stop Italy!!! We took a flight to Italy on the 5th day afternoon and arrive in Italy around 1130pm. Both me and my wife took out our phone at the airport trying to get wifi to get our airbnb address and call a uber or taxi. Hippocket wifi doesn’t work. This was a small airport that had bad wifi, so we were stuck there in the middle of the night and our airbnb host was waiting for us. We couldn’t reach our host because we didn’t have wifi. Needless to say I WAS PISSED. Why didn’t the wifi work?! whats going on!? I turn it off, turn it on, then I turn my phone off and turn it on. NOTHING WORKED! 

I finally said “forget this, I’m just going to do roaming on my phone.” (Imagine how much it costs roaming an American AT&T plan in Italy) We told our Airbnb host we will be very late, we got the address and took a taxi. When we got to our airbnb I used the wifi and email Hippocket wifi again asking them why doesn’t it work when I clearly signed up for multiple country usage and paid extra for that feature. I didn’t get a reply. TWO DAYS LATER they finally replied me and told me that they did not turn on the roaming feature even though I paid for it. I was and is still so pissed off. (Those 2 days I tried my best to not use the internet as it costs a lot to do roaming.)
Then they send me a PDF with instructions on how to get into the pocket wifi setting via a browser in order to turn the roaming system on. WHAT?? Im fixing the wifi now?! I dont even like fixing the wifi at my home?! Why am I fixing your wifi? I had to follow the instructions and figure that out.

    So, In total, with 4 days not able to use the internet they decided to compensate me 50% (6 days) of the fee that I had paid. So really its a refund of 4 days +2 days for my trouble (about $20.) Keep in mind that my roaming chargers in Italy alone were about ($50) not to mention my lost in time, experiences, and delays… 

Would I recommend this service, absolutely!!! …..If you are looking for a horrible time traveling in Europe. Use this service if you want to arrive and not have the wifi waiting for you. Use this service if you want them to forget to turn on the roaming. Use this service if you want to email someone for help but only to have them respond 2 days later. Use this service if you are feeling tech savvy in a foreign country to fix the wifi setting of a pocket wifi. Use this service if you want them to unfairly compensate you for your troubles.

    In case I am not being clear, AVOID Hippocket wifi at all cost!!!!

    Update 1/14/2018: They took down my reviews and posted to threaten me with legal action.

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