Photo Essay of Quebec City

I’ve been writing a lot lately about Quebec. This time, I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves in a photo essay of Quebec City. We did a lot of walking around Old Quebec, exploring the historic city streets. Many of these pictures really didn’t fit into any other article. I’ve divided them into Lower Town and Upper Town, so you can have an idea of what you’ll see in each of the two areas of Old Quebec. You’ll see many beautiful scenes filled with antique buildings, majestic statues, and brilliant fountains. Quebec City is just so charming. Often times, you’d never guess that this is actually a place in Canada, as it is so different in comparison to other Canadian cities. I hope that you enjoy these small glimpses of Quebec and it inspires you to travel there someday.

Lower Town (Basse-Ville), Old Quebec

Upper Town (Haute-Ville), Old Quebec

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Chateau Frontenac

Aurora Borealis light show in Old Port

22 Responses

  1. Katrina
    | Reply

    Ohhhh, I want to go!!! We’re saving this for a “when we have kids” trip, though. Sigh. Someday! Your pictures are gorgeous; you have quite the eye.

  2. Megan Claire
    | Reply

    Great photos once again – inspiring me to get to Quebec! I love how theyve set up the chairs as art in the middle of one of the city paths. Such a cool idea!

  3. Hannah
    | Reply

    Beautiful photos guys! (I want that pug!) I’ve just booked my train tickets and am confirming hotels for my visit in December :)

  4. Samantha
    | Reply

    I’d love to visit Uptown, the statues look so cool. I’m not an architecture nerd at all and I don’t know anything about it but the architecture in Quebec City looks so interesting! I’d love to walk around and see all the different buildings.

  5. christine
    | Reply

    Beautiful photos! I always enjoy photos essays :)

  6. Sammi Wanderlustin'
    | Reply

    Beautiful photo’s :)

    OMG Pug!!!!

  7. Jenna
    | Reply

    Great photos! I love photo tours through a city–it’s so fun to get a glimpse! Quebec City looks like a beautiful town. I would love to visit soon!

  8. Duecuorieunaciccions
    | Reply

    WOW!!! This places are really far from us…hope to see them sooner or later!! :)

  9. San
    | Reply

    Those are beautiful pictures! Definitely a place I need to visit one day :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Brittany @ Paws for Beer
    | Reply

    a city full of great architecture! Thanks for sharing the photos :-)

  11. Em
    | Reply

    Really an incredible photo essay. Quebec is one of those bucket list places for me. It looks like it’s a really easy place to be.

  12. Stephen & Jess
    | Reply

    Great photographs, you have the eye for capturing beautiful moments :)

  13. Elena
    | Reply

    Sometimes you don’t need words, the photographs say it all! Beautiful photos!

  14. Bianca (@ItsAllBee)
    | Reply

    Absolutely beautiful pictures and the city too. Wouldnt mind visiting but would just have to find out when the best time is to visit as I am not such a big fan of the cold and hash winters of Canada.

  15. Emily
    | Reply

    I think the lower town just about edges it for me in terms of beauty – very close though! You’ve got some lovely shots there. I love the artwork on the side of that huge building in the lower town :)

  16. Brianna
    | Reply

    Quebec is like our own little slice of Europe

  17. Adelina // Pack Me To
    | Reply

    I haven’t been to Quebec in awhile. Might have to add it onto my “to go” list for next year!

  18. Christine
    | Reply

    Beautiful photos! I’ve been wanting to go to Canada for years! Montreal was always top of my list but Quebec is looking pretty good through these amazing shots! It might have to be bumped up to number 1! Great post guys!

  19. Oh, from seeing all of your latest write-ups I am falling in love with Quebec! Beautiful photos; I can’t wait to visit! :-)

  20. […] famous hotel in the city. It is thought to be the most photographed hotel in the world, so why not join in on the fun? There were always musicians or singers performing along the boardwalk, though one lady we saw […]

  21. Morocco tours
    | Reply

    Such great and amazing post, thank you for sharing this article.

  22. Hayrettin Soyer
    | Reply

    We were planning to visit SE of Canada this summer after I’ve got these great pictures of Quebec, now we must visit.

    Thank you

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