Origami Unicorn Travel Undergarment Organizer and a Giveaway!

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Origami Unicorn TUO is a travel undergarment organizer. Here’s my review and a chance to win one of your own!

I love organization. When it comes to my luggage, I usually roll up my clothes and throw them into my suitcase. And when I get to my destination, it’s a struggle to find certain articles of clothing. Now that I have the Origami Unicorn TUO, I feel like packing and staying organized will be so much easier.

TUO stands for Travel Undergarment Organizer. There are several pockets and pouches to fit seven days worth of undergarments. Ladies: store your underwear, bras, socks, and bathing suits. Men: store your socks, boxers, briefs, ties, belts, and swimsuits.

Review: Origami Unicorn TUO Travel Undergarment Organizer

Review: Origami Unicorn TUO Travel Undergarment Organizer

Review: Origami Unicorn TUO Travel Undergarment Organizer

When packing, unfold the Origami Unicorn. You’ll see that there are separate compartments for everything. There are three see-through mesh zipper pockets so you can see these items with a glance. Inside the zippered compartments, there are six internal elastic pockets for smaller items. Folded up, it measures 13.5″ W / 9.5″ L. When you’re all set, fold the bag back up and it easily fits into your suitcase. No more underwear and socks scattered all over your suitcase. Everything is all in one place. There’s even a separate bag for laundry or your dirty clothing.

It’s discreet. You can place it into a carry-on bag without anyone noticing that your underwear or bras are inside. You won’t have to fuss with plastic bags or ziplocks any longer.

Here’s a short video to show you exactly how it works.


Portable Closet

Once you arrive at the hotel, you don’t have to leave your undergarments in your luggage. You don’t have to throw them into a drawer. Unfold the Origami Unicorn and hang it from anywhere. Using the snaps at the top, you can hang it in the bathroom, closet or wardrobe. Everything is together, right where you need them. It’s portable, lightweight, and convenient.

How to Order

The Origami Unicorn TUO retails at $49.50 and there are several styles to choose from. I’m a fan of the basic black bag, but there are a few other cute designs, including a Blue Leaf Special Edition. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive a promo code for 10% off.

Review: Origami Unicorn TUO Travel Undergarment Organizer

Review: Origami Unicorn TUO Travel Undergarment Organizer

Review: Origami Unicorn TUO Travel Undergarment Organizer


You have a chance to win a Origami Unicorn TUO travel undergarment organizer of your own! Using the Rafflecopter form below, you can have several chances to win this contest – and there are additional chances each day. Good luck to everyone who participates!

The contest closes on Monday, April 18th at midnight. Shortly after, the winner will be contacted. If I don’t hear back from you within 48 hours, I’ll choose a new winner.
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Review: Origami Unicorn TUO Travel Undergarment Organizer

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Disclaimer: We were sent an Origami Unicorn TUO to review. Our opinions, as always, are entirely our own.

13 Responses

  1. Rust
    | Reply

    I like that you can hang it, and how neat it packs.

  2. Ali Celestino
    | Reply

    I love everything about it and the fact you can hang it at the hotel when you arrive makes it even more amazing!!

  3. Miranda
    | Reply

    Looks great! I suck at packing/organization.

  4. Manda Shank
    | Reply

    I like the ability to hang it up

  5. Maggie
    | Reply

    This looks great! I like that it’s discreet. My undies are currently in a clear ziploc bag…bit embarrassing if I have to open my bag in a crowded place! :)

  6. Jonnie
    | Reply

    I love anything that keeps my packing organized!

  7. annette charlton
    | Reply

    We religiously use a shirt folder and organiser but I don’t think I need an underwear and small item organiser. I prefer to fill all those little ‘holes’ in the suitcase. Not sure whether the handle takes up unnecessary space either?
    I can see the benefits however if security open up your bag and all your undies and bras are not displayed for all to see!!

  8. Allana
    | Reply

    I love the case it comes with and the handle– this would make traveling so much easier

  9. Connie Reed
    | Reply

    Looks like a great way to keep undergarments organized. I usually stuff mine in a Ziplock bag. The TUO would be so much nicer.

  10. Jackie
    | Reply

    Ahhhh this is such a wonderful idea! I love the Hibiscus Black one. This would be perfect for me, especially now that my husband and I share a suitcase, don’t want our undies getting mixed up do we? ;-)

  11. Rhonda Albom
    | Reply

    I am a huge fan of any type of packing organizers. This one looks pretty cool. Hope I win one.

  12. Chris Boothman
    | Reply

    Looks like a really cool, unique product for keeping garments that we tend to lose frequently organized! I never know where all those individual socks go…thanks for sharing this cool resolution to this problem.

  13. Stephanie Mayo
    | Reply

    Love handy things like these to help keep me organized while travelling! Looks like a great product!

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