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New Year Travel Resolutions 2018

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018

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An annual reflection on what I’d do differently and my travel goals.

While creating the annual travel year in review list is pretty fun, I enjoy looking back on my annual travel resolutions posts even more. I can review my achievements and my blunders. There are the items on the list that I could easily check off, and the ones that continually fall by the wayside.

The reality is, if something keeps making the list and I don’t end up doing it, I must not want to do it badly enough.

Even though I’d love to learn another language, read 50 books in a year, and practice yoga daily, this hasn’t been the case. While these are all activities that I adore, I have to pick and choose what I’d like to do the most.

As I work a full time job with 12-hour shifts, it might not be practical to practice yoga daily. During my work days (where I work 11:00am – 11:00pm), I wake up and get ready, commute to work, work all day, commute home, and go to bed. Sometimes I’ll work on a blog post at the end of my day and sacrifice some sleep.

I don’t feel like I’m making excuses for myself. There simply isn’t enough time in the day for everything that I want to do.

This year, I’m going to approach my New Year’s travel resolutions a little bit differently. I’m not going to set massive goals for myself that are unattainable. I’m going to focus on what I do best and what I’d most like to do.

If you’re really interested, here are my travel resolutions for 2017, 2016, and 2015.

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018


I’ve decided that I must go to Japan this year!

Let me give you a little bit of background on this. I’ve adored all things Japan for a really long time now. At least eight (if not ten?) years ago now, I even took a Japanese language class at night school for a year to learn how to speak Japanese. Now, I haven’t practiced in years so almost everything I’d learned has disappeared from my immediate memory. But, my wanderlust for Japan has only grown stronger.

Why haven’t I travelled to Japan yet? I really don’t have a good reason for this. Justin and I tend to visit places in Europe for our bigger trip together each year. Maybe it’s easier to travel there because it’s closer and there isn’t as much of a culture shock.

I haven’t shied away from culture shock in the past. Travelling to Kenya on a volunteer trip was an eye-opening experience. My first trip to Asia was a spontaneous trip to Sri Lanka, staying at a yoga and wellness retreat.

Well, Japan, I’m coming for you. I’ll need to convince Justin to take the long flight (as a tall person, he detests lengthy flights). I’m aiming to go in the Fall, hopefully.

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018


As I explained in my 2017 Year in Review post, I recently accepted a full time career move at my day job. I’m no longer freelance and my vacation days will be limited. However, I will have a three-day weekend every other weekend. This means that I can take off and explore a little more regularly and a little more often.

Even if I decide to do one trip a month, that’s perhaps travelling even more often than before. And while jetting across the globe might seem more glamorous, there’s so much to see within driving distance of home or even a short flight away. I’ve love to check out more Canadian and U.S. cities this year, or take even more day trips close to home.

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018


This will probably be the toughest one for me. I find that I’m constantly behind a camera, a Smartphone, or caught up in social media while I’m travelling. While this is the life of a travel blogger, I need to travel a little more for me.

That might sound strange, seeing as I’m experiencing everything first hand, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the pictures or the social media aspect of things.

I started to do this a little more in the second half of the year. I’d save all of my social media posts until the evening once I was winding down at night. I’d schedule things to go out for the next day and get caught up on responding and answering people’s questions.

One thing I realized while travelling in Ireland is that I’m horrible at blogging on the road.

I managed to finish one blog post that I’d been working on for weeks while I was there. By the time I was relaxing in the evening, scheduling out my social media posts, and getting caught up…it quickly became 1:00am and I’m supposed to already be sleeping.

If I was a full time traveller, it would be easier to set aside entire days to work on writing. However, I’m only travelling for two or three weeks at a time, and I’d rather not waste these precious moments behind a screen.

In the future, I’m going to try to work on blog posts before I leave for a trip and perhaps even leave my computer at home.

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018


Ever since I started to work full time and blog full time, it’s taken a toll on my body. I sit for twelve hours a day at work, sit in the car during my commute, and then sit when I come home and blog. On my days off, guess what I’m doing…blogging and sitting! It’s not healthy to live such a sedentary lifestyle.

While I eat healthily enough by following a vegan diet and trying to cook lots of my food at home, I need to be a little more active. By making time for the gym, going for walks, and practicing yoga when I can attend a class, I need to do this for my own health. Even if it’s not to lose any weight, it’s much healthier to be an active person.

It’s even a good idea to get up and walk around once every hour if you’re in an office environment, and I need to start taking that to heart.

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018


I used to hike so often, and I’m not hiking nearly as often as I used to. After all, I have a lofty goal that’s years in the making to hike the entire Bruce Trail in Ontario.

Well, guess what? I didn’t hike the Bruce Trail at all in 2017. Not a damn step.

This needs to change. The hiking season might be shorter in Ontario…but not if you have snowshoes! I just ordered a pair online so I hope to hit the trails even in the winter.

Hiking is a great way to combat blogger belly, too! I’d love to achieve two goals in one swoop.

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018

Did you know that I have all of my travel photos in one place? And you can purchase prints, housewares, and so much more made from my photos? Check out my travel photography album.

As travel is such a huge part of my life, it’s easy to compile a list of travel resolutions for 2018.

Do you have any travel resolutions for the new year? Are your goals similar to mine? Are you also obsessed with making lists and checking the things off these lists?

Maybe that’s why I love putting together a list of travel resolutions every year. It’s fun to look back on what I’ve accomplished, but the new year is a fresh start. It’s time to reevaluate and plan for 2018.

New Year Travel Resolutions by Justin Plus Lauren

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Tell me all about your travel resolutions for 2018!

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Ramesh M Pradhan

Monday 26th of February 2018

Lauren, can you present a sample cost break up of a typical trip? Your ground experience will enable me to know, what costs, how much, relatively - the big and the sundry chunks.

S S Sharma

Monday 1st of January 2018

Write Write Write An, if response from magazines is not encouraging, plan a book of your writings. Remember: Newspaper stories last for a day, magazines for a month; but books are forever.

S S Sharma

Monday 1st of January 2018

Oh yes! Travel at least weekends regularly. Plan well but keep an eye for surprises. Talk to people for stories.


Monday 1st of January 2018

I'm hoping to go visit a friend lucky enough to be living in Northern Italy for a while. I've never been to Italy, and hope I might be able to combine a day or two in another country close by- possibly Switzerland. This will take some serious planning and the support of my husband, but I think we can make it happen.

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