New Caledonia – The Best Kept Secret of Oceania

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New Caledonia - The Best Kept Secret of Oceania

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This is a guest post written by Roxana Oliver.

If you are thinking about the perfect place to spend your holiday, you should opt for the Paris of the Pacific – New Caledonia. The place is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its unsurpassed natural beauty you definitely need to discover. Sun-kissed beaches, friendly locals and rich culture along with interesting history is what will make you thrilled once you land in the Oceania’s best place.


If you are traveling from Australia you will be lucky to discover that there are numerous flights available. Aussies have 12 flights a week. Flight to Noumea will take you around 3 hours and if travelling from Melbourne you will need 4. Travelers from Sydney will spend less than 3, whereas a flight from Brisbane will take you only two hours.


New Caledonia is a pearl of the Pacific. Once you land here you will soon feel as if you were strolling along the French riviera. This is because the territory has been an overseas territory of France since 1956. The friendly locals speak their native languages as well as French so you will feel the charm of France wherever you step. They will be more than willing to include you in their activities such as producing arts and crafts and dance. However, do not be afraid of approaching them, they speak English too and they are really hospitable. You can ask them all you want to know and they will be free to introduce you to their fascinating history.

New Caledonia - The Best Kept Secret of Oceania


Beaches of New Caledonia have been famous for their serenity and clear waters. You will soon get enchanted by the picturesque sights these beaches have to offer.

Anse Vata Beach is for the experienced adrenaline driven swimmers. You will love the creek it is placed on and the beautiful bay called Anse Vata too. There are harsh winds so only good swimmers should be courageous enough to explore the waters. But, if you love stand up paddle boarding, the most popular Australian sport nowadays, you will be thrilled to take advantage of the prevailing winds. Surfing is great here too. But, if you do not feel brave enough to fight with the winds, you can enjoy a picnic with your fellow travellers.

If you are thinking about the perfect place for spending a day with your friends, Magenta Beach is just what you need. The place is equipped with a lot of facilities for having a barbecue and there are many picnic tables.

Baie des Citrons is the most visited beach in Noumea, but the clear waters and peaceful surroundings will keep you relaxed and you will soon forget about all the people around you. If you are travelling with children you will be happy to hear that there are lifeguards every day ready to patrol along the beach. It cannot get safer and more beautiful than this beach.

Couples in love will love the intimate Kendu Beach. The magnificent sandy beach is ideal for romantic souls. Tourists rarely visit this beach because they are not familiar with its beauties, but the locals are well aware that this is their most precious place. There will not be lots of people to bother you and your partner and you will definitely have the time of your lives!

New Caledonia - The Best Kept Secret of Oceania


When visiting New Caledonia you should definitely explore Loyalty Islands which are brimming with natural wonders. Lifou has a lot of secluded bays. Its coral reefs are vibrantly colored and there are a lot of tropical fish species. Fans of archaeology will be thrilled to discover ancient caves. There will be no one to whiz by and you will get totally relaxed out there. If you like long beaches, choose Ouvea the magnificent 25 km long beach with the breath-taking turquoise lagoon. Wildlife is stunning – while walking along the beach you are bound to see the endemic Ouvea parrot.

New Caledonia - The Best Kept Secret of Oceania


There are a lot of activities to try in New Oceania. But, you can make this holiday be the one when you will show how much you care about the environment. Keep the nature intact by choosing water sports than cause no pollution to the nature around you. Choose surfing or sup as the boards used for these sports are made from non-toxic materials that will cause no harm. Scuba diving is excellent for exploring the underwater wonders as well as caring about the wildlife. Opt for hiking across the islands to get fitter and more relaxed while you learn about the history and culture of the astonishing country.

New Caledonia - The Best Kept Secret of Oceania

If you are thinking about the place where you would spend the next holiday, you should definitely check New Caledonia out. It is bursting with natural wonders, splendid sandy beaches, secluded cliffs, abundant wildlife and the friendly locals will soon engage you in their activities. Make this holiday an eco friendly one and choose activities that cause no harm to the environment but do good to your body and mind. Book a flight and unwind at the most beautiful place in Oceania!

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Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney and she loves to write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she often hits the waves and loves beaches and sunshine! You can find out more about her writing following her on Twitter.

New Caledonia - The Best Kept Secret of Oceania

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