How QUID Helps Creators Make Extra Money Blogging (And How You Can Help Your Blogging Friends!)

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How QUID Helps Bloggers Earn Extra Income (And How You Can Help Your Blogging Friends!)

I’m going to divert from a purely travel related topic today to delve more into the world of blogging. Since I switched careers and became a full time travel blogger in January of 2019, I’m going to start writing a little bit more about the topic of travel blogging. I’m sure that many of you out there are interested in travel blogs because you regularly read them. Would you eventually like to start one of your own or find ways to make extra money blogging? Allow me to tell you all about QUID, the newest way to earn extra income from your blog, whether it’s a travel blog or a blog relating to any topic.

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If you’re a content creator, podcaster, or blogger, QUID will revolutionize the way that you earn income through your blog. While you might need to have a minimum amount of visitors to be accepted to ad networks, you can start monetizing your blog immediately with QUID, even if you’re new to the world of blogging. Essentially, QUID allows you to accept micropayments as little as 1 cent. If you’re wondering, “How do bloggers make money from blogging?”. Well, there are several ways you can diversify your income stream, and QUID is one that you should add to your website.

 How QUID Helps Bloggers Earn Extra Income

Make Extra Money Blogging with QUID

QUID helps you monetize your blog and content

First, if you are new to blogging and looking to get started, check out Mangomatter’s list of the best web hosting brands. Once you’ve set up your blog, or if you already have a blog, you can easily add the QUID widget to any of your blog posts or blog’s sidebar. The customizable payment widget allows users to pay a set amount or an amount of their choice on a sliding scale. These payments can range from a few cents to a few dollars. It gives your readers the chance to reward the bloggers and the content that they adore. 

Allow Your Audience to Tip You

For instance, perhaps you read one of my trip itinerary posts, such as my Travel Itinerary for Copenhagen or my 2 Week Travel Guide for Iceland. Maybe that particular travel guide really helped you to plan a memorable vacation for you and your loved ones, and you’re looking for a way to show your appreciation. Using the QUID widget that appears on my blog posts and sidebar, you can decide to send a small tip or donation to give thanks.

E-Books or Lengthier Content

Let’s explore another way that bloggers could use QUID. You might have written a massive travel guide to a country that reads more like a book. You’d like to allow readers to have the first chapter of your book for free, and you’ll offer the rest of it up for a small fee.

You can install a QUID widget to allow users to unlock some of the content for a few cents or dollars. This can be a set amount or a “pay what you can” model on a sliding scale of your choice. Once the reader pays the amount that you determine, the rest of the content becomes unlocked for them to enjoy.

QUID for Podcasters

Podcasters, you can also use QUID! You can choose to monetize your back catalog of podcast episodes. You can offer free versions of your podcast and extended versions for a set rate. Furthermore, you can replace ad reads in the podcast with charging a small fee per episode.

Accept Small Donations

Maybe you’re accepting donations towards a certain goal? How about allowing your readers to buy you a coffee or a meal while you’re traveling? There are an infinite amount of ways that you can implement QUID on your website. Whether it’s travel related, a food blog, or any other type of website, I know you can find creative ways to use QUID.

How QUID Helps Bloggers Earn Extra Income (And How You Can Help Your Blogging Friends!)

Fun Facts About QUID

How QUID Helps Bloggers Earn Extra Income (And How You Can Help Your Blogging Friends!)

Here are a few more facts about QUID and how it can help your blog revenue:

  • QUID is a tech company based in Toronto, Canada that helps content creators make extra money blogging and creating
  • It’s an intuitive experience for your blog readers and only takes seconds to send/accept a payment
  • The content creator accepts payments without collecting any personal information
  • It’s easy to integrate to your website or blog using their WordPress plugin
  • QUID has fantastic customer support if you’re looking for extra help with getting started or customizing the widget for your website

Seeing QUID in Action on our Blog

If you take a look at our sidebar or at the bottom of this blog post, you’ll see a sliding scale asking you to “Tip us!”. You can click through and see just how easy it is to send small amounts of money to your favorite bloggers. It’s easy to support your blogging friends and receive small payments from your audience.

QUID is such an easy and intuitive way to monetize your blogging business. Even if you only run a hobby blog, the costs of operating your blog can add up quickly. QUID allows your readers to reward you for your efforts. Click here to see how QUID can allow you to make extra money blogging.

This post is brought to you by QUID. Please note that QUID ceased operating in March 2020.

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  1. Annika
    | Reply

    Oh that’s so exciting, I didn’t realize you have become a full time travel blogger this year – Congrats!! I’ve followed this blog for quite some time but am just really bad at commenting hah. This Quid thing sounds super interesting, I’ll have to dive into it more once my blog and podcast have a little more content.
    Are you planning to visit Ottawa by any chance? I would love to meet up with you one day if we are in the same area; would be amazing to chat to another vegan travel blogger!

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      I haven’t visited Ottawa in a while so I’m definitely due for a return trip!! :) Would love to meet up!

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