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Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Tour with Samba Days

Zip Line Canopy Tour in Long Point, Ontario, Canada

Long Point, Ontario, Canada

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Have you heard of Long Point before? Long Point is located on Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. It is a sand dune and sand-spit formation in the Great Lakes region, and it is internationally recognized as a significant wetland. It was designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve because it contains many ecological and geological significant zones. Long Point is mostly known as an important bird migration site. It is North America’s oldest bird observatory. More than 300 different species of migratory birds visit this peninsula, with hundreds of thousands of birds passing through each season.


Justin and I traveled to St. Williams, Ontario to Long Point Eco Adventures for our zip line and canopy tour. While our zip lining wasn’t technically at Long Point, the location offered spectacular views of this beautiful area across the water. We booked our tour using a Samba Days Gift Experiences card. With the “Explore” package, we were able to browse a variety of thrilling activities and ultimately chose to go zip lining here. Samba Days gift cards make the perfect present for those who love to travel or try new activities close to home.

When we arrived at Long Point Eco Adventures, we were treated to gorgeous views of Long Point and Turkey Point from their main building. The above photo shows the lush and marshy land with Lake Erie off in the distance. Here’s a closer view:

Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure, Ontario, Canada

Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure

Soon enough, we were suited up in our harnesses and were ready to tackle these ziplines through the Carolinian forest. We visited mid-week and totally lucked out being the only two in our tour group! It was a private tour for the two of us, along with two guides. In total, there were 8 zip lines, 2 suspension bridges, and one 40-foot rappel at the end of the tour. Though this was a thrilling and exciting adventure, it would be a great introduction to anyone that’s never tried zip lining before and would like to give it a try. It’s recommended for anyone age 8 or over, unless you’re extremely scared of heights. We were zipping from platform to platform high up in the trees.

Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure, Ontario, Canada

Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure, Ontario, Canada

As you can see, that’s a GoPro on my helmet! Meaning…we took some great GoPro video of our Long Point zip line adventures! Check out our video to get in on the action.


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As we flew through the air between the platforms, we were given little challenges if we liked. At one point, we were challenged to swing on the zipine towards a tree and kick off the tree for an extra boost. It reminded me of some sort of real life video game! My legs ended up being a little too short, but Justin’s long legs were made for this! He was able to kick off the tree with ease and spin around a couple of times, too. We were asked on one zipline to fall backwards from the platform to begin gliding across the forest. That was the scariest part for me! Even though I was all strapped into my harness, it was hard to let go and fall backwards without seeing where I was going. I was happy that I did it! Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure, Ontario, Canada Have you guys heard of the CN Tower EdgeWalk? It’s an attraction in Toronto where you walk out on a platform at the top of the CN Tower. Of course, you’re wearing full safety gear. The biggest thrill and photo opportunity happens when participants put their feet at the edge of the platform and lean back out into the air. It looks terrifying. On our zip line tour, we actually had our own CN Tower EdgeWalk moment. Though we weren’t nearly as high up, we were still high above the forest floor. We put our feet at the edge of the platform and leaned back. Yikes!       Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure, Ontario, Canada Throughout the tour, our guide told us all about the region and we learned many interesting facts about Long Point. I really had no idea that so many birds migrated through this region. It was awesome to learn about a place that’s only a couple of hours from the major cities in Ontario, yet so environmentally significant. It’s very important that we preserve these natural areas for future generations. I also loved spending so much time in the forest. The air was so crisp and everything around us was so green. We could hear woodpeckers hammering away at the trees. Besides the chirping birds, we were the only ones out there. Gliding through the forest by zip line provided an exhilarating experience. The wind was in my face and all I could see were trees and the forest floor below.   Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure, Ontario, Canada   Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Adventure, Ontario, Canada   Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Tour, Ontario, Canada

Suspension Bridges

There were two suspension bridges on our tour, one right after the other. As we walked across, our guides started moving the ropes back and forth and jumping around! It was tricky to keep my balance. We were attached to the rope above, though the bridge was shaking all over the place. We were told to grab one side of the bridge and face in that direction. Our guides leaned forward on the bridge and we became nearly parallel to the ground down below. We swayed backwards and became nearly parallel in that direction, too. It was scariest when falling forward, hovering over the ground up high in the air. These bridges were so flexible! It was really thrilling and a fun experience rather than simply walking across the bridges. You can see this activity in full force in our video posted above.     Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Tour, Ontario, Canada   Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Tour, Ontario, Canada   Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Tour, Ontario, Canada We had a few more zip lines to fly across before heading to the final 40-foot rappel. At one of the platforms, we were able to view the stunning lands all around. Apparently it looks even nicer in the fall and winter when there aren’t as many leaves on the trees. The final zip line was my favorite. It was one of the lengthier zips so I was flying a bit faster, plus the forest is just so pretty. Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Tour, Ontario, Canada   Long Point Zip Line and Canopy Tour, Ontario, Canada At the final rappel, one of our guides went down to the bottom first while the other stayed up above with us. We were instructed to hold on with one of the ropes and we would ride down to the bottom. However, the guides played a small prank on me! I was slightly nervous to go, and when I leaned off the platform with the rope in my hand, I wasn’t moving. One guide told me to grab a different rope and when I did, I went quickly flying right down! They decided to let me fly down the rope really fast and it really came out of nowhere. I’m sure I screamed. It was the biggest rush of the day for sure. Justin and I were both laughing about it quite a bit!

Long Point Eco Adventures is home to many outdoor activities and they even have glamping tents on site. Stay tuned as we decided to try glamping here a couple of weeks later – that blog post is coming soon! Be sure to pick up your Samba Days Explore card to try this exciting adventure! It would also make a really great gift.

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Long Point Eco Adventures

Zip Line and Canopy Adventure

1730 Front Road

St. Williams, ON


Zip Line and Canopy Tour Adventure in Long Point, Ontario, Canada

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Disclaimer: We were provided with two Samba Days Explore cards to try an activity of our choice. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour at Long Point Eco Adventures and highly recommend it to everyone! Our opinions, as always, are entirely our own.

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Catherine Houlahan

Thursday 24th of September 2015

Sounds like an awesome adventure! Great photos :) I did something similar in Collingwood and while I enjoyed the ziplining, I wasn't so sure about balancing on the wooden beams! My balance is terrible and my husband kept jumping on the beams while he was behind me. Yes, if I end up doing this, I am going without him, lol!

Karyn Jane

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

This looks awesome! I haven't been ziplining since I was a kid, so I think as an adult I'd be pretty scared, haha.

(Also, your YouTube vids are looking awesome nowadays! I love the way you edit them).


Wednesday 23rd of September 2015

Nice read. Especially knowing that Long point is a UNESCO site and the oldest bird observatory in North America. Never knew that North America had extensive zip lining.


Monday 21st of September 2015

That was quite and adventure! The views are amazing but I don't think I could pull it off!!


Monday 21st of September 2015

What an experience! I'd absolutely LOVE to do this one day!

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