Life of Lauren: Travel and Life Recap of October 2018

Life of Lauren: Recap of October 2018 (Travel and Life)

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And another one bites the dust!

I’m happy to say that I’m writing this blog post from the airport! Justin and I are currently at Toronto Pearson Airport awaiting our first flight to Los Angeles. Then, we’ll transfer for our longer leg of the journey to Auckland, New Zealand. And then we’ll board a third plane to Queenstown where we will eventually collapse, hopefully into a comfortable bed. I’m exhausted just thinking about all of that, and I’m sure you are, too!

My first half of October was rather uneventful because I was still on the mend from my ankle injury. I spent most of September on the couch, watching Netflix, with a couple of short trips that didn’t involve much walking. For October, I was able to ditch the walking boot and go back to driving, which gave me a lot more freedom. Even though my ankle wasn’t back to normal, I was able to take it slowly and have a bit of a life again. Yay!

Life of Lauren - October 2018

October Travels

October was all about traveling locally and exploring my own backyard in Ontario, Canada. It’s the perfect time of year for doing just that. The fall colors are most vibrant and the weather is cool enough to take advantage of our hiking trails. While I wasn’t up to doing any lengthy hikes just yet, I ventured out into the great outdoors a couple of times for shorter walks.

Niagara Falls

At the beginning of October, Justin and I took an impromptu trip to Niagara Falls for an overnight stay. We are so fortunate to live so close to such a spectacular place. We stayed at a hotel attached to the casino. Justin and I went out for dinner, played around a bit in the arcade, and popped over to the casino for a short while. The next day, we drove across the border to check out the Falls from the American side as Justin had never been. While we’re really used to the sights and sounds from the Canadian side, it’s a whole other equally awesome experience from Goat Island in New York. I haven’t written about this yet, but I’ll tell you guys all about it really soon.


Dundas is my hometown and going there in the fall is my fave. I spent a couple of days down in my old stomping grounds, checking out a new vegan restaurant and going for a hike. I wrote all about this in my blog post, An Insider’s Guide to Hiking the Dundas Peak. Take a look!

Life of Lauren: October 2018

Thousand Islands and Pumpkinferno

Later in October, I took a fun road trip for the day on my own to the Thousand Islands. It’s about a three hour drive from the Toronto area. While I was there, I hiked around the Thousand Islands National Park and went up the 1000 Islands Tower for a brilliant panoramic view of the region. Afterwards, I headed to Upper Canada Village for the Pumpkinferno festivities. Basically, there are over 7000 carved pumpkin lanterns on display and it’s absolutely fantastic. I made a video all about the experience, check it out!

Back to Work

At the end of October, I was well enough to return to my day job in the TV industry. It’s a little bit of an adjustment from spending my days in PJs with the cats, working away on the blog full time to spending all of my time at work. However, I did miss my coworkers and it was great to see them. 

PR Events

This month, I was fortunate enough to attend two PR events. I was invited to the media opening of the new Moxie’s restaurant in Hamilton and brought one of my best friends, Sarah to join me. We had an absolute blast sampling their new drinks that we’re inspired to try to recreate on our own. Sarah follows a gluten-free diet and I am vegan, and we were completely blown away when the chef came out with gluten-free and vegan platters of food for each of us. The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous and I encourage you to check it out if you’re in the area.

The other event I attended was a media gathering for Ski Vermont. I haven’t been skiing in almost 20 years (!) and Justin loves to snowboard, so we hope to plan a trip down to Vermont this winter. I loved learning about the various ski resorts and it actually made me quite excited for winter!

This Month, I’m Obsessed With…

  • Alrighty, since I’ve been at home with a fractured ankle for over two months, I’ve watched a LOT of Netflix. I finished watching The Fall with Gillian Anderson, which I adored. Justin and I watched The Haunting of Hill House together, which scared the absolute crap outta me. But, I adored the show. It was the right amount of scary and thrilling and it had an excellent story. I’m still thinking about episode 5. Even though it made me scream out loud twice and I watched one entire episode through my fingers, it was so worth it.
  • Tea tea tea. While coffee is my main love, I’ve started to get back into drinking tea again. I’m finding it to be such a soothing drink at night, rather than drinking yet another cup of coffee. I also have an abundance of tea at home that I should probably start drinking.
  • Planning New Zealand. A lot of my time in October was spent plotting out this epic New Zealand trip that we’re about to take. You’ll have to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to check out what we’re up to in New Zealand throughout the month of November!

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Life of Lauren: Recap of October 2018 Travel and Life

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