Ithaca Commons and Vegan Waffles at Waffle Frolic in Ithaca, NY


Inside Waffle Frolic

Ithaca Commons is a four-block pedestrian shopping area in downtown Ithaca, home to over 100 stores, restaurants, cafes and pubs. Unfortunately, while we were visiting the entire area was being revitalized – the shops and restaurants were still open, but the place was completely under construction. We read online that there are often street vendors and street entertainers at Ithaca Commons, but there really wasn’t too much going on outside as the ground was all torn up and everything was roped off by construction fences. We did visit a cute shop called Home Green Home, which focused on sustainable living and sold lots of organic housewares. Otherwise, our time at Ithaca Commons was primarily highlighted by a delicious lunch that we enjoyed at an all-day breakfast/lunch joint called Waffle Frolic.

Waffle Frolic is located in Ithaca Commons, which is close to Cornell University so I am sure it is a popular place among the students. Living up to the name, Waffle Frolic serves single or double-sized waffles with your choice of toppings – everything from bananas and chocolate chips to slightly more obscure toppings like lemon curd, apple butter, or shredded coconut. We adore Waffle Frolic because they make a vegan waffle that also happens to be gluten-free. There are also vegan grilled sandwich options on the menu. Justin and I were absolutely starving after our hikes at Taughannock Falls and Robert H. Treman State Park, so we were drooling at the prospect of ordering all kinds of yummy dishes. In hindsight, yes, we ordered way too much food. We should have ordered single-sized waffles instead of the double-sized waffles that we did order because we were unable to finish all of our food. To be fair, the picture of the waffle didn’t look that big on the wall, plus the server did admit afterwards that the vegan/gluten-free waffles are a bit thicker and heavier than the regular waffles there.

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I ordered my waffle with good ol’ classic maple syrup. Justin ordered his waffle with a big scoop of vanilla soy ice cream, which came dusted with powdered sugar. As you can see, these waffles were huge – bigger than the plate! We also ordered two vegan grilled cheese sandwiches (made vegan by using Daiya brand vegan cheese): Roasted Garlic & Portobello and Mediterranean (Spinach, Artichoke, and Kalamata Olive Spread). Other vegan options at Waffle Frolic include a black bean burger on a waffle bun, or a waffle dog (a vegan hotdog dipped in vegan waffle batter and fried).

It definitely was not the healthiest meal, but it certainly was delicious! We wouldn’t hesitate to come back here again. Perhaps when we return someday, Ithaca Commons will be fully repaired and resume its position as a vibrant city center.

Waffle Frolic

146 East State
Ithaca, NY

Monday-Thursday: 9:00am-8:00pm (open until 10:00pm in the summer)

Friday-Saturday: 9:00am-10:00pm (open until midnight in the summer)

Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm

Have you ever visited Ithaca before?

56 Responses

  1. Yummy! What a coincidence, I’m in Canada too and a vegan as well :) Looking forward to reading about your other vegan adventures!

    • That’s wonderful! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Whereabouts are you from in Canada? We are near Toronto! We’ll be posting lots more about all of the food we eat!

  2. Outbound Adventurers
    | Reply

    Ooh, I’m drooling too, vegan or otherwise it looks super yummy.

  3. Bailey K.
    | Reply

    Vegan AND gluten-free?!?! I’m SO there!

    • Yes! And you really couldn’t even tell that they were vegan or gluten-free. Just tasted like a delicious waffle.

  4. Tripper
    | Reply

    Great post and I’m drooling over the waffle pictures.

  5. Bente Vold Klausen
    | Reply

    Never been to Ithaca, but if I do I will certainly try the waffles!

  6. Axelle Lot
    | Reply

    My home country is the origin of waffles yet we don’t have vegan and gluten free ones :( Glad you could enjoy that delicious waffle!

  7. Claudia Luxembourg
    | Reply

    I don’t think I will ever become a vegan, but those did look good indeed!!

    • They didn’t taste any different than what I recall a non-vegan waffle tasting! :) They did have non-vegan waffles there as well – something for everyone!

  8. charlesmccool
    | Reply

    Ithaca has some great food. I went to a deli there after some gorge hiking and remember the cozy town. Those waffles look epic!

    • That sounds wonderful! There were lots of other yummy restaurants there I would have loved to have tried if we had been there for longer. So much food, too little time :)

  9. Brianna @ The Casual Travelist
    | Reply

    Yum, I am definitely a waffloholic! One of the best desserts I’ve had was a vegan carrot cake at a vegan cafe my sister used to work at. It was spectacular!

    • Oh yay! :) That sounds delicious. Vegan desserts can be so, so tasty. There’s a vegan bakery near me and their desserts are far better than any non-vegan dessert I ever have tried!

  10. Els
    | Reply

    Gosh, these waffles look huge! Good that they think about vegans as well!!

    • I’m glad they also offer gluten-free stuff too for all of those who can’t eat wheat! Great options for all!

  11. Tracie Howe
    | Reply

    Never been to Ithaca, but those waffles make me want to go right now! Mmmm, waffles…

  12. Dave
    | Reply

    I hope they had take-away boxes at this place, because I could not imagine eating this much in one sitting! In addition to the waffles, that sandwich looked delicious. A just reward after those long hikes.

    • Oh, yes we ended up taking half of the waffles away with us to eat later and ended up being a snack once we got home! It was just way too much food!

  13. Christina
    | Reply

    Waffles and vegan: I´m in. I think it´s so hard being vegan while traveling. That´s why most of the time I eat vegetarian while traveling.

    • It’s great when you can find these awesome vegan spots! Or at least places that offer some vegan stuff! Thankfully it is becoming more and more common these days, slowly spreading to spots that weren’t so vegan-friendly.

  14. Emily
    | Reply

    As a dessert fanatic, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this (and drooling over the pictures). A waffely good read! Sorry.

  15. Amy
    | Reply

    Looks delicious! With as often as I’m in Ithaca (I only live an hour and a half away) I can’t believe I’ve never been to this place. It’s definitely going to be a stop on my next visit!

  16. Kate-Frankie Brennan
    | Reply

    YUM! This looks delicious, I want to eat grilled cheese and waffles now! Great vegan options and very generous size. This place sounds great

  17. My friends just opened a waffle truck in Philadelphia. Waffles are awesome!

  18. Milosz Zak
    | Reply

    Ithaca is a place I’ve only driven past on my way to NYC from the Buffalo border crossing, but it’s nice to see that there are quaint, nice places up-state as well as the Big Apple.

    • There are lots of places to visit in New York State that aren’t NYC, and it’s great being able to explore some of those spots! Not to say that I don’t love NYC…I do!

  19. Karisa Blake
    | Reply

    I adore the name Waffle Frolic!!! The waffles also look fantastic! <3

  20. Anu @ CountryHoppingCouple
    | Reply

    Those waffles are looking so great, and I already am drooling!

  21. Hannah Logan
    | Reply

    Hope that was real maple syrup! ;)

  22. Jon @
    | Reply

    You can’t go wrong with waffles – I’ve never tried the vegan version though!

  23. CarmensTravelTips
    | Reply

    I’m hungry just by looking at those delicious waffles. Those are some big waffles. I’m sure you enjoyed them. Looks like a great place to go for breakfast.

  24. Holly Rosen Fink
    | Reply

    I’m hungry – great post.

  25. Sumit Surai
    | Reply

    Those waffles look really big. And delicious too.

  26. Bianca @ItsAllBee
    | Reply

    I havent had waffles in a while, those look good!

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  27. Samantha Hussey
    | Reply

    Wow those waffles are huge!!! Thats me sorted if I visit New York!

    • You could get them in a half size or full size…I probably should have gotten the half size bc they were so big!

  28. Joseff
    | Reply

    The reason why I love traveling is because the food on each place I visit are just so irresistible. Traveling gives me so much learnings on different places as well as learning different cuisines that suit my tummy.

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