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Grabr Review: How to Make Money Traveling and Help Locals While You See the World

Grabr Review

Have you heard of Grabr? It’s a total game changer in the world of travel. Grabr will help you cut the costs of your travel without much effort or work. In some cases, you can recuperate the costs of a portion of your flight (up to $1000!). Grabr is a global travel and shopping marketplace that unites travelers with shoppers. Travelers earn money and shoppers save money. It’s a win-win! In this Grabr review, I’m going to show you how it all works for both travelers and shoppers, and how you’ll want to integrate this strategy as a way to save money and travel more often.

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What is Grabr?

Grabr Review: Uniting Travelers and Shoppers in a Global Travel and Shopping Marketplace

Since its launch in 2016, thousands of Grabr travelers have delivered products to over 75 countries, earning more than $5 million USD. The Grabr community unites shoppers with travelers, allowing shoppers to receive unique or difficult to obtain items from travelers who have easy access to these goods.

For instance, there might be a particular item that’s only available in one country, like a chocolate bar or a certain bath and body product. Or perhaps there’s electronics like a smartphone or camera where the shipping charges are free to the USA but not to other countries in the world. That’s where Grabr creates a marketplace of shopping without borders. Shoppers request the items and travelers who are already visiting that country (and have a little extra space in their suitcase) bring it to the shopper. The shopper saves money or receives those difficult to find goods, and the traveler receives a monetary reward for their efforts.

How Grabr Works for Travelers

Wondering how it all works? In this Grabr review, I’ll explain how the website and app functions for both travelers and shoppers. You’ll see how both parties benefit from the transaction. Also, as a traveler, you’ll be instantly connected with a local from the destination you’re visiting who can offer up their own expert tips to help your trip. So, here’s how Grabr works for travelers.

Grabr Review: How Grabr works for travelers

Step #1: Browse the Grabr website based on where you’re headed. You’ll likely see a whole bunch of products listed with varying reward amounts. The traveler reward is the amount of money that the shopper will pay you for delivering the item on their wish list. Find an order that you can deliver and make an offer. Negotiate the reward price with the shopper.

Step #2: Use Grabr’s messenger to confirm the details of the order directly with the shopper. There might be a certain size, color, or other specific detail relating to the product. While you’re at it, you can ask if they are looking for anything else to add on more items (and rewards!) to their delivery.

Grabr Review: How Grabr works for travelers

Step #3: Buy the item with your own money. Don’t worry, you’ll be totally reimbursed for the item and your reward upon delivery. Shopper payments are held in escrow, so you can be sure that they’ve paid for the items before you go out and buy them. There’s also a peer rating and review system in the Grabr community, so you can choose trusted partners with a great rating.

Step #4: Travel to the country you’re visiting and meet with the shopper to deliver the goods. Choose a time and a public place to meet up. Perhaps you’ll choose your hotel lobby out of convenience, or a coffee shop if you want to chat for a little while. The shopper will confirm that they’ve received their delivery and you’ll get paid.

How Grabr Works for Shoppers

Conversely, here’s how it all works for shoppers around the world looking for specific items that they can’t readily get at home. This Grabr review will show you how the website works for shoppers around the world.

How Grabr works for shoppers - Grabr Review

Step #1: Create an order on Grabr featuring the item that you want. It’s easier for the traveler if you can link to an online store where they can find the product, like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Step #2: A traveler will offer to deliver your item to you. You might receive multiple offers from several travelers. Choose the one you like the most.

Step #3: Pay for the item and reward with your credit card. The payment will be held by Grabr until you receive the item. The traveler will only collect the funds once they give the item to you.

Step #4: Meet your traveler in person to receive the product you’ve been seeking.

Top Travel Destinations for Grabr

Naturally, there are more popular travel destinations on Grabr that are typically places where certain products aren’t readily available or the shipping prices are way too high.

Travelers from the United States tend to deliver the most products worldwide with easy access to many items and free delivery from companies like Amazon. The most popular destinations for shoppers include:

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Lima, Peru
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Moscow, Russia
Top travel destinations for Grabr - Popular places for travelers and shoppers

For travelers, perhaps you can deliver enough products to cover the entire cost of your flight…which could inspire you to travel to one of these destinations!

Why You Need to Join the Grabr Community

Aside from the ability to make money (as travelers) and the ability to receive expensive or unavailable products in your home country (as shoppers), the Grabr community is a vibrant one that unites people from around the world. In this Grabr review, I’ll show you how this community extends beyond a simple product/monetary exchange.

For shoppers, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a traveler who is excited to visit your home country. For travelers, you’ll have direct access to a local resident who knows all the best spots in their city. Locals will be super excited to receive their sought after items, so that’s fun to experience as a traveler. As a traveler, you might have some questions about cool places to check out. Perhaps you’re looking for the best restaurants or local tips that you might not receive anywhere else.

And who knows, maybe you’ll hit it off and have a new buddy in the destination you’re visiting! The Grabr community is so much more than a global marketplace. It connects real people from different countries and cultures with the opportunity for new friendships.

Grabr Review: The Verdict

Rio de Janeiro - Popular destination for Grabr

I have only positive things to say in this Grabr review. I love the concept for both travelers and shoppers. Grabr was named best start-up of the year at EyeForTravel 2016. They’ve been featured in tons of publications like Forbes, Conde Nast, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Grabr and join today. Whether you’re a traveler looking to earn extra cash or a shopper seeking something unique, you’ll be part of a unique global marketplace community.

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This post was produced in partnership with Grabr, but all opinions and first hand experiences as a Grabr Traveler/Shopper are my own.

Have you heard of Grabr before? Would you try it as a traveler or a shopper?

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