Glassroots Vegan Restaurant: Fresh & Local Cuisine [CLOSED]

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

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UPDATE (2018): Unfortunately, Glassroots is no longer open and operating in London.

Glassroots is one of London’s newest vegan restaurants, filling the space of one of London’s most beloved plant-based restaurants, Veg Out. When Veg Out closed, Glassroots opened in its place at the same exact location. London may have lost a favorite vegan establishment, but Glassroots filled that void with thoughtful and delicious cuisine prepared by Chef Yoda. I enjoyed a small taste of Glassroots at the fall harvest dinner experience recently in St. Thomas, Ontario. I was hungry for more. My meal at Glassroots was a culinary adventure, with intriguing and inspiring surprise menu choices.

A surprise? While Glassroots has a thoughtful selection of dishes to choose from, there’s the option of ordering a three, four, or five-course tasting menu. The meal is uniquely prepared just for you by the creative chefs in the kitchen. And for anyone who knows me, I love adventure!

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario


Though Glassroots isn’t a large restaurant, it certainly was packed to the brim on this Friday evening. I’m always overjoyed to visit a vegan restaurant that’s become so popular, especially since it opened only a short while ago. You don’t have to be vegan to dine here. There’s truly something for everyone seeking healthy meals, with a fresh take on old favorites.

Your meal at Glassroots will taste very fresh and full of flavor. That’s because Glassroots sources from local farmers as much as possible. The menu constantly revolves around what’s in season locally. Your meal from the summer months to the winter months could be drastically different. As more produce is fresh in the summer, Glassroots relys on preserves, canned goods, and dehydrated foods in the winter. Visiting in the fall, it made sense that my meal contained lots of root vegetables, cabbage, apples, and field greens.

As I dined at Glassroots as part of the Regenerate Food Festival, the message of supporting the local food movement was quite evident here. Restaurants that source local ingredients don’t only support our local economy, but the food just tastes better.

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario


Although the menu was very tempting, I chose the three-course tasting menu for my meal. Chef Yoda created original, delicious meals according to the ingredients that she had on hand. We started with a complimentary small bowl of dehydrated chips, including kale and root vegetable.

Glassroots vegan restaurant has a delightful wine and beer menu that includes both vegan and local choices. (Beer and wine…not vegan? Well, sometimes they aren’t. Thankfully, there’s a great website called Barnivore where you can search for your favorite alcoholic beverages to see if they’re vegan or not.) I couldn’t resist trying the Watermelon Wheat beer by the Kensington Brewing Company. The watermelon flavor wasn’t too strong, and it wasn’t too sweet. It was quite refreshing, like summer in a glass.

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

The first course arrived…and it was a wonton soup. How did Chef Yoda know that wonton soup is my absolute favorite? There must have been some sort of mind reading happening there. It’s hard to find vegan wonton soup, and this dish was one of the best soups I’ve ever tasted. There was smoked tofu inside the dumplings, with a sesame ginger broth.

For the second course, I enjoyed a squash and root vegetable gratin with apples and beet. The presentation of this creation was delightful, representing autumn quite well. I’ve never cooked an acorn squash before, nor have I ever ordered it at a restaurant. It was great to be introduced to a food that I wouldn’t normally try, and I was thrilled with how it tasted – melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

For the third course, Chef Yoda read my mind again. I love perogies. Perhaps it’s my half-Ukranian heritage and memories of making perogies from scratch as a child. Or maybe it’s because these potato and onion dumplings are the bomb. These weren’t just your average perogies. It was a deconstructed European plate: homemade perogies, house-prepared sauerkraut, cabbage done two ways, on top of a bed of rice with horseradish mayo.

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario


I know I can’t. Keeping with the fall menu, one option for dessert were the fried apple donuts with a candied apple. Oh heck yes. I haven’t had a candy apple in a very long time, and I’m never one to turn down donuts. The apple fritters were fried and glazed. They were warm and comforting. The candied apple was the kind of treat that stuck to my teeth and I just didn’t care. Chomp, chomp, chomp. It was so, so good (and not to mention, looked very adorable on the plate).

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario


Dining at Glassroots offers a new food experience every time you visit. The menu changes with the seasons. While the menu has delectable meal choices, you might want to go out on a limb and choose the tasting menu. Dinner can be more fun if it’s left as a total surprise. You won’t be disappointed.

I highly recommend that you book a reservation at Glassroots. You can easily do so on their website or by calling in advance. Be sure to mention any food allergies you may have, and the chefs will have no problem preparing something just for you.


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Glassroots - A Revolutionary Vegan Restaurant in London, Ontario

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Thanks so much to Glassroots for inviting me to dine at your restaurant, and thank you to CK Table for arranging the experience. My opinions, as always, are entirely my own. I wholeheartedly recommend dining at Glassroots.

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