Dream Destinations for a Tropical Island Stag & Hen Party


Why have the same old boring stag & hen party? Include travel in your party planning!

It’s not easy planning a stag & hen party. You want to make sure that the bride and the groom have a memorable send off before the big day. For something different, gather your guys or gals and visit a stunning dream destination. Having a tropical island stag & hen party will be spectacular and memorable. Once you jet off to a dazzling island, no one will give a second thought to the themes or the outfits. You’ll be partying in a new locale where the sun is shining brightly. Plus, guests will get to work on their tans before the bridal festivities begin.

Not quite sure where to host the party? Here are a few places to get you started…and we’re taking a trip down to the Caribbean.

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Dream Destinations for a Tropical Island Stag & Hen Party

Bermuda might not be as far south as the Caribbean, but this island in the Atlantic Ocean has all of the elements for an exciting stag and hen party. There are some of the most gorgeous pink sand beaches with twinkling turquoise waters. The locals are friendly and I’m certain will join in the celebrations. As Expedia’s Stag vs Hen Hub suggests, why not look for some activities that are “outside of the box”? Bermuda is the ideal destination for outdoor adventures and extreme sports. You can take surfing lessons and learn how to ride the waves. Explore underground caves for a glimpse into a hidden world. Go cliff jumping at Admiralty House Park for a rush of adrenaline.

If you’re thinking about something a little more tame, go shopping at the brightly colored buildings along Front Street in Hamilton. There are picturesque places by the waterfront to snap a few pictures. By the evening, there are many restaurants and bars on Front Street to help get the party started.

Don’t leave Bermuda without a round of mini putt. Yes, you’ll find the best mini golf course in the world here. Challenge your friends to a game!


Dream Destinations for a Tropical Island Stag & Hen Party

With numerous beach resorts, Jamaica is a great choice for a tropical island stag & hen party. Staying at a resort will remove all of the work from the planning process. Food and drinks are included and unlimited. Typically, you’re within steps from a beautiful beach and not far from a swimming pool. The resort staff will have plenty of silly poolside games prepared for your party and the hotel guests. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people from around the world. I highly recommend a beachfront property in Negril for the best beaches.

For those seeking a day trip off the resort, check out YS Falls and Black River Safari, or the Luminous Lagoon for a sparkling bioluminescent bay.


Dream Destinations for a Tropical Island Stag & Hen Party

What’s not to love about Aruba? It’s in the southern Caribbean, so you’re nearly guaranteed a hot and sunny holiday. Bustling downtown Oranjestad has tons of classy retail shops and souvenir markets. The island has brilliant beaches with all of your favorite water activities like parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. A tour of the island reveals interesting rock formations and natural stone bridges. Aruba is a dream destination where it would be wonderful to make memories with your best friends.

Ways to Save Money

Jetting off to a tropical island for a stag & hen party might seem farfetched to some. However, there are some great ways to save money towards a trip with your buddies. Keep your eye on package vacation deals that include flights, and be sure to book far in advance. It isn’t as cheap nowadays to book last minute vacations, and you don’t want to leave a time-sensitive event like this up to chance. Package vacations will include all of your drinks and food, which will save your group money.

It’s also a great idea to make your own t-shirts and decorations. Host a gathering or a potluck lunch where you get artsy and creative together!

Plan your budget ahead of time and set limits on what everyone is willing to spend. When you find a travel deal that fits within your budget, you’ll know exactly if you’ll be able to book it.

Dream Destinations for a Tropical Island Stag & Hen Party

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Have you ever traveled for a stag & hen party?

14 Responses

  1. anna
    | Reply

    I have never considered traveling for a stag or hen do…but now that you mention it, that would be pretty awesome! The locations that you chose are all pretty awesome too.

  2. Brenda Tolentino
    | Reply

    I’m sure Aruba is a great place for a stag or hen party or even just to visit! With so many beaches and beach resorts, a fun time is sure to be had. Interesting that Expedia has a Stag vs Hen Hub.

  3. Meg Jerrard
    | Reply

    Fab destinations! I’m based in Australia, so our tropical getaways for Hens parties are usually the Fiji, Vanuatu’s etc – Pacific Islands because of our location. Would love to get to the Caribbean though – haven’t been there before!

  4. John Morris
    | Reply

    Great lis of Caribbean spots. I haven’t had a chance to visit any of them – I’m a boring Caribbean traveler, with trips only to Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and USVI. I’d love to take a photo with that cool Aruba sign!

  5. Jenna
    | Reply

    What a fun idea–would be so fun to take a trip like this for a send off before a friends wedding! Great tips for saving a bit of money and wonderful list of destinations too. I’d love to visit them all, but Bermuda would be at the top of my list!

  6. Arzo Travels
    | Reply

    I have never heard of that expression “stag & hen party” before (I am from Germany) but the places you have listed look gorgeous. Could not even decide where to go first :)

  7. I’ve been enjoying stag & hen parties in tropical beachside destinations here in the Philippines twice in the past 5 months! You should consider all the beautiful and obscure destinations here! I love making the most out of these celebrations of love! Can’t wait to hear more from you guys, Lauren and Justin!

  8. anto
    | Reply

    Wow, I imagine that would be quite expensive, but then again, if everybody is fine with the cost, why not? In Europe it’s generally a day away or with a bigger budget, it’s a weekend in an eastern European city. Too bad the exotic destinations are a bit further for us!

  9. vanessa
    | Reply

    I don’t know I’d want to do to these locations with my stag and hen crew – I think I’d want to be alone with my beloved! They look like such gorgeous, romantic destinations.

  10. Hen Weekends
    | Reply

    These are such good ideas! I’ve been looking for the best hen do destinations that are exciting and a bit different and this article is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  11. Anna @ shenANNAgans
    | Reply

    Never travelled more than a few hours for a hens night, but not because I don’t want too, more because it has never been an option to do so. I’d certainly consider it should I be asked. Or maybe… if I ever get married, Ill take this option. Fun ideas, although being in Australia, I’d probably look more at the South Pacific for tropical island goodness. :)

  12. Enjoy the vacation of your dreams with your loved ones on the best spots in town.

  13. Susan
    | Reply

    You missed out the best Caribbean destination. Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands. Grace Bay has been voted best beach in the world so many times. Excellent for weddings and honeymoons also.

  14. Alicia
    | Reply

    I love Melbourne in Australia. I got a friend celebrate her Hens Party there and I love the place.

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