Mark’s Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

Searching for that perfect shoe for your adventures? Crocs footwear at Mark’s are the ultimate travel shoe!

Traveling light is a challenge. There are many reasons to travel with less things – you might be traveling with only a carry on bag, or you don’t want to weigh down your backpack. Whether you’re flying across the globe or going away for the weekend, it’s always a good idea to bring just the essentials. Shoes are one of the bulkiest items that take up room and add weight to your pack. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you traveled with simply the shoes already on your feet?

Enter Mark’s and their collection of Crocs footwear! Yes, Crocs travel shoes are the ultimate kicks to sport this summer on your weekend adventures.

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 Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe


Crocs’ motto is, “Come as you are,” meaning that we should be comfortable in our own shoes. Everyone is an individual and we are impossible to categorize. As we are all unique in our own special ways, Crocs has a massive portfolio of shoes out there that will appeal to every taste and need.

I’m a traveler and adventurer, though I still like to wear dresses every now and again. I need a shoe that can withstand walking miles every day as I explore new cities. At the same time, I need something that will transition into a sandal that I can wear to the beach. Furthermore, I enjoy getting dressed up for a meal at a restaurant or a night on the town.

Justin wants a shoe that looks stylish, yet casual. He needs footwear that will match shorts, jeans, or pants. The shoes should easily slip on and off, for those moments where he might just feel like running into the lake or ocean for a dip.

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

The Women’s Swiftwater Sandals were the clear choice for my lifestyle. They’re lightweight and easy to slip on and off. There are three cross straps that wrap around my feet for support, and the textured top soles grip my feet as I walk. It feels like I’m walking on air, and I could walk for days in these.

Like all Crocs, they’re made from Croslite foam material. This is Crocs’ revolutionary, proprietary technology that gives the shoes their lightweight feel. Crocs are notorious for being soft and comfortable.

And add fashionable to that list. I can wear these strappy black sandals with leggings, pants, a skirt, a dress, or almost any outfit. They are versatile and suited to all of my needs. I’ve found the perfect travel shoe in Crocs!

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

Justin chose the Men’s Santa Cruz Slip-On Shoes. These loafers are perfect for everyday use and weekend getaways to the cottage. They’re casual enough to wear by the dock and stylish enough to wear out on the town that same evening. Crocs offers shoes for every season, and these shoes are perfect for spring, summer, and fall in Canada.

And like all Crocs, they’re free of animal products, making them vegan and 100% cruelty-free.

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe


Crocs are the world leader in casual, innovative footwear for men, women, and children. You’ll find them all over the world; they’re sold in 90 countries. Since 2002, Crocs has sold 350 million pairs of shoes. Not only can you bring your favourite pair of Crocs along with you for the holidays, but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a pair on the go.

If you’re traveling to the cottage for the weekend, Crocs are ideal to wear on a boat ride around the lake or a trip to the beach. Transition easily between walking, riding a bike, hopping into a kayak, or wherever your adventures take you.

Taking a city break? Slip on your Crocs as they’re lightweight and comfortable for walking all over town. When I’m visiting a new city, I enjoy exploring on my own two feet and I need a shoe that won’t hurt my feet by the end of the day.

I’m the kind of person that always says yes to adventure. With the proper footwear, you’ll always be prepared for any scenario on your travels.

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe


Check out Mark’s Crocs footwear collection for your perfect pair of Crocs travel shoes.

Which shoes would you most enjoy wearing and why? Be sure to hop over to my Instagram, @justinpluslauren, to check out my latest photos featuring Crocs. In one of those photos, tag a friend who you think would love a pair of Crocs, and follow both the @Crocs and @MarksCanada accounts for a chance to win a $100 Mark’s Canada gift card!

Thank you so much to our partners, Mark’s Canada and Crocs for asking us to review these shoes. Our opinions, as always, are entirely our own.

Mark's Crocs Footwear: The Versatile Travel Shoe

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Which Crocs shoes would you most enjoy wearing for travel and weekend getaways?

13 Responses

  1. Stephanie
    | Reply

    I’ve never owned a pair of Crocs but I love those sandals! You can dress them up or dress them down. And as a carry-on traveler, I love that they’re versatile and light weight!

  2. Alice Gerard
    | Reply

    I also have never owned a pair of Crocs but those sandals look super comfortable and great for a long walk. Plus, they look like they won’t take up too much space in a suitcase!

  3. Guru
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing your honest review

  4. Sarah
    | Reply

    We’ve never been sold on crocs but these both look seriously cool! We may just have to change our minds ;)

  5. Robin
    | Reply

    Oww all these arr cool man!!

  6. Amy
    | Reply

    Those sandals look fantastic! And you’re right, it does go with just about any outfit. I have yet to own a pair of Croc’s but I heard they’re incredibly light and comfortable to walk in. Perfect for travel!

  7. Admanthamson Tolove
    | Reply

    Shoes pairs are much matter in your dressing and you look fantastic with good matching of shoes pairs. I love your post and thanks for sharing those wonderful pairs of shoes.

  8. John Marc Ramirez
    | Reply

    This pair of crocs is a must-have. I would love to buy one and own one. Crocs are really great to wear!! Thank you for sharing. :)

    | Reply

    Very nice post indeed. But if you have high arches just like me then wear shoes with the high arches feature.Otherwise, you will feel pain after a long walk.

  10. Candid Diane
    | Reply

    I love the looks of it, it really does look comfortable.ill surely consider having one especially when traveling cause I really love walking and looking and taking pictures of the places that’s why I need a comfortable shoe .thanks for sharing this!

  11. Reena Sky
    | Reply

    The very nice article it helped me a lot I hope you will keep updating with your travel blog, by the way, best of luck

  12. Tom
    | Reply

    I have never purchased Crocs before, I think at first I was worried people’s opinion when they first came out. But now I can see advantages when it comes to travelling as they are lightweight, versatile and robust.

  13. aliviacora
    | Reply

    very nice article .i really a appreciate this I like it very much. the photography and the sandals of that beautiful lady are just fantastic. Thankyou

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