Vegan Restaurants in St. John’s NL – Vegan Travel Guide

The best vegan eats in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Newfoundland is a spectacular region of Canada with endless stunning landscapes, friendly residents, and opportunities to observe pristine nature and wildlife. Did you know it’s also easy to travel to St. John’s, Newfoundland while following a vegan diet? When I visited, I had no idea I’d discover so many restaurants in St. … Read More

Bamberg Vegan Restaurant and Travel Guide

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Bamberg vegan travel guide: finding the best plant-based eats in Bamberg, Germany. Enchanting scenes from Bamberg, Germany captured my attention from the start. When I saw photographs of this quaint German town, I knew that we had to visit. It was so charming and picturesque, as though it were straight from a fairy tale. I pictured myself wandering down the … Read More

Vegan Copenhagen Restaurant and Travel Guide

Are you vegan, vegetarian, or looking for plant-based options…and travelling to Copenhagen? Have no fear! During my (short) time in Copenhagen, I ate a lot of delicious vegan meals. I didn’t have any trouble finding plant-based eateries or spots with vegan and vegetarian options. I’m very happy to include so many establishments in this vegan Copenhagen guide. This isn’t by … Read More

3 Days in Copenhagen Itinerary and Travel Guide

How to spend the perfect 3 days in Copenhagen. I recently embarked on my very first solo trip to Europe. As it turns out, Copenhagen is an amazing place to wander about as a solo female traveler. It’s easy for a native English speaker (everyone speaks English and most signs are written in English), and it’s safe to explore on … Read More

Best Vegan Restaurants in Miami: Plnthouse

You’ll find beach vibes and healthy plant-based cuisine at Plnthouse. Did you know that Miami is super vegan-friendly? There are plant-based restaurants popping up all over the place. I’ve managed to visit Miami once or twice every year for the last few years, and every time I’m there, I find another vegan restaurant to check out. We totally lucked out … Read More

Vegan Salzburg Travel Guide – Salzburg Vegan Dining

Are you vegan and travelling to Salzburg? No problem! While there aren’t many entirely vegan restaurants in Salzburg, it’s absolutely no problem to follow a vegan diet when visiting this historic Austrian city. With so many things to do in Salzburg, you’ll surely work up an appetite. And if you’re like me, half of my travels seems to revolve around … Read More

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