How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

Only have 1 day in Sydney? No problem! As much as it would be wonderful to have an infinite amount of time in every place we visit, sometimes we only get a day. Well, don’t fret. Even with only one day in Sydney, you can have a memorable and eventful trip. For a packed day of activities, do several of … Read More

3 Days in Copenhagen Itinerary and Travel Guide

How to spend the perfect 3 days in Copenhagen. I recently embarked on my very first solo trip to Europe. As it turns out, Copenhagen is an amazing place to wander about as a solo female traveler. It’s easy for a native English speaker (everyone speaks English and most signs are written in English), and it’s safe to explore on … Read More

Inspire To Wander: Our Travel Community You Should Join

Announcing a brand new travel community that’s free to join! Big news everyone! I’m proud to announce the arrival of a brand new travel community in town, and it’s one that I’m co-hosting. Along with my blogging bestie, Lindsay of I’ve Been Bit, we bring you Inspire To Wander. If you love travel (and I’m sure you do…otherwise, why would … Read More

How to Prevent Identity Theft When You Travel

Thank you to Capital One Canada for sponsoring this post. Did you know that only 53% of Canadians are taking some of the recommended steps to guard themselves from fraud and identity theft? March is Fraud Prevention Month, and Capital One Canada has some tips to help Canadians learn how to protect themselves from identity theft. Whether you’re at home … Read More

Renting a Car in Ireland: Experiences and Helpful Tips

I highly recommend renting a car in Ireland. Here’s a handy guide and my personal experiences. I travelled to Ireland for almost three weeks, driving all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. It’s the best way to experience the country as you’re able to go wherever you want at your own pace. Similar to renting a car in Iceland, driving around … Read More

An Insider’s Guide to Travel and Credit Scores

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Thanks to Capital One for partnering with me and teaching me more about credit scores. An insider’s guide to travel and credit scores, and why it should matter to you. Did you know that 57% percent of Canadians have never attempted to obtain their credit score? Well, you can place me right into that statistic. I’ve never tried to look … Read More

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