Managing Financial Stress for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Looking for tips on managing financial stress? Read on! I am sure that we’ve all worried about our financial situation at one point in time or another. Financial stress is real. And it can have a truly negative impact on our health and well being. The good news is that we have control over our finances. It’s up to us … Read More

How to Exercise While Traveling: Healthy Travel Tips

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It’s easy to fall out of your exercise routine while you’re on the road. When I’m at home, it’s a lot simpler to keep up with my regular workout routine. I drive to my local gym where I can hit the treadmill, lift some weights, or attend a class. The gym is there in the morning, afternoon, and night. No … Read More

How to Convince Your Partner to Travel With You

What happens when you have insatiable wanderlust while your partner doesn’t even want to travel? There’s some truth to the saying “opposites attract”. But, managing a relationship when one person is always on the road and their partner stays home can be tough. If you are the one who dreams about traveling with your partner, there’s still hope. There’s no … Read More

What to Pack for a Day Hike: 10 Essentials

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Here are 10 essential things you need to bring for a hiking trip. Thinking of heading out for a day hike? Whether you’re gearing up for a full day hike or taking a short stroll through the forest, it’s always good to be prepared. While I haven’t embarked on any multi-day hiking treks (yet!), I’m an avid day hiker. Currently, … Read More

How to Spend the Perfect Day in Sydney

Only have 1 day in Sydney? No problem! As much as it would be wonderful to have an infinite amount of time in every place we visit, sometimes we only get a day. Well, don’t fret. Even with only one day in Sydney, you can have a memorable and eventful trip. For a packed day of activities, do several of … Read More

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