Peckish Vegan Cafe: Ennis Restaurant You Must Visit

Peckish vegan cafe: the Ennis restaurant that’s well worth the trip! Nestled between Galway and Limerick, you’ll find the idyllic town of Ennis, Ireland. It was a lazy morning in Ennis when I stopped after an early morning hike at The Burren. En route to Limerick, I was starving and seeking some sustenance. Thankfully, Peckish Vegan Cafe served up hearty … Read More

Vegan Copenhagen Restaurant and Travel Guide

Are you vegan, vegetarian, or looking for plant-based options…and travelling to Copenhagen? Have no fear! During my (short) time in Copenhagen, I ate a lot of delicious vegan meals. I didn’t have any trouble finding plant-based eateries or spots with vegan and vegetarian options. I’m very happy to include so many establishments in this vegan Copenhagen guide. This isn’t by … Read More

Best Vegan Restaurants in Miami: Plnthouse

You’ll find beach vibes and healthy plant-based cuisine at Plnthouse. Did you know that Miami is super vegan-friendly? There are plant-based restaurants popping up all over the place. I’ve managed to visit Miami once or twice every year for the last few years, and every time I’m there, I find another vegan restaurant to check out. We totally lucked out … Read More

Vegan Restaurants in Dublin – Dublin Vegan Guide

Dublin is a very vegan-friendly city – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Before travelling to Dublin, I kept hearing that Ireland was not a great country for vegans to visit. I heard numerous times that I wouldn’t be able to find much to eat. In doing my research before my trip, I discovered that Ireland isn’t just an … Read More

Things to Do in Sligo Ireland – One Day in Sligo

Don’t miss Sligo on your adventures through the Wild Atlantic Way! Sligo is the perfect pit stop on an Ireland road trip. Nestled between Donegal and Galway, it’s the 2nd largest city in western Ireland. With that said, it’s not crowded or overrun by tourists by any means. Surrounded by mountains and picturesque countryside, the drive to Sligo (as with … Read More

Vegan Berlin Guide – Places to Eat Vegan in Berlin

It’s easy to be vegan in Berlin! An essential vegan Berlin travel guide. Did you know that Berlin is considered to be the vegan capital of the world? That’s right, veganism is taking over the German capital city. When Justin and I traveled to Berlin, we could easily see why that was the case. Whether we were walking around the … Read More

Restaurants in Derry – Vegan and Vegetarian Guide

Check out these places to eat in Derry that serve vegan and vegetarian meals! Have you been to Derry yet? It’s an intriguing city with a deep history. First, it’s the only remaining walled city in Ireland that’s completely intact. Derry has meaningful murals in the Bogside neighbourhood that explore their political, social, and economic struggles, and demonstrate how the … Read More

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