Fujifilm Instax Printer: Preserving Travel Memories

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Using the Fujifilm Instax printer to preserve your travel memories. So, you’ve gone on an amazing trip and taken a ton of photos. Maybe you’ve uploaded some of them to your Instagram or Facebook pages. Otherwise, you might not look at these photos again for a really long time. You might even forget that they’re there. They’re somewhere on your … Read More

CabinZero Backpack – Our Favorite Carry On Luggage

We’ve found our new favorite backpacks! CabinZero is a backpack company for travelers by travelers. The idea for a durable, stylish, and useful came from CabinZero’s owner and frequent traveler, Neil Varden. As far back as 1993, he wanted a bag that he could bring backpacking around India, trekking to the forest or the beach, or even bringing to overseas … Read More

HappyLuxe Travel Accessories Review

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HappyLuxe makes traveling way more comfortable…and stylish! HappyLuxe has proclaimed their products the “world’s most comfortable travel products.” And while I haven’t tried every travel product in the world, I can assure you that their travel accessories will make uncomfortable travel situations much more enjoyable. Have you ever felt cold on an airplane? Have you wanted to get a couple … Read More

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