Life of Lauren: Recap of May 2018 (Travel and Life)

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It’s been a busy month! Let me explain… Hello lovelies! May has proven to be such a hectic month that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath (or sleep). Between travel plans, blogging, work, and regular life things, I haven’t had too many spare moments. MAY TRAVEL While I didn’t have any travel planned for May at the beginning … Read More

Life of Lauren: Recap of April 2018

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Goodbye winter and hello spring…for real, this time! I wrote “Goodbye winter and hello spring” as the first line of Life of Lauren, the March 2018 edition. However, winter wasn’t gone quite yet. We had some snow and ice come through the Toronto area for one last treacherous weekend. As May is now upon us, we’re having some more spring-like … Read More

Life of Lauren: Recap of March 2018

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Goodbye winter and hello spring! Welcome to another monthly installment of Life of Lauren. It really feels as though I just wrote last month’s recap. I only started writing these types of blog posts last month, and February’s post proved to be pretty popular. It’s a departure from my typical writing style of travel advice and tips, covering a range … Read More

Life of Lauren: Recap of February 2018

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Welcome to the new monthly series, Life of Lauren! For regular followers of Justin Plus Lauren, you’ll know that this blog is written by a Canadian gal named Lauren. I write about my travels with my partner, Justin…and sometimes I go places without him, too. While I adore writing all about my various travels, sometimes it takes a little while … Read More

New Year Travel Resolutions 2018

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An annual reflection on what I’d do differently and my travel goals. While creating the annual travel year in review list is pretty fun, I enjoy looking back on my annual travel resolutions posts even more. I can review my achievements and my blunders. There are the items on the list that I could easily check off, and the ones … Read More

New Years Resolutions for Travel and Life in 2017

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It’s that time of the year again! For the past two years and running, I’ve written personal, self-reflective lists about what I’d like to accomplish and change for the new year. (You can read my past entries for 2015 and 2016). While I think it’s best to make positive changes all year long, a new year signifies new beginnings. I … Read More

Why I Fell in Love with Bermuda

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I always figured you were like all of the other tropical islands. The idea of Bermuda conjures up those stereotypical glossy photos in magazines. Palm trees, powdery sand beaches, turquoise waters. Promises of a relaxing vacation in the sunshine where you can leave all of your troubles behind. Bermuda is a favorite across Pinterest boards, boasting its pink sand beaches … Read More

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