Where to Find Street Art in Buffalo and Niagara Falls

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Who else loves discovering street art while they travel? I love finding the best street art when I travel to cities around the world. Street art often takes boring, plain, or ugly spaces and transforms them into beautiful art that’s available for everyone to enjoy. From Toronto to Miami and Galway to Nashville, I have found colourful and meaningful murals. Buffalo … Read More

Toronto Street Art: Self Guided Tour of Toronto Murals

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Love street art? You’re in the right place. In Toronto, we’re a bit spoiled for street art. Ever since the introduction of the StreetARToronto program in 2012, the city has more stunning murals than ever before. Of course, there was tons of graffiti art and colourful tags before the program, although Toronto is tackling the topic of outdoor art much … Read More

Things to Know About Freetown Christiania Copenhagen

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Have you ever heard of Freetown Christiania? I’ve always been fascinated by alternative lifestyles. Maybe it’s because I grew up with the understanding that you should live according to your own principles. I was raised in a vegetarian household in the 1980s, which was not seen as “normal” back then. When I embraced veganism, I only knew of maybe one … Read More

Winter Stations Toronto: Outdoor Art Installations

Winter Stations Toronto is an annual outdoor art installation that isn’t to be missed. Have you heard of the Winter Stations in Toronto? It’s an international design competition that gives purpose to a space that’s underutilized during the winter. Designers create public, outdoor art around several lifeguard stands at Kew Beach in Toronto. These lifeguard stands are only used during … Read More

Hampshire County: The Other Side of Massachusetts

Here’s why you need to travel to Hampshire County, “the other side of Massachusetts.” Massachusetts is so much more than Boston. While Boston is a fabulous city, I’m drawn to the small towns. How about you? And when they’re within a stone’s throw of gorgeous natural scenery, it’s even better. This is essentially Hampshire County in a nutshell. It’s a … Read More

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