Caribbean Cruise Video – Whale and Dolphin Watching in Dominica (Day 5)

Here’s a video from our whale and dolphin watching in Dominica! It is set to Sigur Ros’s track “untitled 3” from the () album. Here’s a little breakdown of what to watch for in the video:

0:35 – bottom left – dolphin
0:40 – center of screen – dolphins
0:47 – center of screen – dolphins
1:03 – center/top of screen – whale off in distance, air being blown out spout
1:26 – center – whale
1:48 – center – whale and baby whale together
2:37 – center – whale and baby whale together
3:02 – center – whale and baby whale dive underwater together
3:07 – center – whale
3:40 – whale’s tail fin
3:45 – dolphins everywhere!

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