[CLOSED] Sublime Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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UPDATE (01/18/19): This restaurant has permanently closed.

We were both really excited to take advantage of being in a new city and trying out a new restaurant. I had looked up a few places online ahead of time, but Sublime Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale really stood out for many reasons. First of all, it was all vegan so we could enjoy anything on the menu! Secondly, the entire menu looked delectable but was also very healthy – probably a good idea to eat a healthy meal before embarking on a cruise where we might be making some less-than-healthy choices. Next, 100% of the profits of Sublime are donated to an animal charity. And all of the celebrity endorsements on the website certainly didn’t hurt, either!

A taxi picked us up at the hotel to take us to Sublime. Mistakenly, I was under the impression that the restaurant was somewhat nearby, only about eight minutes away. In reality, the restaurant was about 20 minutes away and through Friday rush hour traffic in the city! Needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson – double and triple check the location of places you’d like to visit! It ended up costing us about $30 each way via taxi! It would have been cheaper to have rented a car. Lesson learned!



Thankfully, the restaurant was amazing! I truly feel that vegans and carnivores alike would enjoy this place – the food was incredibly flavorful, rich, and satisfying. The ambiance of the restaurant was delightful – it was warm and inviting, yet elegant and classy.  There was a cool water wall in one of the rooms with views of an outdoor waterfall with tropical trees and plants. As soon as we entered, we didn’t feel quite so bad about paying so much for the taxi ride.



The food – it was delicious! We wish that Sublime existed closer to home so we could eat there all of the time. We would never hesitate to visit this place again if we ever went back to Fort Lauderdale. First, sent compliments of the chef was this yummy little amuse bouche – two basil polenta triangles:


It was a really nice little surprise at the beginning of our meal! We each ordered a Caesar Salad – romaine heart, house-made crouton, house-made lemon-dijon dressing:

The salad had just the right amount of dressing and I loved those crispy little croutons! I have to say that since visiting various vegan restaurants, I have really enjoyed the different Caesar salads that I’ve tried. I grew up as a vegetarian and never really had a Caesar salad as most had bacon or anchovies in the salad dressing. Many vegan restaurants have a Caesar salad with drool-worthy salad dressings made with cashews or almonds, along with dijon mustard, garlic, or nutritional yeast. The one at Sublime was amongst the best Caesar salads that I’ve tried!

As our main courses, we ordered two different dishes. Justin got the Portobello Stack – with sauteed spinach, roasted tomato, mushroom marsala sauce and quinoa. I ordered the Mushroom Ravioli – house-made pasta, cashew cream, slow-roasted tomato butter sauce and basil:



They were both so yummy! We tried each other’s main courses and decided that we liked my ravioli just a tiny bit better, but both were really delicious. The ravioli was stuffed with mushrooms and they just melted in your mouth along with the creamy tomato basil sauce. The giant portobello in Justin’s dish was cooked to perfection and I loved the combination of the thin cut potatoes on top with the mushroom sauce. I would have liked to have tried everything on the menu!

Now for dessert….even though we were a bit full, we could not turn down dessert! We got two different slices of cake. Justin ordered the Chocolate Nirvana – chocolate cake, kahlua butter cream and dark chocolate ganache. I ordered the Coconut Cake – white cake, coconut butter cream, and almond tuile. We ordered both with a scoop of vanilla coconut ice cream on the side.



The slices of cake were HUGE! And tasted heavenly. We couldn’t finish the cake, so we brought the leftovers back to the room with us to enjoy as a snack later on that night.

The staff at the restaurant were very knowledgeable and friendly. Our waiter did an awesome job at explaining the menu selections. We actually had multiple people bringing out food and assisting us! At one point, a very sweet woman who I thought may have been the owner (and later found out was the owner, Nanci Alexander) came over to our table for a chat. She asked us all about our experience there and how we were enjoying the food. We told her that we were visiting from Canada and she let us know that there were a couple of other people there from Canada that evening as well! It was so nice that the owner took the time to visit each able to get feedback from the customers – I don’t think I’ve ever had that experience at a larger restaurant before!


That sign sums it all up – those who work at Sublime strive to provide excellent service and food, and they definitely succeeded. We thoroughly enjoyed our entire experience at Sublime and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to everyone!

We went back to the hotel that evening feeling very full, but also feeling extremely excited….our cruise vacation was just about to begin! It was difficult falling asleep that night since we both could not wait!

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