Caribbean Cruise – Roseau, Dominica (Day 5)


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Our amazing day in Roseau, Dominica continued in a more relaxed fashion after an exciting morning. After our incredible experience going whale watching, we walked directly across the street from the pier to the post office as I wanted to purchase some stamps. I enjoy collecting stamps and postcards from the various places that we travel. In Dominica, I was able to find some beautiful stamps showcasing wildlife from the island. Then, we decided to walk back to the Emerald Princess for a quick lunch at the buffet before heading back out.

We had part of the afternoon left to venture back out to Roseau to explore the area surrounding the pier before our ship sailed away towards our next destination. We walked around a small market immediately west of the pier, but found that it was mostly full of mass-produced craft items that you see in every island. We walked a little bit further down a side street and came upon a small shop with some more interesting items that were made in Dominica. I found a book called Home Again – Stories of Migration and Return.


It is a book written by Dominicans – twenty-two citizens wrote this book, in fact. There are 22 short stories written by people who have left Dominica and returned there later in life. It was quite fascinating to read and I felt more connected to the place that I visited by understanding some of their personal journeys.

We also purchased some postcards, as well as some guava jam – another specialty of the island. Mmmm! Some other authentically Dominican items that you may find for purchase on the island are:  handmade soap, woven items by the island’s Carib Indians (fans, baskets purses), ginger wine, dolls, grass rugs, small paintings, and handmade jewelry.

It was super hot out that afternoon, despite small amounts of rain and mist (as to be expected from an island with a tropical rainforest!). When we got back to the ship, we threw on our swimsuits and went to the Spa Pool for a dip. We got two drinks – a banana daiquiri for me, and a Caribbean Cooler for Justin. We sipped our drinks once we were in the pool, which was so refreshing! A few couples discovered the swim-against-the-current machine in that pool and for some reason, it was on full blast! Everyone was laughing and having a great time as the waves grew in intensity. Then, it became the goal to swim up to the front of the pool and grab the metal bar that was attached to the swim-against-the-current machine. It was great fun watching the guys attempting different swimming methods to reach it1

We watched over the railing as the Emerald Princess sailed away from gorgeous Dominica. I had been to Dominica on cruises in the past, but it was Justin’s first time there. We will have to return so that Justin can see more of the island. Dominica is so rich with natural beauty that it takes much longer than a day to fully experience!



We ate dinner at a later time tonight around 8:00pm. As always, the food was awesome! The chefs whipped up a version of the pesto pasta without cheese for us and it was delicious.


We also had the vegetable tempura (cauliflower, onion, zucchini and more) with rice. The head waiter of the Michaelangelo Dining Room, Andrew, took such excellent care of us and our vegan requests!




We went to bed fairly quickly after dinner as we had another early morning the next day! Grenada, here we come!

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  1. hikebiketravel
    | Reply

    Dominica is one of the few Caribbean Islands I would really like to visit. I think it’s generally much more off the tourist path and there are lots of fabulous – and somewhat wild hikes to do. I love the sound of guava jam – a perfect gift as well.

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      You should totally visit! There are so many places that go “off the beaten path” and everything is mostly untouched – lots of places to hike, it is very hilly and there are some gorgeous views. You can go hiking through the rainforest there. It really isn’t touristy at all which doesn’t appeal to some people – but it definitely appeals to me! If you’re into snorkeling as well, there is the champagne reef where the water naturally bubbles, and Ti Tou Gorge is absolutely beautiful – you swim inside a cave that has a waterfall at the end.

  2. Agness
    | Reply

    I see you have treated yourselves with some yummy food, which is good. Posh style! :) Lovely dress girl!! :D

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      Aw thank you! I don’t really have too many opportunities to get all dressed up, so that was something I was really looking forward to on this trip. I brought a different dress for each night :) Thankfully everything fit all in one suitcase! ~Lauren

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