Caribbean Cruise – Rest of Nassau, Bahamas (Day 2)


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View from Our Balcony of the Nassau Port

The Emerald Princess was only in port at Nassau for a short while that day. The call for “All Aboard!” was set for 12:30pm and we had only arrived at 7:00am. This meant that we merely had a morning to spend in this tropical setting before sailing on to the next destination. Our Segway tour was approximately 2 hours in length, so we had a short amount of time to explore around the port. At first, we were going to go to nearby Junkanoo Beach (the one we passed through while riding on segways), but it was just a little bit too cold for swimming. It may have been too early in the morning for that as it did end up getting pretty hot out later on. We wanted to make the most of the short time that we had in port. Instead of just going back to the ship, we set back out to explore the town; mainly, the shops surrounding the port area.


The shops were mostly a mix of expensive designer brand with tacky souvenirs. I would have liked to have seen more locally produced crafts or items. We never ventured into the Straw Market where we may have found a little bit of that. Going to the Straw Market would have been fantastic if we were both the type of people who enjoyed haggling the price down on items….but we’re not! Even walking past the market was a little bit intimidating as the vendors were beckoning us to come into their booths. I know that everyone needed to sell their wares and maybe provide some incentive to attract the tourists, but that’s not my idea of a fun time! It would be a great place to find some souvenirs for a great deal if you’re the type that can negotiate prices well!

We did walk down this neat alleyway with shops. It ran perpendicular to one of the main streets that had most of the brand name shops, and you could only walk down this narrow passageway. There was a whole bunch of colorful art displayed for sale in one corner of the street.


We managed to find a hand-painted Christmas ornament by a local Bahamian, some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (mmm…), a few postcards and stamps for my collection, and I picked up a bottle of Del Sol color changing nail polish that changes from sparkly silver to sparkly pink in the sunlight.  Between riding segways and walking around the downtown area, we certainly had an eventful morning in Nassau considering the short period of time that we were there!



When we got back to the ship, we had lunch in the Da Vinci Dining Room. Once again, the cruise staff were very attentive to our vegan diet and we were able to order items from the menu without any difficulties! We both ordered a salad to start with the delicious balsamic vinaigrette. For the main course, Justin had some pasta, and I had the vegetarian burrito (made vegan without any cheese). Everything was so yummy!



We took the camera way up top as the Emerald Princess sailed out of the port and away from Nassau at around 1:00pm. We found an upper deck near the Sanctuary that was a lot higher than the other places, and hardly anyone else was up there. We had a quiet and peaceful view of the island as we sailed out to sea. We caught views of white sandy beaches, the Atlantis Resort and Paradise Island, many shops, the construction site of the newest huge hotel (that our tour guides from earlier that day explained would rival Atlantis, but would be more of a partying place than a family resort), and the lighthouse on Paradise Island.








Once we were back out at sea, we set up shop on some deck loungers to get some sun and read books. After a while, it became too windy and even a little bit chilly out there. So, we went back indoors and played Bingo together in Club Fusion. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but we still had fun trying!


We got ready for dinner earlier tonight and arrived at the Michaelangelo Dining Room for 5:30pm. This ended up being a mistake as most people had already been seated and every table was filled up. Well, at least every table for two was full. We took a buzzer and ended up waiting until 7:00pm to be seated! Oh well, what can you do! We made the most of our time and ordered a couple of drinks (a melon frozen margarita for me, and a beer for Justin). We sat on a loveseat in the Piazza and caught the end of “Musical Melodies with Natka” (a pianist) and the main portion of the set by “Playtoven” (a violinist and a cellist duet). The musicians on board were quite talented and performed many recognizable tunes. Playtoven had a very unique style and put their own spin on classic songs.


The elevators in the Piazza and the piano where Natka performed in the center


Really cool light up in the ceiling of the Piazza





Once in the dining room, our server was so sweet and did an amazing job of making sure we were looked after! I totally forget her name as we were only seated in her section once, but she looked a little like Katy Perry and she is married to one of the head waiters. Anyway, she explained that she switched to a vegetarian diet and totally understood our dietary choices with regards to being vegan. I felt like she went above and beyond to make sure that we were fully accommodated, and the meal was fantastic! The head waiter, Andrew, promptly delivered the next evening’s menu at the start of the meal tonight, so we had lots of time to make our selections for the next evening.

That night, we ordered the black bean soup, a salad, and a tofu vegetable stir fry with a soy sauce. The soup and the salad were on the original menu, but the tofu stir fry was a special request. There weren’t really any meals on the menu that could easily be made vegan, so Andrew suggested the night before that his chefs prepare a vegetable stir fry for us instead. It was amazing! For dessert, we had a pineapple sorbet and mixed berries. Yum!


Black Bean Soup


Salad with Balsamic Vinagrette

img_0435Grilled Tofu and Vegetables Stir Fry


Pineapple Sorbet and Mixed Berries

After dinner, we saw Al Katz, the comedian perform in the Princess Theatre. I don’t know…I don’t like to post too many negative things, but we didn’t find him to be too funny. Maybe we just have a different sense of humor. He did have a few good moments, but some of the jokes just made me feel uncomfortable. I guess it could have been worse!




At the end of the evening, we spent some quiet time out on our balcony. We looked over the Princess Patter for the next day – the daily paper that arrived each evening with the next day’s events. We were going to be spending the next day at sea, so many activities were planned on board. Justin was hungry so we went up to the Horizon Court buffet and grabbed a small snack from the buffet (pasta, vegetables, and dinner rolls…it was more like second dinner, I suppose!) We ate out on our balcony and listened to the waves. The sky was dark with no moon in sight, and only the waves closest to the ship were visible to us. It was almost a little bit eerie or unsettling to look out into complete blackness, while still hearing the crashing waves around the ship. The boat was gently rocking back and forth while we were falling asleep and it was very relaxing.

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  1. Taylor
    | Reply

    I Llloooovveee cruises! and Nassau! but when I went, I holed up in senior frogs for spring break with a million other spring breakers. It was pouring down rain though, so I had an excuse ;) Looks like y’all had fun!

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      I’m glad you had a great time! That’s too bad that it was pouring down rain, but it sounds like you made the best of it :)

  2. hikebiketravel
    | Reply

    I’m impressed with how well the cruise caters to your diet. Looks like a very relaxing way to spend time with the other half.

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      It is a good combination of relaxing and activities – we found that we would be able to relax a bit at night (or on sea days), but when we were in port, we generally always had something planned whether it be snorkeling, segways, whale watching… lots more about that still to come :) They did cater to our diet so well – they were amazing and so was the food!

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