Caribbean Cruise – Grand Anse Beach & Drinking Rum in Grenada (Day 6)


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For the final stops of our Grenada island tour, we stopped at a small bar to taste some rum and stopped at Grand Anse Beach for the ocean views and white sandy beach. After enjoying the scenery at Grand Etang Lake, our taxi driver, Anthony drove us to a small bar for a rum tasting. His friend, Mark owned the bar and it was aptly named, “Mark’s Sports Bar”. It had a great little patio outdoors with a wonderful view, as pictured above.

Rum Tasting at Mark’s Sports Bar


img_1193Brightly painted home next door to Mark’s Sports Bar

img_1194We drank rum from that large jug on the right!

Anthony guided us through the rum tasting himself.  First, we tried a rum punch, a very popular drink throughout the Caribbean. This rum punch was particularly strong and very tasty, as it was one of Mike’s homemade concoctions.  All of the rum was also available for purchase, though we didn’t end up bringing any back with us.

img_1196Rum Punch

Next, we tried a spiced rum that was poured from a gallon jug that had tons of spices all stuffed inside of the bottle. The spices were all freshly grown on the island. This was an authentic homemade mixture that was popular on the island and I’m very glad that I got to try it! It was 138 proof and wow, was it ever strong! There was a method to drinking this particular rum. You take a sip from the shot glass and hold it in your mouth for a few moments. Then, you take some water and swish it all around in your mouth before you swallow it. You can really taste the spices this way, plus the water helps to…well, water it down a little bit! It was really strong! This type of rum was also available for purchase in smaller bottles.

img_1199Look at all of those delicious spices!


img_1205The 138 proof rum used to make the homemade rum mixtures


The four of us got back into the taxi van and continued our drive. Unfortunately, we had to be back on board by 1:30pm as the ship was sailing away at that time. We would love to be stranded in Grenada for a little while longer, but that probably wouldn’t have been the greatest idea! Anthony was an amazing host and driver, and showed us so many wonderful places on our trip. He was continually stopping the van to point things out that were unique to his country or things that showed us a small glimpse into what it was like to live there! He would have no problem stopping the van to allow us to snap a picture whenever we wished.

img_1262Riding in the taxi van

img_1264Someone’s fruit and vegetable garden, complete with pineapples!

img_1267An adorable goat beside some homes!

Grand Anse Beach

Our final stop was Grand Anse Beach, the beach where we originally supposed to go snorkeling before our excursion was canceled. It would have been really nice to have stayed here longer to take a swim or lounge around on the beach. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to see the island and relax on the beach that day, but I was glad that we were able to at least spend a short amount of time there. Apparently, there are even more beautiful beaches in Grenada (Anthony told us this), but this one was very pretty with gorgeous white sand and turquoise water. The beach wasn’t crowded at all, and there were plenty of restaurants nearby.







img_1281img_1282I was looking at some of the seashells along the shore – so many pretty ones!


I was very happy to dip my toes into the water. Overall, we were so thrilled that we got to see so much of beautiful Grenada in such little time! In half a day, we were able to go to many different places including a fort, a spice demonstration, a waterfall, a volcano crater lake, a rum tasting, and a beach! Thank you, Anthony, for welcoming us to your island and showing us around. I’m sure there is so much more to see in Grenada, but we’ll have to leave that for next time!

We went back to the ship, the Emerald Princess around 1:00pm and headed straight to the buffet for some lunch. We spent some of the afternoon in the sunshine by the pool. We watched as the ship sailed away from Grenada at the back of the boat.



Today was definitely the hottest and brightest afternoon so far on our trip. We got some sunshine, swam, and read our books for a little while outdoors. At night, we went for an earlier dinner at 5:30pm in the Michaelangelo Dining Room. We enjoyed an appetizer that consisted of prickly pear, pineapple, and chili flakes in a sweet sauce! All of those flavors went together surprisingly well, and I believe that it was my first time eating prickly pear.

img_1286Prickly pear, pineapple and chili flakes!

We also had a salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and our main course was a vegan Pad Thai with tofu, lime, and peanuts. It was so yummy and definitely one of the best meals that we enjoyed in the dining room!


img_1293Vegan Pad Thai

img_1294Fruit for Dessert!



After dinner, we spent some time relaxing on our cabin’s balcony before heading out for the evening. We went to some game shows and then attended a party outside. First, we went to the “Princess Pyramids” game show in the Explorer’s Lounge where the contestants had to describe a word to us, and we had to guess which description was correct. Next, we went to “The Weakest Link” game show in Club Fusion, which had contestants answering various trivia questions.

Later, we went to the “Ultimate Deck Party” up on deck 15 mid-ship by one of the pools. The cruise staff put leis around our necks that matched our outfits!



I ordered a Mojito and Justin had a beer. People were dancing along to the tropical music that was being played by the live band. At one point, we were all given streamers to throw out at the same time! The dancing turned into a conga line, and people participated in the limbo. After that, we decided to call it a night. One of the best parts of the evening was staring up at the stars that were shining brightly above. You could see so many stars as we were out in the ocean away from light pollution (except for the light shining from our ship!).


img_1304Streamers everywhere!

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  1. Caribbean Cruise - Annandale Falls and Grand Etang Lake in Grenada (Day 6) - Justin Plus Lauren
    | Reply

    […] Check out the other blog posts from our day in Grenada: An Unexpected Tour in Grenada and Grand Anse Beach & Drinking Rum […]

  2. Molly
    | Reply

    Take it as an opportunity to rellay absorb the place you are in! Life doesn’t always have to be rushing from one activity to the next. Grab a book and head to the river, or take long photo walks to practice your photography skills & look for the beauty in the mundane, or go to markets or cafes & practice your Thai- spare time is a gift that you can use to learn!

  3. Beth
    | Reply

    Rum is my favorite– and I miss all the rum punches you get almost everywhere in the Caribbean. Also, that food looks amazing. Looks like you had a great cruise!

  4. Ron | Active Planet Travels
    | Reply

    What a wonderful cruise! The more I see of the Caribbean, the more anxious I get for my upcoming trip this Spring. Have you heard anything about the diving/snorkeling in Grenada? What about fishing?

  5. Raphael Alexander Zoren
    | Reply

    Rum plus the Caribbean = A dream come true! :D

  6. Alli Blair
    | Reply

    I love this! Looks like so much fun, even just wandering around brings lots of great photo opps (Love the goat! They always make me laugh) I’d love to see the stars in that clear sky also . . . it does not happen for me often at all!

  7. megan_claire
    | Reply

    You had me at “drinking rum”!! Grand Anse Beach looks spectacular. So sorry you didn’t get to go snorkelling as planned, but it still looks like it was paradise!! Will be adding a cruise through Grenada to my bucket list!

  8. The Crowded Planet
    | Reply

    Great post. Grenada looks like paradise and after seeing all that yummy food I may be consider going on a cruise at some stage. Love the look of the rum table and I would love to try spiced rum!

  9. Marysia @ My Travel Affairs
    | Reply

    Beautiful views but actually rum table is what caught my eye the most :) Not, no, i’m not an alcoholic, just like myself trying some good stuff. And as someone said: One drink a day keeps a doctor away!

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    Very nice tale and nice pictures , i hear alot about this destination and your fun tour prove it , By the way , your blog is fantastic and riche of useful guide and tips Keep going in this way !

  11. Miicah
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    Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, especially as a fellow Ontarian! ^^ I’m going on my first cruise in October and I hope to make a blog as beautiful as yours! I can’t wait to read more about your trip! Really nice pictures by the way! What camera do you use, if I may ask?

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      Hello there fellow Ontarian!!! That’s awesome that you are going on a cruise! You are going to have so much fun! And that’s great that you’re going to write a blog, please let me know when you do as I would love to read it! We use a Canon Rebel t3i 18 megapixel DSLR and we have two different lenses for it that came in a kit. We got it at Costco and ordered it online (you don’t need a membership to order from them online) and it was a good deal when we got it! Thanks for checking out our blog! :)

      • Miicah
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        Sure, will do ^^ And thank you for telling me which camera you used! I’ll have to keep an eye out on the price for it. Is that the same one you used for your underwater pictures/video?

        • Justin and Lauren
          | Reply

          We used an underwater camera for that – a point and shoot camera. It is the Panasonic Lumix underwater camera. We are hoping to upgrade it maybe to a Go Pro or maybe even get an underwater housing for our other camera for our next trip….but it definitely does the job and takes great underwater pics! It is also a pretty good price, and takes good photos out of the water for those times that we didn’t feel like lugging around the DSLR!

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