Caribbean Cruise – Downtown Oranjestad, Aruba (Day 8)


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After a quick lunch at the buffet aboard the Emerald Princess, we headed back out to walk around downtown Oranjestad. We were hoping to do some shopping, but found out that it was a National Holiday that day. It was the anniversary of what would have been Betico Croes’ Birthday. He liberated Aruba from the rest of the Netherland Antilles to be its own separate country and is named the Father of the Aruban nation. We actually didn’t know why all of the shops were closed at first. As we were walking inside a mall, the Starbucks was still open so I purchased a cold Frappuccino and Justin used the free wifi. I asked some of the employees about why the stores were closed and thankfully, they explained the holiday and its origins to us.

IMG_1475An outdoor shopping complex in Oranjestad

IMG_1477Aruba Starbucks, one of the only places that was open in the mall!


From there, we walked down to the water near the Renaissance hotel to view the sparkling ocean. We also caught sight of some iguanas, lizards, and crabs. It was really hot outside that afternoon, so I was thankful to have a cold drink in my hand!



IMG_1498Small beach in front of the Renaissance resort

IMG_1499Crabs camouflaged with the rocks by the water




We continued our walk up to one of the main streets, past some restaurants and a movie theater. We saw a giant sign saying “I love Aruba” in front of a parliament building, and couldn’t resist taking a touristy photo.

IMG_1480We love Aruba!

IMG_1482Aruba and Netherlands flags outside a parliament building




Some of the shops ended up being open on the holiday after all, primarily the small craft and souvenir market along the main road on the side closest to the ocean. This was filled mostly with typical souvenirs, t-shirts, and bags. Back at the cruise port, there was another shopping area that was open, too, likely for the cruise ship passengers. I was able to find a store there that sold Aruba Aloe – thankfully, as the one inside the indoor shopping mall was closed. I fell in love with Aruba Aloe products from my last trip to Aruba, and purchased some moisturizer. It is made with aloe that is farmed on Aruba, and it is great to use daily or after sun exposure!

I was so exhausted when we got back to the ship that I ended up having a short nap in our stateroom until the ship sailed away. I loved sitting outside on our balcony as we sailed away from the various islands that we visited. Aruba was the last island on our voyage, but there was still plenty of fun to be had as we had two more days on board the Emerald Princess!

We went to the Michaelangelo dining room for 7:00pm for dinner and there was no waiting for a table for two that night! We ordered a mushroom soup (minus the cream), a salad with oil and vinegar, and a potato gnocchi with tomato sauce. Andrew, the amazing head waiter, arranged everything for us once again and did a fantastic job! We also had an orange sorbet labeled on the menu as an “intermezzo” that arrived before the main course. It was incredibly refreshing and delicious!

IMG_1513Mushroom Soup



IMG_1519Green salad with asparagus

IMG_1520Intermezzo Sorbet

IMG_1525 Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce

After dinner, we went to the Explorer’s Lounge for the “Majority Rules” game show – you had to answer questions according to how you believed the majority of people would respond. I got some right and so did Justin. We didn’t officially register to play at the front as we were there just to observe for the fun of the game. Later in the evening, we enjoyed a relaxing night in the cabin as we were both pretty tired after a whole bunch of exciting days in port all in a row!

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Have you ever visited a place where it ended up being a holiday that day? How did you spend your time there?

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  1. Willerd Sánchez
    | Reply

    Hi, Lauren. It is seen that you enjoyed your trip through aruba, it is a really beautiful place. When you have the opportunity to go again I recommend you visit Harbor House (, it is a spectacular place to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the island, I will be waiting for a post from you talking about it!

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Willerd, sounds like a plan! Thank you so much for the recommendation!

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  3. Caribbean Cruise - Snorkeling in Aruba (Day 8) - Justin Plus Lauren
    | Reply

    […] Check out how we spent the rest of our day in Aruba, exploring downtown Oranjestad! […]

  4. Null & Full
    | Reply

    Some of these houses look so unreal! Just like from a fairytale!

  5. Phoebe Thomas
    | Reply

    It sounds like you still had a fulfilling day despite most things being closed. How amazing to see all those iguanas. Looks like a gorgeous place.

  6. Molly S
    | Reply

    Wow – sunshine, blue seas, blue skies – what more could you want! Great photos :)

  7. Christine Maguire
    | Reply

    Wow Aruba looks so cool! Great photos guys. You have just given me yet another place to add to my travel wish list! :)

  8. vegan miam
    | Reply

    Aruba looks like a colorful and interesting city! I would love to visit Aruba and the Caribbean one day. The shopping complex in Oranjestad looks pretty cool, love the colors, plus that gnocchi looks so yummy!

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      Aruba is a very cool place for sure! There are lots of places to visit outside of the city too that we just didn’t have time for, beyond the snorkel trip we did that day. There are some really interesting rock formations, a lighthouse, a natural bridge…lots of places that I’m keeping in mind if we return someday! Also, the gnocchi was really delicious :)

  9. ReadyClickAndGo
    | Reply

    Very nice photos! Thank you for sharing!

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!!

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