Caribbean Cruise – Disembarkation Day with Helpful Tips!


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It was the dreaded day – disembarkation day. We had to leave behind the sunny destinations, the cruise ship, the party, the food, and all of the fun! We felt very fortunate to be aboard the Emerald Princess and so happy that we had such an incredible time on our voyage. The Emerald docked in Port Everglades bright and early, but we didn’t leave the ship until around 9:30am. We got to enjoy one last breakfast in the Horizon Court buffet before making our way off the ship.

IMG_1654My last buffet meal – bagels, potatoes, and fruit!

IMG_1656One of my typical pouting photos that result from our trip ending!

Disembarkation Process

I wrote in our last blog post that the majority of our luggage was collected the night before and placed in the cruise ship terminal once we docked, so we could pick it up when we departed the ship. Thankfully, our luggage was incredibly easy to spot in the terminal amongst the several hundred pieces that were in our section. We put bright blue duct tape on the luggage that had penguins on it, along with brightly covered fabric on the handles. We found our luggage really quickly and were on our way through immigration. All in all, it was a speedy process.

Recommendation: Make your luggage stand out from the other luggage! We stuck tons of bright duct tape on our luggage, which made it was really easy to find. Also, take photos of your luggage before you leave on your trip. That way, if something goes missing, you can show a photo of your luggage to the workers at the cruise ship terminal or airport. This could be helpful to the employees who are looking for the luggage, especially if it really stands out.

Traveling to the Airport

We took a taxi from the cruise ship terminal to the airport. The airport is located fairly close to the cruise port, so the price of our taxi was only $12.50. The transfers through the cruise ship using the cruise line would have cost more than twice that!

Transportation TIp: If you’re looking to get to the Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL), a taxi is the best way to go. You can easily catch a cab outside of the cruise ship terminal and the price is relatively low. However, if it is a busy day at the cruise port, such as a Saturday with many cruise ships docked, you may want to consider booking your transfers through the cruise line. It is much more expensive (around $20 per person), but it might be worth the extra cost for some peace of mind. Catching a cab there on a Tuesday morning was not difficult at all for us, so I would recommend doing it if you can!

Time at the Airport

Now, getting through airport security would have been a breeze had I not made one crucial mistake. First of all, it was very easy to find the Air Canada desk. Just as we did in Toronto, we had to check-in at the kiosk and then line up at the desk. After we got past that counter, we went through security where there was a bit of a line up (to be expected!), but really not all that bad. Now, for my crucial mistake…I decided to put all of our souvenirs into our carry-on bag to keep it safe and secure, and to make sure nothing would be lost. However, our souvenirs included some moisturizer from Aruba, some small bottles of vanilla extract and other extracts from Grenada, and other liquids that you cannot bring on a carry-on! It was actually embarrassing…what a rookie mistake! As I didn’t want to lose any of our souvenirs, I walked back with one of the security guards to the front where I had to check in my carry-on bag with a hefty price tag of $35. Lesson learned. Thankfully, there wasn’t a line-up at the Air Canada desk and I was able to quickly leave my carry-on bag with the attendant to be loaded onto the plane. Justin waited back on the other side of security so at least he didn’t have to go through that whole process again. On the other hand, I had to wait in the line-up and go through security all over again.

Follow the Rules: Make sure you don’t put any liquids, hand creams, alcohol, or anything like that in your carry-on bag! Make sure that you pack all breakable items carefully. I’m sure that this goes without saying. For some reason, I knew to pack all of our toiletries in with the checked luggage, but didn’t make that same connection with the souvenirs!


Before long, we were on the airplane and flying back home. I mostly looked out the window, took some pictures and video, and did a few Sudoku puzzles. Justin started to watch a movie as Air Canada has some in-flight entertainment – little TV screens are on the back of each chair with tons of movies and TV shows to watch. Our flight actually was quicker than we thought and Justin ended up missing the last 10 minutes of his movie! Oh well!

IMG_1667Our flight map, which I always enjoy viewing on the plane’s TV screen!

I really hope that you enjoyed reading all about our cruise as much as we enjoyed re-living our adventures in preparing these blog posts for you! Stay tuned for another upcoming post – a ship tour of our home for 10 days, the Emerald Princess.  For now, please enjoy these photos and this video of our flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Toronto, ON. The video has the music track: “When the Sun Hits” by Slowdive.



IMG_1703Toronto and the CN Tower- view from the plane


9 Responses

  1. Adelina // Pack Me To
    | Reply

    Leaving a cruise is always the toughest. Why go away from being pampered?? It does sound like you had a relaxing experience leaving though sans the liquids in your carry on. An easy mistake to make.

  2. Corinne
    | Reply

    Justin and Lauren…All good things must end…but why so soon, right?! Very informative post.

  3. Bron
    | Reply

    I love the aerial shots and am off to read more of your cruise! Bron

  4. Marissa | It's The Little Things
    | Reply

    Just last week I wore a shirt to the airport that was covered in sequins on the front… of course, I had to get patted down. We all make rookie mistakes, even after we’ve been traveling for years!

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Oh my goodness! I never would have thought that would have been a problem! Well, we all learn something new everyday and thank you for sharing that – I’ll know now not to wear anything to the airport like that.

  5. Anda
    | Reply

    Those two plates look pathetic, Lauren! No wonder you both look so disappointed. I hope you were treated better on the cruise ship. Stunning pictures of Toronto, by the way. I’ve ben been through all that process once before and it’s not much fun.

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      We had AMAZING food on the cruise ship! That was just a quick bite we grabbed at the buffet on our way off the ship. I loved all of the fresh fruit we had for breakfast. It was fantastic to get those views of Toronto from the plane! Usually we don’t circle around the city quite that much, but we made a few loops for whatever reason before we landed.

  6. slightly astray
    | Reply

    Awww, I bet it was hard to say goodbye to paradise. Thanks for sharing your wonderful cruise experience! I’ve enjoyed reading along. I’ve never been on a cruise, but it’s something I’d like to try all day, especially after seeing pictures of all that food! Lol!
    Hmm, weird, I’ve always been able to fly with tons of liquids (toiletries, sunscreen, perfume) in my carry-on, since I don’t check luggage usually. But I’ve also heard stories from people who wasn’t able to bring on toothpaste. So maybe it just depends on if you get lucky with the TSA!

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      It was definitely hard! I think at the end of all of our trips there are photos of us with sad faces lol. Because we never want to leave! I’m glad you’ve been pretty lucky with carrying liquids in your carry-on! That’s awesome!

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