Where to Find Street Art in Buffalo and Niagara Falls

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Who else loves discovering street art while they travel? I love finding the best street art when I travel to cities around the world. Street art often takes boring, plain, or ugly spaces and transforms them into beautiful art that’s available for everyone to enjoy. From Toronto to Miami and Galway to Nashville, I have found colourful and meaningful murals. Buffalo … Read More

Vegan Restaurants in Winnipeg: Winnipeg Vegan Guide

Looking for vegan food in Winnipeg? You’ve come to the right place! It was our first time visiting Winnipeg (and the province of Manitoba). When I’m traveling to a brand new city, my first thought focuses on what I’m planning to do there. My second thought quickly drifts to the important question of food. Are you as obsessed with finding … Read More

How to Convince Your Partner to Travel With You

What happens when you have insatiable wanderlust while your partner doesn’t even want to travel? There’s some truth to the saying “opposites attract”. But, managing a relationship when one person is always on the road and their partner stays home can be tough. If you are the one who dreams about traveling with your partner, there’s still hope. There’s no … Read More

InnBuffalo: A Historic Boutique Hotel in Buffalo NY

Prepare to be charmed by InnBuffalo, a spectacular boutique hotel in Buffalo. Buffalo is home to some interesting and unique accommodations that truly are one of a kind. We recently had the opportunity to experience an overnight stay at InnBuffalo, an elegant boutique hotel in Buffalo with an intriguing story. We’re delighted to feature our overnight stay at InnBuffalo, which … Read More

Spectacular Things to Do in Heidelberg Germany

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There are so many unique and magical things to do in Heidelberg, Germany! Heidelberg was the last stop on our European jaunt where we visited cities in France, Switzerland, and Germany. While it’s too hard to pick favourites, a part of me thinks that we left the best city to last. It’s easy to fall in love with enchanting, romantic, … Read More

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