How to Exercise While Traveling: Healthy Travel Tips

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It’s easy to fall out of your exercise routine while you’re on the road. When I’m at home, it’s a lot simpler to keep up with my regular workout routine. I drive to my local gym where I can hit the treadmill, lift some weights, or attend a class. The gym is there in the morning, afternoon, and night. No … Read More

Giraffes, Lions, and Almost Dying: My Adventure in Kenya

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My adventure in Kenya is my most memorable to date. I knew that I’d have an incredible adventure in Kenya, but I really did not expect so many crazy, intense, and miraculous experiences. It was my first time venturing into Africa and into the complete unknown. As an animal lover and environmentalist, I was thrilled to not only witness such … Read More

This Pumpkin Lantern Festival is Worth the Road Trip

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Pumpkinferno is an annual pumpkin lantern festival that delights the senses. Ah, there’s nothing quite like brisk fall evenings. Fallen leaves rustle below my feet. The cool breeze hits my face. It’s all a reminder that summer days have passed. It’s sweater weather and time to sip warm beverages. Harvest season is upon us as we savour things made of … Read More

Planning a New Zealand Trip Inspired By Awesome Photo Locations

Have you ever planned your trip to a destination after seeing incredible photos? This article is sponsored by Trover. I spend a good part of my day looking at travel photos. Whether I’m editing my own travel photos from past trips or looking at pictures that influence my journeys around the globe, travel photography really does inspire us. Justin and … Read More

5 Best Places to Visit in Bikaner – Rajasthan, India

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Explore the history and culture of Rajputana in Bikaner. This guest post is written by Rudy of the travel blog, Travel India Travel. He writes travel tips and guides to some of the best destinations in India and has travelled extensively across all the major states there. He loves to walk around cities, spend time in museums, explore forests and … Read More

An Insider’s Guide to Hiking the Dundas Peak

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A guide to the Dundas Peak, Tews Falls, and Websters Falls from a local. I’ve visited the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area since I was a kid. It’s the scenic space made famous by Websters Falls, Tews Falls, and the Dundas Peak; there’s so much natural beauty that it’s bursting at the seams. While it’s gorgeous all year long, the fall … Read More

Peckish Vegan Cafe: Ennis Restaurant You Must Visit

Peckish vegan cafe: the Ennis restaurant that’s well worth the trip! Nestled between Galway and Limerick, you’ll find the idyllic town of Ennis, Ireland. It was a lazy morning in Ennis when I stopped after an early morning hike at The Burren. En route to Limerick, I was starving and seeking some sustenance. Thankfully, Peckish Vegan Cafe served up hearty … Read More

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