Best Travel Apps: Arsenal for the Smart Traveler

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Best Travel Apps: Arsenal for the Smart Traveler

In this day and age, smartphones aren’t only useful for playing mobile games on. It can also serve as a very useful tool when you’re traveling. Various travel apps were developed to solve certain problems even the savviest traveler cannot avoid. Whether it’s for directions to go somewhere, what to say in a foreign language or converting currencies, there is an app out there that’s tailor made for everyone.

Here are some free travel apps worth downloading to make your smart phone smarter:

XE Currency
This free currency conversion app is as better as the ones other people paid for to download. It is easy to use and since it uses live currency rates, it is completely accurate.
Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

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This next app is for people who love the sun but hates its bad effects on the skin. It detects the UVI rating of your current location and sets a countdown timer to alert you when you need to reapply your sunblock.
Available on: iPhone

Perfect World Clock
As the name suggests, this app provides the time in hundreds of cities. Not as revolutionary as some apps but still an essential download for travelers.
Available on: Android

This app is the surfer’s best friend as it provides comprehensive information on tides and weather conditions in the world’s biggest surf spots.
Available on: Windows Phone

Lost in Translation
This well-put-together freebie translator supports 36 languages and has a useful function to easily and quickly forward translations as emails or texts.
Available on: Windows Phone

For other useful travel apps, you can go to Time Out to get more information. Another important tip for smartphone users who love to travel is to always bring rechargeable batteries and your mobile charger. In an interview with National Geographic, Alyssa Johnson, president of Oro Azul, a Seattle-based ecotourism and sustainable tourism consulting, and international small business development firm said: “This reduces toxic waste, saves the environment and your pocketbook.”

Experts from mobile gaming app Pocket Fruity also recommend adjusting the brightness of your screen to a more suitable, less energy-consuming level. You’ll find this option somewhere in your mobile settings. Mobile games like this can also be played without a WIFI connection so it consumes less battery allowing use for other tasks such as taking photos.

Do you have other important travel tips? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. slightly astray
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing these! That sunscreen one sounds so interesting!! I’ll have to check it out for summer or tropical vacations! The one app that I can’t live without for traveling is MapsWithMe. You download a country/city’s map and it goes by GPS, so it can pinpoint your location and you can use it even without any wifi signal. It also has all the things like popular attractions, restaurants, and bus/metro stops. This has been a lifesaver for me so many times…who knows where I’d be without this app!

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      That sounds like an amazing app, I’m going to have to look that one up! Very useful! I know that we can’t always have access to Wifi so that’s really cool that it goes by GPS!

  2. Shopgirl2012
    | Reply

    Great app we use all the time when we travel is Simply Declare. Started with the free, upgraded to the paid, and never worry about going over our duty free allowance. We use it as a currency converter too.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Sunscreen is a great idea. Someone really smart thought of that one. I could have used Perfect World Clock in Australia. There time zones are 30 minutes apart, and I was confused traveling around the entire time I was there.

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      I had no idea that existed in Australia! That sounds incredibly confusing. I could see how that app would be very useful there.

  4. Kata
    | Reply

    Never heard about this apps, thank you for sharing this one I’ve been looking for an all in one apps like this.

  5. Ravi Roshan Jaiswal
    | Reply

    Hey Lauren. :)
    Happy to meet you here.

    Great useful apps for traveler. I love these all apps which have a powerful feature to interact with the user. I was really unaware about such wonderful apps in my life. But here due to you, I know about such sunscreen apps.

    Each and every apps are useful. Love XE Currency and Lost in Translation. Using these apps it will be easy travel anyware for the travelers. Thanks for sharing such amazing app. :)

    Have a good day.
    – Ravi.

  6. Hi Justin and Lauren,

    Very nice of you for sharing it.

    Nowadays smartphones are much more than playing games, it has reduced the use of computer, calculator, wrist watch and many more. You can get answer of any question of any type on your smart phone just within a second. Using travelling apps during your trip makes it easier and stress-free, you get free to enjoy without taking any serious or minor tensions.

    The apps discussed by you here are great and mean a lot while travelling, one can easily roam using these. The best advantage that you get is you can get answers of your doubts many times and not a big charge or big amount will cost for it. The best one according to me is the Translator, as the main problem a traveller faces while travelling to a new places is language.

    Thanks for posting it, keep doing like this.
    Have a nice weekend.

    ~ Harshwardhan

  7. Rosy Tylor
    | Reply

    Thanks for the list. Indeed a good list as these are the best apps to use. For open source fans, I would recommendPacking Pro.Another great app to download before your trip is Packing Pro. Figuring out what to take and what not to take can make packing for a trip seriously frustrating but with Packing Pro you will find easy to customize packing lists, tips, and advice.

  8. Kaitlyn
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing these! All of the apps sound so useful. I’ll have to download a few before my next trip.

  9. finja
    | Reply

    Would be curious to see if there are any apps out there which determine when to get up to go shoot the sunrise, or maybe the alarm will only go off if the weather is sunny. :D
    xx finja |

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