A Room With Many Views – Discover Incredible Quebec

A Room With Many Views - Discover Incredible Quebec

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Every day is an adventure when you’re exploring the fascinating province of Quebec.

What if you could wake up to a different view every single day?

And what if that view was brand new…and a complete surprise?

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That’s precisely what happened to this traveling couple. Glennis and Kip visited Quebec on a one-of-a-kind adventure. Transported in a mobile room, they traveled on a remarkable journey across the province, waking up to a new view every morning. Each day, they were greeted by the extraordinary scenery of wondrous Quebec.

Watch their adventure in the film, A Room With Many Views, and prepare to be amazed.


While being transported via helicopter, train, and boat in a portable room isn’t the most practical way for most of us to get around, this video serves to inspire and fuel our wanderlust for Quebec. Tourisme Quebec has an interactive website to help you plan your travels to Quebec, highlighting many of the experiences in the video. They’re sorted by categories according to interests, which makes it easy to plan a trip based on your favorite attractions and activities. As you browse the website, you can easily save your favourite selections to a list for future reference.

I’m going to choose a few of my favourite scenes from the video and show you where to travel for similar experiences.

A Room With Many Views - Discover Incredible Quebec


Quebec is home to sensational scenery, natural wonders, and a vast array of wildlife. Being from Toronto, I’m so thankful that this beautiful nature is practically in my own backyard. I don’t have to travel halfway across the world to witness such breathtaking views.


The Saguenay Fjord is North Amerca’s only navigable fjord. The Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park is one of the best places in the world for whale watching. You might catch glimpses of seals and beluga whales on your next sea kayaking adventure there.


Mont Megantic is home to the first (and Quebec’s only) International Dark Sky Reserve. There’s an enormous telescope there for observing the night sky. You can also camp beneath the stars. And if you’d looking to stay in an interesting accommodation, Quebec has some of the most unusual places to stay overnight. You can spend the night in a treehouse, a teepee, a lighthouse, a submarine, or even a prison cell!


Venture out on foot and hike Bic National Park. There’s a vast landscape of bays, coves, islands, and mountains. Seals bask near the edge of the St. Lawrence River, and thousands of seabirds nest there. At the end of an invigorating day of hiking, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most spectacular sunsets.

A Room With Many Views - Discover Incredible Quebec


Quebec is steeped in a rich history and culture that’s alive and well. The province has a unique heritage that you can discover through visiting museums, exploring local landmarks, and interacting with its citizens.


From the Chateau Frontenac to the cobblestone roads of Lower Quebec, Old Quebec is a bit like stepping back in time. It’s the birthplace of French America, and you can still visit the oldest stone church in North America, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires. Quebec City is the only North American city, north of Mexico, to be surrounded by fortification walls and defensive structures.


It’s known as the “Garden of Quebec” and the “Cradle of French Civilization in North America.” Ile d’Orleans is an epicurean destination where everything is grown locally on the island. Drive or ride a bicycle through the countryside, stopping to try local specialties like fruits, vegetables, and cider. Make sure you try the renowned blackcurrant liqueur. There’s also sensational scenery and viewpoints to discover on your journey around the island.


Foresta Lumina is an illuminated nocturnal pathway through the woods. You’ll be immersed in a universe inspired by the mythology and heritage of Quebec’s forests. It’s coming soon in the summer of 2017 to Coaticook, Quebec.

A Room With Many Views - Discover Incredible Quebec


Montreal turns 375 this year! To celebrate this epic occasion, the city of Montreal has awesome events happening all year long. There are many reasons to visit this world class city.


The best views of the city are from the summit of Mount Royal. This park was created by the same architect that designed New York City’s Central Park. Be surrounded by nature while enjoying panoramas of Montreal’s skyline.


Old Port is an ideal location for biking, cruising along the St. Lawrence River, or walking around to explore. There are tons of boutique shops, restaurants, cafes, and patios. There’s even an urban beach here to enjoy some sun and sand!


Speaking of biking, you can enjoy bicycle paths running right past Habitat 67, a one-of-a-kind housing complex. Built as a pavilion for Expo 67, these modern housing units are currently used as apartments. Stacked one on top of the other, there’s really nothing like it.

A Room With Many Views - Discover Incredible Quebec

Are you feeling inspired by this film, A Room With Many Views?

Check out all the places that Glennis and Kip visited with this interactive map. We recommend that you take two weeks for this ambitious, thrilling adventure.




A Room With Many Views - Discover Incredible Quebec

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What’s your favourite view from the mobile room? What experiences would you like to have in Quebec?

18 Responses

  1. Lindz @ I've Been Bit!
    | Reply

    So… can I go back to Québec already?! I’m ashamed to say I’ve only visited Montréal and Québec City, but I’m dying to see the Saguenay Fjord. I didn’t even know about Foresta Lumina!! Québec is full of so many treasures – Glennis and Kip captured the province’s beauty so well!

  2. Stephanie
    | Reply

    Gosh, I’ve got to get to Quebec! If not this year, than for sure next! It looks like such an incredible province, full of history, stunning natural landscapes and so many amazing experiences!

  3. Arienne
    | Reply

    Wow that’s one unique way to see and explore Quebec :D I’ve been a few times now and have enjoyed every visit. The province is diverse with lots of different things to see and do and the people are so friendly!

  4. Matthew Bailey
    | Reply

    We;re about to embark on a crazy cross-Canada trip so this was timely! Lots of new ideas for ways to explore Quebec! Thanks!

  5. Megan
    | Reply

    This made me miss Quebec! I would love to experience what they did, waking up by the water, in the forest and even playing hockey with the kids.

  6. Gokul Raj
    | Reply

    What a great landscape. Loved the pics. Would love to read more posts on the offbeat places in Canada.

  7. Jenna
    | Reply

    This is such a cool way to see Quebec! I would love to explore more of Quebec sometime–there are so many cool things to do there! I would really love to check out Bic National Park and Saguenay Fjord!

  8. Elena (@TravelingBytes)
    | Reply

    Back in the day when we used to live on the East Coast, we took many trips to Quebec. Interestingly, we never ventured the way you went. We always drove further north, passing Mount Tremblant and going to the lakes. Nature is amazing up there, so I have no regrets about Quebec’s wilderness. That said, I would love to visit Quebec City and places around it.

  9. noel
    | Reply

    I haven’t been there for over 40 years, I think it’s time to go back and maybe do a road trip – so many places to visit with all your wonderful highlights.

  10. Christopher
    | Reply

    This is a fantastic list. Also, being from Toronto I’m so glad this list consists of thing in my own backyard. The problem is the price of flying to other places in Canada (its almost as expensive as leaving the country lol) I love Montreal but I’ve never full explored much of Quebec. I will now though!!! Thanks for this list!!!! Love the map too!!!

  11. Cat
    | Reply

    Quebec is spectacular! I’ve been meaning to go back again! Besides Old Quebec, I’d love to visit other places you mentioned!

  12. Megan Jerrard
    | Reply

    This is quite incredible – what an amazing idea for a tourism campaign. Where do I sign up for the next room :D!

  13. Indrani
    | Reply

    Q for Quebec… each time I wrote this place I dreamed of visiting it. Not materialized yet. :( Love the highlights you have presented.

  14. Francesca @onegrloneworld
    | Reply

    This made me want to go to Quebec even more now! I’m going to pin this post for when I get the chance. Gotta go to Bic National park, it sounds epic!

  15. Steven
    | Reply

    I never knew there were so many things you could do in Quebec! I really must plan on visiting it soon!

  16. Mike McLeish
    | Reply

    Quebec looks like an awesome place to visit I can’t believe it’s only 375 years old. It’s definitely on my list of things to do this year! Thanks for the great guide

  17. saloni
    | Reply

    hey yeah !! road trips are always my love . thanks for this blog. i have not been doing this from past few years .but today i got all memories . thanks a lot .

  18. Frank
    | Reply

    Nice, I lived 25 or so years in Quebec and there is some fantastic geography. Just a little further from the Saguenay Fjord (which is beautiful – the little town of Tadoussac one of our favorites in Quebec) is the Gaspe region. I actually think the Gaspe might be the most scenic region in Quebec with rocky beaches, lighthouses, and inland mountains (the Chic Choc mountains some of the highest peaks in the province). Closer to Montreal, you also have the Laurentian moutains to the north (Mont Tremblant is a very popular tourist destination and has some of the best skiiing in the province) and the Eastern Townships to the south (more mountains, some of our favorite hikes are actually in this region).
    In short, there’s lots of nature in Quebec.

    Frank (bbqboy)

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