The 2015 Toronto Veg Food Fest in Instagram Photos


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It’s Vegan Christmas!

Veg Food Fest in Toronto is indeed, like Christmas for vegans and vegetarians. Imagine a huge outdoor space with tons of booths offering free samples of food, gourmet meals to purchase, cooking demonstrations by vegan chefs (followed by book signings), guest speakers, and everything is cruelty-free and vegan. New to the festival this year, there were outdoor yoga classes, a vegan wine and beer tent, and a section with handmade goods as hand-picked by none other than Etsy. It’s really a food festival for anyone who loves food. Veg Food Fest is a free event and most people who attend aren’t vegetarian or vegan. Over 60,000 people attended last year, and the numbers grow larger every year. It lasts from Friday to Sunday and some people even go all weekend long as there are different events every day.

Every year, I write a blog post about my experiences at the event. In 2014, I volunteered for the first time and wrote all about it. In 2013, Justin and I had a great time attending together. This year, I decided to do something a little bit different. I’m going to share all of my Instagram posts from across the weekend with you. I was posting to social media non-stop during the Veg Food Fest (and a bit beyond). I actually volunteered in two ways at the festival: twice at the bookstore as a salesperson, and all weekend long to help run their social media. I took over the Veg Food Fest twitter account and was tweeting throughout the weekend.

In addition, I was posting consistently to my own social media accounts, including one that I recently discovered – Snapchat! If you use Snapchat, be sure to add me to yours and I’ll happily add you back. My user name is “justinlaurenxo”. All of the Snapchats that I did during Veg Food Fest over the weekend have disappeared into cyberspace, but I’m always posting new ones.

Anyway, here are some views into what the 2015 Veg Food Fest was all about! If you’re veg or veg-curious, keep it in mind for next year. It’s always the second weekend of September.



Some of the most delicious vegan ice cream from Pleasantville Creamery. I ordered a scoop of their “Blondie” flavour that had caramel and chunks of blondie bars in it. They also had a special double chocolate flavour with cookies crumbled on top, exclusive for Veg Fest.


  I made my debut on the cover of Headwaters magazine…kidding! There was a photo booth and you could choose which props to hold. The Hills of Headwaters region is home to many farms that supply the Toronto area with fresh produce.      

I loved this pizza SO MUCH. I bought it from Apiecalpyse Now and it was some of the best pizza ever. The crust was so soft and chewy. The toppings were fresh and I adored the vegan mozzarella. The personal pizza flavour was called “Reunion Tour” and you’ve gotta try it (available at their store location).


  A table of books – the cookbooks I was selling during my volunteer shift with the Toronto Vegetarian Association. We had so many varieties of vegan cookbooks. Definitely the biggest variety I’ve seen all in one place at once!      

A very yummy chocolate popsicle from Live On Chocolate. It tasted so chocolaty. Frozen chocolate on a stick.


  This sign was at the So Delicious booth. What you don’t see are the goodies being handed out – free ice cream sandwiches made from coconut milk and soy milk for everyone! I kept getting handed these by other volunteers during my bookstore shifts. I admit to eating four of these in one afternoon. But hey, if people are going to keep handing me ice cream sandwiches, I’ll keep eating them…        

Donuts from Bloomer’s bakery in Toronto. These ones are pistachio rose donuts. Yum!


  These are some of my favourite chocolate bars by Giddy Yo Yo. And at their booth, they had every flavour imaginable. There were 3 new kinds not yet in stores: Raspberry, Chai, and Sweet Vanilla. They were really good! We could try a sample of any kind that we liked.        

Treats from Tori’s Bake Shop, another one of my favourite vegan bakeries. I came away with Simpsons donuts and cinnamon sugar pretzels – two of each, of course (one for me, and one for Justin).


  It’s Chao cheese made by Field Roast. This has been out in the USA for a while, but it’s finally in Toronto and I finally got to try it! It is really delicious and I can’t wait to buy it in stores!    

Aren’t these pins adorable? They’re made by Sick on Sin and feature all sorts of cute animals and images with great messages. I loved stepping into their bright and colourful booth.


  It’s the Etsy handmade goods section of the Veg Food Fest! There were candles, beauty products, jewelry pieces, and all sorts of treasures to be found.        


This was my dinner on Saturday – two dishes from Nona’s, who make the most incredible vegan sauces. On the right, you’ll see my Alfredo pasta. On the left, you’ll see the nachos smothered in Nona’s cheese. Both were delicious, rich, and filling!



And it’s always awesome to be able to see Toronto’s famous city landmark, the CN Tower!

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of the Toronto Veg Food Fest. I only wish you could have actually tasted the food! If you’ve never had the chance to attend Veg Food Fest, be sure to visit next year. It’s free and so much fun.

Have you ever attended a vegetarian food fair, or the Toronto Veg Food Fest?

11 Responses

  1. Adam
    | Reply

    Vegan food CAN be delicious … thanks for proving it with this post!

    • Lauren
      | Reply

      You’re welcome! I eat so much yummy food every single day and I loved sharing what I tried at the Veg Food Fest :)

  2. Nadia
    | Reply

    Hi! Great overview of the festival! Wish we could’ve made it… is CHAO actually available in some Toronto stores now? I heard rumours, but nothing specific. If you know of any, or even potentially, could you please provide the names? Would love to make a trip to Toronto this weekend to pick some up.


    • Lauren
      | Reply

      Hi Nadia! I’m not sure if Chao is in Toronto stores yet. Last I heard was that it was shipping in October, but who knows, some stores might have it early! You could always try asking the Facebook group called “Toronto Vegans” – they could be really helpful and let you know if there have been any sightings! I’d love to get my hands on some, too. If you are going to Toronto and will be near the grocery store The Big Carrot, they carry vegan cheese by “Wood & Water” and their herb cheese was the most delicious one that I tried all weekend long! We’ve gone through two of them already haha.

      • Nadia
        | Reply

        amazing!! thanks for all the info… we were in the US a couple weeks ago and brought back a bunch of CHAO cheeses…our kids love them! and now they are finished…panic mode!!! LOL … definitely will check out The Big Carrot and the FB group… have a great weekend!

  3. Jenna
    | Reply

    Looks like a great event and even better that it’s in Toronto–how fun! All the food looks delicious, especially that pizza! I like that they have the Etsy section as well. Etsy is my favorite! If we are ever in Toronto around this time we will have to check it out for sure!

  4. Meg Jerrard
    | Reply

    The pizza looks AMAZING, as does the chocolate popsicle from Live On Chocolate – I’ll be sure to follow you on snapchat to not miss anythng in real time!

  5. kami
    | Reply

    omg, it’s like a food paradise! I so wish to attend this event, especially in such a lovely place as Toronto! You just made me miss it big time, and now I’m hungry after looking at all these yummy goodies!

  6. Karyn Jane
    | Reply

    Like I keep saying, why the hell would anybody want to eat animal products when there’s this kind of amazing stuff on offer. :D

  7. Ron Robbins
    | Reply

    I’ve never been to a vegan festival but have certainly tried vegan food before out in Aspen, Colorado. It was pretty good but, after reading through your post, I think I would most like to try some of those vegan deserts! Those pistachio rose doughnuts would go perfect with my morning coffee! :D

  8. Lisa
    | Reply

    Looks like such a cool, and delicious event, added it to my to-visit list :)

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