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Sometimes those who travel can get stuck in a rut. You might be wondering where to travel next and may seek some advice. Fear not: Momondo’s Trip Finder Tool to the rescue! If you have a general idea of where you’d like to visit, you can play around with this fun application on their site to see where your interests and mood might take you next. It is great to find out about new destinations that might be best suited to your type of travel! Let’s give it a try!

Once you start the app, you can easily follow along using the toolbar at the bottom and fill out your selections. It is very intuitive and easy to follow right away, with visually appealing buttons to click. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to select a Canadian airport as my beginning destination. I selected the next closest airport in New York City. While there are several airports to choose from (mostly European destinations), it would be nice to see this tool expand to every airport worldwide.

However, that aspect doesn’t matter too much as I am looking for the place that would best peak my interest, and I’m sure I could arrange a flight out of Toronto to that destination! I clicked through all of the buttons and made my choices:

Mood – Local (described as “Genuine”, Open-Minded”, “Original”)

Interest – Nature

Weather – Warm (14-25 degrees Celsius)

Continent – Europe

Month – I didn’t make a selection so I could see the results from every month coming up.

Budget – $2000+GBP (I just set it to the highest amount to see all of the choices. This can be based on any amount of people that are traveling with you, and on any budget.)

And the results are…

Heraklion, Greece & Chania, Greece!

From there, I can click on the destination of my choice and find details and prices for flights, hotels, and rental cars. I chose Heraklion as my example. Once I reached the page for Heraklion, I was able to change the starting city to Toronto so I could see all of the flight prices from my own airport. I could compare the dates on an easy-to-read calendar and see when it would be the cheapest to travel there. Something else that I really enjoyed was the brief description and history of Heraklion, as well as weather information during the month that I would be visiting there.

I thought it was a lot of fun playing around with this site as it certainly gave me some inspiration for future travel. It was fantastic to gain some insights on my interests and explore the results. It definitely makes me want to read some travel blog entries and articles about places in Greece! As flights always tend to be a bit expensive out of Canada, it was great to compare which destinations might make for cheaper holidays when it comes to flying. If you’re looking for some inspiration, I would give it a try and you may find a great deal!

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