Travel Blogger Thursday: Taylor of World Trippin’ It

Taylor in Switzerland

For this week’s edition of Travel Blogger Thursday, we interviewed Taylor of World Trippin’ It. Taylor recently embarked on an incredible journey around the world with plans to visit 20 countries!

What inspires you to travel and what do you enjoy most about traveling?

Throughout my life, I have always heard stories from my dad and his siblings about how they grew up all over the world because their dad was in the army. The stories they told me made me want to have those kind of stories to tell to my kids when the time came and share my experiences with them. As I got older, I still wanted to travel so I could share my stories but I also wanted to experience different ways of living. I have always been open minded about many things and enjoy seeing all of the different cultures, religions and foods of every place I visit. It’s taught me so much about the world in the few places I have visited and I’ve really met some wonderful people.

Taylor at Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Where is your favourite destination and why?

My favorite destination so far has been Switzerland. I didn’t stay long and only visited one area but in that short time I fell in love with this country and the people. The views I got waking up everyday were absolutely breathtaking and the people in Switzerland live on a different time scale than everywhere else. Most places I visit, people live at such a fast pace and let life run by them. Every time I met and talked to someone from the country, they just took their time and never rushed anything. They took the time to stop and have a conversation. It was life a breath of fresh air and I never wanted to leave. Even though the country is extremely expensive, I still loved it.

When did you start to travel, and where did you first visit?

I officially started traveling after I graduated high school in 2010. Before that, I had just taken small trips around the east coast of the U.S. But my first big trip was on a cruise with my dad. We left from Charleston and got to visit Nassau and Freeport. The destinations were extremely touristy and everything was set up for tourists. I wasn’t too taken with it and getting caught in the “tourist traps,” so that’s when I decided I really wanted a different experience than just visiting the tourist sites of a country or city.

Taylor in Nassau, Bahamas

Why did you start your blog, and what do you enjoy most about blogging?

I started my blog back in February of this year because I had planned a one year trip around the world and wanted to document everything I experienced. When I first came out with my plan, a lot of people asked me questions about my plans and how I was doing it. People were naturally curious but there are those people that would like to do something similar or something on a smaller scale. I realized I was a resource for others that shared the same passion as me and if I could help them by sharing what I know, I would do it in any way possible. I love getting people’s e-mails and questions everyday about my upcoming trip and about a trip that they’re wanting to plan. Being able to help other people with their passion for travel is what I enjoy most about blogging and spreading the word about it.

Taylor in London

What do you like to bring back from the places you’ve visited?

I always send home several post cards because I like getting the postage stamps of the countries I visit. It’s a cheap and easy way to have a piece of the places I go to and it doesn’t take up any space in my luggage because I get to send it from my destinations. I also enjoy collecting shot glasses, although on m upcoming trip I won’t be able to do that because of limited space. That just gives me a reason to go back 😉

You have a very big trip that you’ve been preparing for! Tell us more about it!

This trip has been in the making for over 8 years. When I was 12, I decided that I would travel the world one day. At 16, I started working 2 jobs and have ever since, even in college. After building up my savings account, I decided that I would have enough saved up once I graduated college. I made the trip official this year when I started booking flights and created my website. I just graduated college on May 10 and leave May 17 to begin my trip in Iceland. I have 20 countries I plan on visiting right now and plan on being gone for a year. Depending on how long my funds last, I may be gone a shorter time or longer time. It doesn’t matter much to me how long I’m gone, as long as I get to experience this amazing world and the people in it. Because I enjoy meeting new people, my main plan is to couchsurf my way around and stay in hostels every now and again. But I feel that staying with locals will give me a way better experience of the country than staying in hostels or hotels. I’m very excited and can’t believe I leave in just a few days!

Taylor in Costa Rica

Taylor has embarked on her journey starting in the dream destination of Iceland! Happy and safe travels to you, Taylor! You can connect with Taylor on social media:

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Every Thursday, we’re going to be featuring a fellow travel blogger and highlighting their journeys around the world. If you’re a travel blogger and would like to be interviewed for this weekly series, please contact us.

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