Travel Blogger Thursday: Dave of Cook Sip Go

Dave with Kili
Dave at Mt. Kilimanjaro

We are so pleased to have interviewed Dave of Cook Sip Go for this week’s Travel Blogger Thursday. Dave is a food and travel writer, as well as a photographer. His blog consists of gorgeous photos, details about the places he visits, and the meals that he tastes along the way. He is currently visiting East Africa with his wife.

What inspires you to travel and what do you enjoy most about traveling?

Good travel writing and striking travel photography inspire me to travel. Especially travel stories where the writer has been moved by the experience of a new destination. What I enjoy most about traveling is being in new place and absorbing all around me. For me, few things compare to that first wander around a city or the initial gaze across a foreign landscape.

Dave DPC - BW

Where is your favourite destination and why?

I could spend quite a bit more time traveling around Spain. The food, culture and natural beauty of that country keep drawing me back. Hiking in the Pyrenees in the summer and spending the day exploring the streets of Barcelona in the spring have been some of my happiest times as a traveler.

Placa de la Vila de Gracia
Barcelona, Spain

When did you start to travel, and where did you first visit?

I am told that I went to Disney World as a 1-year-old and made a scene during dinner at Cinderella’s Castle (sounds about right). In terms of what I remember, my family traveled a lot around the U.S. during the summer when I was a kid, but my first overseas trip was to Scotland when I was 12. As a nerdy pre-teen I had the opportunity to take in Edinburgh’s cobblestoned beauty and have not stopped traveling since.

You’re currently based in East Africa. Why do you think people should include Africa in their next travel plans?

This is something I’m very passionate about. Africa is a rapidly changing continent with unmatched opportunities to see wildlife up close. My thoughts on this subject are summarized in my blog post Why You Should Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa Now.

Nairobi - Monkey
Monkey in Nairobi

You also love to blog about food! As we are both vegan, we’re curious if there are some vegetarian meals that you’ve encountered on your travels in Africa?

Ethiopia is an excellent destination for vegetarian travelers. On Ethiopian Orthodox fasting days (there are 250 per year), only vegan food may be consumed, so many restaurants specialize in these dishes. Shiro tegabino is a stew made from chickpeas and onions. I eat it a couple of times per week. Additionally, bayaynetu is a veggie sampler that typically will have dollops of lentils, tomatoes, spinach and shiro on injera (a spongy Ethiopian flatbread). Certain restaurants are known for these dishes. Thankfully, one of the best is very close to where I’m staying in Addis!

Ethiopian Food - Bayaynetu
Ethiopian Food – Bayaynetu

Why did you start your blog, and what do you enjoy most about blogging?

I have wanted to write about travel since I was in high school, but the long hours of my job always prevented it. My wife got an opportunity to work in East Africa and I figured this was my chance to dedicate the time to creating a blog. In the several months I’ve been blogging, I’ve most enjoyed the interactions I’ve had with people who share my passions. The collaborative spirit among travel bloggers is incredibly strong and heartening.

What do you like to bring back from the places you’ve visited?

I like to bring back cardboard beer coasters advertising one of the local beers. They don’t take up a lot of room and are a nice reminder of my travels, as I put them out whenever friends come over for dinner.

Easter in Ethiopia
Easter in Ethiopia

Where do you plan on visiting next?

I have no plane tickets booked at the moment, but have a long list of places in Ethiopia and sub-Saharan Africa to tackle in the coming months. I’ll be going to Lalibela and Axum in northern Ethiopia before too long. I’m also looking into Zimbabwe and Zambia, both of which have a lot to offer.

Thank you so much, Dave, for the amazing interview! We’re very excited to read more about your travels throughout Africa. You can follow along the journey too, by visiting the travel blog, Cook Sip Go, and by following Dave on his social media accounts:

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Every Thursday, we’re going to be featuring a fellow travel blogger and highlighting their journeys around the world. If you’re a travel blogger and would like to be interviewed for this weekly series, please contact us.

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  1. João Leitão
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    Indeed Ethiopia is an excellent destination for vegetarian travelers. Congratulations with the interview! happy travels

    • Justin and Lauren
      | Reply

      I can’t wait to sample some Ethiopian cuisine – I think we have some restaurants here in Toronto. I will have to check them out!

      • João Leitão
        | Reply

        aaaaaaahhhh i’m dreaming for a vegetarian Injera for long time haha greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

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