Travel Blogger Thursday: Dale and Franca of AngloItalian, Follow Us!

This week for Travel Blogger Thursday, we interview Dale and Franca, a British-Italian couple who blog at AngloItalian, Follow Us! They left the UK in June of 2012 searching for architecture, art, design and music and haven’t looked back since.

How did you both meet and is travel involved?

We met one night in an English pub where Dale was playing with his band. A friend in common introduced us that night, but after that we never actually spoke again for a couple of years until Dale finally decided to invite me out for a drink and the rest – as they say – is history.

All this happened way before we started travelling, in fact our first trip together was for a long weekend in Berlin which we immediately fell in love with. Since then the travel bug bit us and we couldn’t stop thinking about travelling. Short holiday trips weren’t satisfying enough though so we decided the only way we’d be truly happy was to become full time travellers instead.

What inspires you to travel and what do you enjoy most about traveling?

We both know that there is an entire and unknown world out there to be discovered which gives us plenty of inspiration alone. When we stop somewhere and we get stuck into a routine we soon get bored of it, we feel trapped and we simply want to leave to explore more and experience as much as we can. This is probably what we enjoy the most about travelling, getting to know new cultures and meeting people. After travelling for two years we realized that the experiences we have and the people we meet are what really stays in our memories, sometimes more than anything else and the place itself. Also the freedom of traveling and going where ever we want is something incredibly unique and liberating that we love a lot and we cannot get in any other way.

Where is your favourite destination and why?

We get this question a lot and it’s always difficult to answer because every country we’ve been to has something that makes it special and worth remembering. If we have to choose though we’d say Japan and Thailand.

Japan because it’s such an unique country, so different from everywhere else we’ve been to; so quirky, crazy, and peaceful all at the same time. Japan and its people are simply amazing and we’d love to go back one day to see even more of it and to perhaps stay a bit longer.

Thailand is one of our favorite destinations because of the volunteering experience with animals we had there and how it changed us and our lives completely for the best. We also met incredibly nice people there that have inspired us a lot and keep doing so everyday, Thailand will always have a special place in our heart and we’d go back there in a heartbeat too.

When did you start to travel, and where did you first visit?

We left our everyday routine behind, quit our jobs and sold everything we owned back in June 2012 to fly to Italy first. We then moved on through Eastern Europe before finally starting our Asian trip.

Why did you start your blog, and what do you enjoy most about blogging?

We started blogging to keep our families and friends updated about our travel adventures, it seemed much easier to write something that everybody can read together instead of singularly emailing everyone we knew. The more we wrote the more we enjoyed it and we started to get connected with the travel community more and more. It’s probably this that we enjoy the most about having a blog. The connections we make everyday are awesome, inspiring and we also get to have personal recommendations and tips that aren’t often on travel guides (which we never use anyway).

What do you like to bring back from the places you’ve visited?

We never buy souvenirs because we like to travel light without adding to our already streamlined packing list and lightweight backpacks. If we could bring back something from the places we visited though it would be our favorite food, the dishes we enjoyed the most in each place. In fact we always try to learn some local recipes and hope we can one day make them by ourselves when we have a kitchen to use and abuse.

Where do you plan on visiting next?

This is another question that people often ask us and unfortunately we don’t always have the answer because we never really plan unless we have an housesitting assignment lined up for us.

For the near future, we think we will explore more of Europe. We aren’t sure exactly where we’ll go and things might change if an opportunity comes along.

What are your reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet, and how long have you been vegetarian?

We are still new vegetarians, in fact we changed our diet only a bit more than a year ago. It happened whilst volunteering in Thailand last year where we were lucky enough to learn more about animals rights and their horrible conditions. We simply cannot think of animals as food, being vegetarians for us is a pure ethical choice that we wish we had made much earlier.

In your travels, where are the best places to find vegan/vegetarian food and where are the worst places?

So far the best place for vegetarian and vegan food has definitely been Berlin which was a real paradise for us, in fact we never had problems in finding something to eat. With plenty of different choices, the varieties of vegan food in Berlin is incredible!

On the contrary we had very hard time in France and in some parts of Spain too like the Basque country, for instance, where sometimes people don’t even understood that vegetarians don’t eat fish. We’ve always managed, but for vegans can be even more difficult, thankfully there always are markets and shops as a last resort.

Thank you so much, Dale and Franca! It was great to interview you for our site as we love your blog, and love following along on your travels! To read more, please go to AngloItalian, Follow Us! To follow along on social media, please visit:

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  1. WorldWideVegetarian
    | Reply

    I loved reading your story, thanks for sharing. I have been curious about Japan, how is it for vegetarian travel? I am allergic to seafood, so sadly I am a little cautious about traveling there.

    • Dale_anglo
      | Reply

      Well whilst in Japan we were both still omnivores, but having spent some time talking to vegetarian and vegan travellers to Japan, it sounds more than possible. Veggie sushi is easy to come by, by noodle dishes can be a little harder as they almost always come in a meat-based broth. Having said that, some noodles just come in a miso soup which is probable to be vegan.

      Maybe try:

    • I actually know of a girl who kept up a 100% raw vegan diet while in Japan and she said it was easy. So that’s promising! 😀

  2. Tim & Nat ✈
    | Reply

    Nice interview guys. We’ve, virtually, known Dale and Franca since they started blogging and wish them luck on their challenge of eating vegan for 30 days.

    • Dale_anglo
      | Reply

      You guys! Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Dale_anglo
    | Reply

    Thanks both for having us! It was really a lot of fun to take part in 🙂

  4. OK you’re now the second blogging couple I know to make dietary changes as a result of volunteering at ENP. 😀

    And yes, I think I’ll starve when I go to France. I saw one of my fave bloggers, who’s in Southern France right now, post a picture of a big heap of cheese the other day, and she was so excited about it. But I was like, “That’s not even food.” lol

    • Franca Calabretta
      | Reply

      Really? Who else changed their diet after having been at ENP? We’ve just finished a 30 day vegan travel challenge and we realized that some countries can be easier than others, but there is always something to eat 🙂

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