Top 5 Tips on Having a Stress-free Flight

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Sometimes the key is in the preparation. You are only going to have a stress-free flight if you have had a seamless arrival at the airport and also if you know in your mind that everything is in place for when you arrive at your desired destination.

Here are five things you should consider to ensure that you have a stress-free flight.

1. Make sure you have prepared all your flight information

Making an itinerary of all the information you need with you at the airport should be something that is always at the forefront of your mind. Airlines have been known to charge passengers because they have turned up to check-in desks without their flight details at hand. Just a simple peruse of the airline’s website will provide you with all the information on what you need to take with you to the airport. I always have a huge bundle of papers with me it seems whenever I plan a holiday, but it’s well worth it to get prepared ahead of time to save any future hassle!

2. Pre-book parking

If you happen to be traveling to the airport in your own vehicle then make sure that you pre-book your parking months in advance otherwise you could end up paying a premium rate. It’s also worth researching where the airport parking facilities are situated in relation to the terminal you are flying from. You’ll find that the majority of European, Asian and North American airports have their parking facilities very close to the terminals. However, this may not be the case if you’re flying from a developing country.

Leading airports such as Heathrow Airport, which is situated on the outskirts of London has “free shuttles that transport flyers from the parking facilities to the terminals,” according to Parking4Less. And this is pretty much the case with all leading airports. It’s services such as these that eliminate the struggle of lugging baggage around huge airports.

3. Pack snacks

Preparing for hunger strikes is something that not everyone considers. There’s nothing worse than arriving at an airport three hours before a flight and having to fork out for expensive, substandard airport food. Also, you need to take into consideration the waiting time that you may encounter on the plane. If you pack cost-effective snacks, you’ll appease those hunger pains as well as your taste buds. As Justin and I both follow a vegan diet, there aren’t always the greatest options for us (unless we wish to live off potato chips). For shorter flights, I tend to throw a couple of Clif bars into my bag and away we go!

4. Take things on the flight that will make you comfortable

Simple things such as an extra quilt, earmuffs or a neck pillow can help you relax on a flight. And let’s face it; if you can sleep through a flight, then that’s the best thing ever. All About You recently posted an article on the best neck pillows to consider for your travels. Neck pillows have become extremely popular among long-haul flyers and should be considered to ease the chances of neck pain.

5. Reserve your seating preference

There’s nothing worse that being cramped in the middle seats on a plane. For the most part, people prefer either an aisle or window seat. Many also like to reserve seats at the front of the plane too, so that they can debark quickly upon arrival. But the key to comfort isn’t to pray for an aisle or window seat but rather to reserve these seats beforehand. This will help you maximize how comfortable you are, and will usually define whether you are able to get any sleep or wind down and relax. Justin and I have lucked out on the last couple of flights where we managed to get all three seats to ourselves, though this isn’t always the case! For our longer flight to Italy, we managed to reserve a pair of seats side by side with no middle seat. If we didn’t book this ahead of time, these seats would have surely been taken! I know that many people are looking to save money, but for us, it was worth the extra $20 to be comfortable.

What are some of your tips on having a stress-free flight?

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    Traveling can be very stressful. I will be sure to keep these tips in mind in the future.

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