Review: ZUS Car Charger and Locator

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ZUS Car Charger and Locator Product Review

The ZUS car charger gives life to your portable devices.

Have you ever gone on a lengthy road trip and found the battery life on your phone draining? The ZUS car charger allows you to charge up not one, but two devices at once. There are two USB plugs on either side of the charger. It works perfectly with Android smartphones or iPhones, providing the same quality charge for both. It plugs right into your car’s cigarette lighter. Justin and I can both charge up our phones simultaneously. It works twice as fast as regular car chargers, so your phones will be full of juice before you know it.

Made by Nonda and designed in Germany, the ZUS car charger is a high quality product. It’s the only car charger to meet the US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard. The charger will still work even if the temperature inside the car is 100 degrees Celsius.

The ZUS car charger has a lighting system, providing increased visibility in the car at night. You can find where it is in the dark, and see everything that’s immediately surrounding it.

ZUS Car Charger and Locator Product Review

Another unique feature of the ZUS car charger is its locator system. Using the ZUS app, you can easily locate where you parked your car in case you forget. Wherever you park your car, ZUS will remember the car’s location. This comes in really handy in busy parking lots or if you’ve had a long day and forget where the car is parked (I think we’ve all been there!). The ZUS app has a little compass that will guide you back to your car as you walk towards it.

ZUS Car Charger and Locator Product Review

This device works great for daily life or for travel. We will definitely be bringing it with us to Iceland when we travel there in June. While we’re driving around the Ring Road, we won’t be able to charge our devices until we get to our accommodations at night. The ZUS car charger will let us power up our phones on the road. It also charges up tablets and iPads, too!

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Disclaimer: Nonda provided us with one ZUS car charger to review. All opinions, as always, are completely our own.

ZUS Car Charger and Locator Product Review

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