Put-in-Bay Ohio Trip – Put-in-Bay Brewing Co & Mojito Bay

Put-in-Bay Sunset

After our fun afternoon swimming around in the pool at Bayshore Resort, we all got ready for dinner and an evening out on the town. We walked from our hotel down to Delaware Avenue where all of the main restaurants and shops are located in Put-in-Bay village. At first, it was difficult deciding where to eat dinner but after we saw the menu at the Put-in-Bay Brewing Company, it was an easy decision to eat there. There were options that would appease everyone’s tastes! Plus, it was a brewery where they brew their own unique beers and they had a huge menu of different flavors of mojitos. It would be a great start to an evening out on the town!

Put-in-Bay Brewing Co.


The food at Put-in-Bay Brewing Co. was delicious and the food was prepared super quickly for us! Justin and I got a vegan pizza with lots of veggies and no cheese. They were happy to accommodate our dietary choices. We also got fries that were served up in a plastic beer bottle container, which we all got a kick out of. We tried their beer and I tried a unique flavor – watermelon wheat beer! It was very yummy, fruity, and refreshing!

Put-in-Bay Sunset

Put-in-Bay Sunset

After dinner, Justin had a little bit of alone time together to admire the sky after the sunset. It was so beautiful – shades of pink and purple across the darkening sky. As we walked back from the restaurant to the hotel, there were tons of fireflies across the grass spontaneously lighting up all around. It was very magical!

Put-in-Bay Sunset

Put-in-Bay Sunet

Put-in-Bay at Dusk

We walked down to the pier and walked around the docks where the boats were. It was so nice to quietly take in the sights and sounds of an evening in Put-in-Bay before it got so crazy with tourists! After the sunset as the sky turned from shades of pink and orange to dark blue and black, we walked over to Mojito Bay where we knew our friends were already having a few drinks and we decided to join them!

Mojito Bay

Mojito Bay is a tiki bar located right at the corner of Delaware and Catawba Ave., and you really can’t miss it. It is a large straw hut with sand all over the ground as though we were at the beach! The bar is circular and there are wooden swings situated around the entire bar. There was a very talented guy performing behind the bar playing guitar and singing. He had a pedal that looped some of his guitar and vocal parts, so it sounded like he had a whole band with him most of the time! It was quite the treat to be able to relax on a warm night, swing at the bar with a tasty drink in hand, and spending time with friends!

Mojito Bay

Mojito Bay

Mojito Bay

I enjoyed a slushy orange drink that tasted like a creamsicle! Amanda, Kristine, and Shannon drank a little bit more than Justin and I…we had a few drinks that day, but didn’t want to drink too much as we were getting up early the next day! We still had a great time and I alternated my drinks with some water, to which they added fresh mint leaves. It was actually such a delicious discovery – why didn’t I think of doing this in the past?! To re-live the trip at home now, I’m drinking lots of water with mint and it is so yummy! All in all, we had such a fun day – the long road trip drive included lots of great conversations, we had a really delicious lunch at Flame Asian Tapas & Grill, the trip across on the Miller Ferry gave us a great view of the area, and swimming in the pool at Bayshore Resort was such a treat. I was so exhausted when it was finally time for bed, but I was excited for our second day at Put-in-Bay!
Mojito Bay

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    I’d love to give the watermelon wheat beer a sip – never heard of that combination of flavors. These brewing companies are one of those great aspects of North America that I definitely miss. I feel like they’ve grown exponentially over the past decade, but who could be surprised as they provide beer from the source and great bar food.

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