Put in Bay, Ohio Trip – Leaving the Island and Going Home

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Post Office
I woke up at 9:00am and got ready while Justin slept in – he was definitely in need of some more sleep, plus he woke up way earlier than me yesterday! I walked across the street from our hotel to the Put-in-Bay Post Office to mail a few postcards out to some friends. The post office was very cute (pictured above) and it appears that the residents of the island have PO boxes there. After that, I walked over to a collection of stores that were within small shed-sized buildings. I went inside the Christmas Store where they sold tons of Christmas ornaments. I like to collect ornaments while traveling if possible! I found the perfect ornament and got it for Justin as a surprise gift – it is a red kayak that looked the same as the one we used for kayaking!

One of the popular events on the island is “Christmas in July” which was starting on the day that we left. It is one of the busiest times of the year in Put-in-Bay, so if you love Christmas and a partying environment, Christmas in July is for you! We didn’t know when the event would be happening when we booked our stay, but we lucked out in seeing a few Christmas trees being put up around the island.

Christmas in July

Once I was back at the hotel, Justin, Shannon and I grabbed breakfast quickly at the restaurant at Bayshore Resort before checking out. It was similar to breakfast the day before – bagels and peanut butter, plus lots of home fries! It was tough being vegan in Put-in-Bay, but we managed to find a way! The restaurant had some Christmas decorations up around the room, which was pretty fun to see in the middle of the summer!

Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry

Miller Ferry

We checked out of the hotel at 11:00am and caught the school bus across the street back to the Miller Ferry docks. There weren’t a ton of people taking the ferry back with us on a Friday morning, but a lot of people were coming over to the island for the weekend! We were very sad to leave the island, but we know we’ll hopefully be back soon!

Leaving Put-in-Bay

I also took a quick video from on board the Miller Ferry leaving Put-in-Bay:

At this point, we parted ways with Amanda and Kristine since they wanted to go straight home. Shannon, Justin and I had a day of shopping planned since we were across the border from Canada for 48 hours and that meant that we could spend lots of money if we wanted to! We drove to Aurora, Ohio to the Aurora Farms Premium Outlets. There were many stores and we found lots of great clothes for super low prices. I got a dress, four shirts, a pair of shorts, a sweater, and a 6-pack sampler of coffee at Harry & David’s for about $100 all together! Justin and Shannon also found some great clothes, too.

After shopping, we drove north to a Trader Joe’s grocery store. We don’t have any of these stores back at home and we love getting food there that we can’t find normally! There are so many natural, organic, and vegan options there. We mostly ended up getting snacks since we couldn’t really buy frozen or refrigerated foods with such a long car ride left.

Pier W - Cleveland, OH

We drove into Cleveland for dinner and went to Pier W, a swanky restaurant by the lake. Since it was a Friday night, the place was fully booked up! We didn’t even think about needing a reservation, but clearly we should have! I also felt a little bit under-dressed since I also didn’t realize how fancy the restaurant really was. As it turns out, we were able to get a spot by the bar, which made me feel better about wearing just shorts and a tank top. There were small tables around the bar where we could order straight from the regular menu! One of the reasons why I chose this restaurant was because they had a full separate vegetarian menu! Hurrah!

Pier W - Cleveland, OH

We both ordered the miso barley soup, and a pasta with tomato sauce. Yep, we both got the same thing….we’re just awesome like that lol. It was very delicious. Our waitress brought out bread, which we finished very quickly since the three of us were pretty hungry. Then, she asked if we wanted more bread and I said “no”..but Justin was like, “YES!” I forgot how much he loves bread! Shannon found this to be highly amusing!

Pier W - Cleveland, OH

Pier W - Cleveland, OH

By the time we were finished dinner, it was already 8:00pm! We had a long drive ahead of us. The weather was crazy that night! It wasn’t bad at all as we drove through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and most of New York state. We could see tons of lightning off in the distance, lighting up the clouds and the black sky every few seconds.

When we finally reached the border around midnight, it was pouring rain and there was a huge lineup at the Peace Bridge. The line took forever to move as we waited for around a half hour. When we got to the front of the line, our border crossing guard asked the typical questions and everything seemed fine. Then, he got a confused look on his face and said, “What’s that buzzing noise?” My car is a Prius and after idling for a long amount of time, the battery was charging and it was making a sound. I explained that to him but I was thinking…oh crap! Does this give him some reason to have us pulled over? Everything seemed fine again, but he got a second confused look. Then, he looked at me and said, “Are you related to Ernie?” As it turned out, he was really good friends with a distant relative of mine! My last name is very distinctive and not very many people have it. I had never met this relative but I had heard the name before. Things were all fine and we were on our way!

The raining was so intense and it made it difficult to see! Finally, we made it back into Dundas where the power was out in nearly half of the town. Shannon’s house, luckily, still had power. And thank goodness…so did our place in Mississauga! What an amazing, fun-filled, awesome vacation we had in Put-in-Bay!

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